Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday Sept 25

Another 7:30 start, forecast is for rain, but it's pretty nice, warm and sunny. We got going with 9 white vs 11 blue, Steve in the blue net, Keith in for white. Mario brought his son, Brandon, Frank's back from Italy, and guest Fernando played for white. Lots of scoring today:

Joe Bagels to Keeble for white 1-0
Mario to Brandon for white 2-0
Rocc to Jay for blue, offsides
Keebs 3-0
Rosner to Keebs 4-0
Rosner to Brandon 5-0
Rocculous off a corner kick 5-1
Keebs 6-1
Joe to Rosner 7-1
At this point Jay gave Bobby a little lip, and Bobby don't take no lip. Jay went to the white team and Jeff came over to blue. Steve put on a uniform shirt and Joe M took over in the blue net.
Jay to Brandon 8-1
Jeff for blue 8-2
Mario 12-2
Frank left, Kennington left
Jay 13-2
Dave for blue 13-3
Joe 14-3
Dave again 14-4

So blue continues to suck. Maybe next week when Keith plays for blue things will improve. Whatever. So last week our guest Dennis tripped on the track chasing a ball, hurting himself and ending the game. Joe M took him directly to the hospital where he got general anesthesia and had his dislocated shoulder relocated. Big thumbs up to Joe.

Player of the Week

Will hasn't played with us for while, just a few games this summer, but he used to be more dependable than anyone. Back in the days of Traphagen, the field would turn to concrete in summer and I would go fishing instead. Will would have his mom drive him to the games, he was too young to drive. Will is spending a semester in Florence, Italy and joined the school soccer team. You can follow his exploits at

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Sept 18

Early start today (7:30) due to some interference from the high school team. It's cold, like 50 but sunny, dew is covering the turf. We started full court 7 v 9, Steve in the blue net, nobody in for white. Keith is blue today, so is Keebs. Jordan showed up for the first time in a while, but had to leave early due to a malfunction of his knee. Jeff got his official shirts so he's no longer listed as a guest. Guests were Dennis and the guy from last week, I still didn't get his name. I think we got up to full sides, Keith left early to go to a motorcycle ride.


Mario for white 1-0
Carlos for blue 1-1 then Carlos went white when Jordan left
Vince to Jeff for white 2-1
Keebs on an open net for blue 2-2
Vince 3-2
Joe Bagels for blue 3-3
Jeff 4-3
Jeff 5-3
Vince to Jeff 6-3
Joe again 6-4
Jeff again 7-4

Then Dennis tripped and fell onto the track and hurt himself, game over. Blue did nominally better than last week according to the score, but it sure didn't feel that way on the field. And white had no keeper.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday Sept 11

Ten year anniversary. Nice seventy degree partly cloudy day, we started with 9 v 9, Doug & Steve in the nets, one guest, didn't catch his name. Two moments of silence in recognition of the 9-11 tragedies and also for Rocco's mom. We got up to full sides.


Jay for blue 1-0 off a steal by Jeff
Vince for white 1-1 after a bad goal kick rebounded by Keebs
Rocco for blue 2-1 nice pass from guest
Dave for white 2-2
Joe to Mario to Keebs for white 2-3
Mario for white 2-4
Vince to Joe 2-5
Dimos to Jeff for blue 3-5
Keebs to Joe 3-6
Joe to Dan 3-7
Vince 3-8
at this point Bobby left the game and Dan came over to the blue side
Vince 3-9
Mario to Kee 3-10
Jay to Jeff with a nice header 4-10
Dave, unassisted 4-11
Joe to Mario with a flying tap in 4-12
Keebs and Mario shared goal 4-13
Vince to Dave 4-14

Pretty lopsided score, I blame the white defense played by Keith and Jimmy.

Player of the Week


Meet Wally the Waldwick Wedtail Hawk, enjoying his breakfast last Monday in the school parking lot. Wally says "SKREEEEE" (click on photo)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Sept 5 Labor Day

Still hot and muggy, we started with short sides, maybe 9 v 10. Jelly invited three of his league team members, Dan invited a buddy and Dennis showed up. 8 from yesterday: me, Keebs, Jay, Mario, Teddy, Jeff, Bobby, Rocculous & Joe M. No designated keepers, field players subbed in. Joe M brought his A game for the second day in a row. We got up to 11 v 11 at the most I think, then the ranks started to thin. Dan's buddy suffered an Achilles failure and left. Mike the Wizard had to leave due to whisky poisoning, according to Keebs. Others left due to the arduous conditions, and we finished up with an 8 v 7 open field full court grudge match. Tough going for us old guys. Oh, white dominated the scoring, maybe 6 - 3, but my pad was at home. Keebs scored two, that's really all that matters. Still fun. See you Sunday?

Rocc says pay now or die.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Sept 4 Labor Day Week End

So. Last week we all got blowed by Irene. There was talk of playing Saturday, I
don't know what happened. Today was kind of muggy & overcast, 70 degrees or so, but hot. 10 v 10 to start, Doug in the white net, Steve in for blue. Shamu tweaked a fin early in the match but Tim showed up late & filled in. Jeff & Joe as guests, but I hope they have paid up and are now members.
Scoring starts with Ted (nobody passes to me) for white 1-0
Then Rocc, for his mamma, 1-1
Fernando takes a pass at mid field and carries it all the way in 2-1
Keebs wearing blue today 2-2
Joe bagels in Blue 3-2
Vince for white 3-3
Mark Schwartz with a tapper over Steve's head 4-3
Rosner with a boomer from the penalty kick line, for white 5-3, may have left a mark on the back of the net.
Vincent again 6-3
Jeff for blue 6-4

Tough match with the heat and short sides, but maybe tomorrow? Bring the kiddies.