Monday, December 8, 2014

Sunday December 7

Cold grey and very windy, but 24 of us showed up.  No guests, no new guys, no Mario, Doug A in the blue net, Steve G in for white.  My pen didn't always work, so some of this may be incorect:

8:33 Rosner to head of Vince, for white, 1-0
8:54 Jeff to Shamu? 1-1
8:59 Joakim had to leave for his tennis game and we switched sides so blue has the wind at their backs,
9:05, Ros to Vince, 2-1
9:06 Rocc to Jeff, 2-2
9:25 Jeff end to end on his own, 2-3
9:25 Keeble cleans up a Keeble blocked shot, 3-3
9:34 Jake for white, 4-3
9:36 Chompan finally gets one for blue, after many near misses, 4-4
Teddy with some masterful maneuvering in front of the goal under heavy pressure, for white, 5-4
M Miller joins the blue team
Corner by Mark Schwartz to head of Billow to head of Vincent, incredible score, 6-4
9:51, Jon Billow puts one in, 7-4
9:55 Chompan 7-5

and nobody wants to play anymore.

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