Monday, April 28, 2014

April 27

Sunny breezy and cool at 8:08 start.  Steve P is here and Steve G brought a friend, didn't catch his name.  So Steve in the white net, Doug and Doug took turns in the blue.  28 or so all together, but Eric left right away.

Jeff to Jay for blue 8:19, 1-0
Jeff 8:30, 2-0
Steve P for blue 8:33, 3-0
Eric out, Rich goes to white;
Jay 8:52, 4-0
Keeble to Vince for white 9:02, 4-1
Jeff to Minor to Steve at 9:03, 5-1
Shamu at 9:04, 5-2
Jeff leaves to game with an injured ankle;
Minor 9:12, 6-2
Steve, 7-2
Steve goes to the white team to even up the offense;
Vince pounds one in from the 20, 7-3
Keebs at 9:30, 7-4
Teddy leaves the game, we continue 12 v 12;
Steve for white 9:33, 7-5
Keebs 9:35, 7-6
Vince 9:36, 7-7
Steve to Vince 9:38, 7-8
Steve for white again, 7-9
Moe to Vince, 7-10
Booby leaves the game at 9:54
Vince gets another at 9:59 7-11, and nobody wants to play anymore.

Player of the Week: Eric Feige

Eric hails from Glen Rock and has been playing with the Waldwick Seniors since 2009 (or so).  Eric was introduced to the Waldwick Seniors through "C" when they both worked at KPMG.  Eric now works for Prudential in Newark - leading Digital Strategy.  Eric grew up in Venezuela and Oklahoma, but was educated at Fordham University and NYU.  He has called Bergen County home for some time now and plans on remaining in the area at least until his two daughters (ages 16 and 14) are well into college.  Eric has mellowed on the pitch over the years.  He used to be a defensive midfielder / stopper with goon-like dispossession skills.  Yellow (and some red cards) were common.  Now, he just enjoys being on the turf playing what ever position is needed for the game. 


Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday

Cool and sunny, a beautiful day for soccer.  21 guys including Kevin P. Keepers are Eric then Keith in the blue net, just about everybody in the white.

Shamu for white @ 8:21, 1-0
Jeff with a perfect corner kick to the head of Minor, @ 8:22, 1-1
Dimos to Jeff, 1-2
Chompan for white @8:41, 2-2
Teddy left the game due to injury, evening the sides at 10  v 10
Jeff with a nice corner to Eric, 2-3
Rocco scores on C, 2-4
Rosner for white @ 9:15, 3-4
Minor comes right back for blue, 3-5
Jelly for white, 4-5
Moe for blue, 4-6
Rosner to Vince, 5-6
Eric for blue @ 10:03 to finish it 5-7 blue wins!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday, April 18

Cool and overcast, perfect!  We played 7 v 7 with various goals and rules, mostly with two hurdles as goals at each end.  We played crosswise on a red field so the girls lacrosse team could practice on the other end.  Rocc brought Steve, Doug brought Doug and Tomasso brought a friend, Jose. Jay brought his knees and Mark Schwartz showed up for the first time in a long time along with his injured groin.  A grand time was had by all.  See you Sunday.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday April 13

60 and overcast at 7am game time, perfect! except for almost everybody.  Game started 6 v 6, lacrosse goals on shortened field.

Mu for white, 1-0
Mario for white, 2-0
A few more players showed up, new Doug went into the regulation blue net and white stayed with the small goal untended.
Jay for blue 2-1
Keebs for white, 3-1
Jeff for blue, 3-2
Rosner booms one in for white, 4-2
Chompan for white, 5-2
White gives up the lacrosse goal and agrees to let the blues shoot on the big goal from inside the penalty box, even though it's 9v9, full court.
Rocco to Jeff, 5-3
Dominic shows update and goes white.
Dominic, 6-3
Chompan comes over to blue.
Mario 7-3
Keebs 8-3

Some discussion of a Good Friday meet up, otherwise our next meeting will be the annual Jews & Pagans Easter Sunday mayhem.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunday April 7

Sunny and cool at 8am game time, perfect!  We started about ten after with Doug R in the blue net and no one in the white, resulting in a quick blue score, 1-0.
Danny then Eric and finally Steve kept for white.  Once the game got started we got up to 28 guys.  Jay is back with two knee braces and Marlen is back after knee surgery.

Keebs for white @ 8:15, 1-1
Minor for blue @ 8:27, 2-1
Rocco to Jeff for blue, 3-1
Joakim showed up and joined the white team at 8:30
Jeff @ 8:37, 4-1
Eric with a nice throw-in to Marlen for blue, 5-1
Steve P to Keebs @9:12, 5-2
Rosner finally gets one to drop @ 9:10, 5-3
Tomaso for blue @ 9:51, 6-3
Mario scores as Minor is putting on the goalie gloves, 6-4
Rocco gets one @ 10:02, but time had expired.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sunday March 30

I wasn't there but from what I hear 22 to 24 guys showed up despite rainy forecast.  Doug R in blue net and Minor and others in white.  Rocco scored 3 which is always newsworthy, and Keeble had 2 which is really all that matters.  5-5 finish?  See you next week.