Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday October 24

46 and sunny at 8AM game time, perfect soccer weather. It rained a little last night so the field of dreams is a little wet. It's tough to get up early this time of year, so we started with 8 on 8 on a shortened field, but that changed after less than ten minutes. We got up to full sides, 11 v 11, which was really nice for a change. Jay's back, so is Keith, no Papa Ya-Ya, no Dimos, Steve in the goal for white, Keith for blue. Somebody must have left early cause Eric came late and spelled Keith, and we were still at 11-11.

Scoring stared for the blue with an own goal off new kid Jimmy. Dave had a beautiful lazer shot through a crowd to put blue up two. Vinny had a Keeblish goal line bouncer tap in for three zip, but then things stared to happen at the other end. Keeble finally tallied one after many near misses, Carlos had a nice one, and Tom had two. 4-4 finish. We got kicked off by Uncle Joe and his teams of little girls.

Next week Halloween! All players shall wear the color of the opposition. That should be pretty scary. 8AM once again, hopefully the last time for a while.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday October 17

46 and clear at 8 AM game time, perfect! It's Shirt Day, so we had quite a crowd. Almost everybody except Keith, Jay and Doug. Three guests joined us, big Joe from last week, Ironman Joe who played a couple of Wednesday nights this summer, and college boy Sideshow Jake. Rocculous brought the new jerseys, but he couldn't stay to play. Super Mario came back, but he is still gimpy, so he sat in at the white net. Shamu has some physical complaint, so he started in the blue net. Steve showed up a little late and took over from Scott, but then Steve took to the field and let Scott join the fun, back in the net. At some point we had as many as 28 people on the turf. But Kennington & guest Joe left early, Makkkkk Schwatz switched to blue, and things settled down.

Blue scored early but that was it. The white defense with Makkkkk Schwatz, Frank, me and later Chopman and Carlos was pretty formidable. Frank managed to thwart two one on one attacks by Vicente late in the game. White got on the board with a goal by Jordan, and then the hat trick boys had two apiece, 5-1 finish.

I would like to invite all of you to the annual Dick Meighan 5k run. It's 9 AM Thanksgiving morning in Upper Saddle River and there will be over 1,000 runners. Last year Makkkkk Schwatz, Papa Ya-ya, Keeper Steve, Keeb-o and I wore our WSS jerseys, and we all finished. This year there will be refreshments served in my driveway immediately after the race, and maybe before. So sign up, it's a lot of fun.

new shirts:


Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday October 10 (10-10-10!)

Unbelievably beautiful day! Frost is on the ground as I left home, but it warmed up quickly on the turf. We started with about twenty, Dimos & son John, Makkkkk Schwatz is back from Italy, Kennington, Vinny and a guest, Joe? Keith tended the red goal, Steve in the Blue. Blue started off with a goal by the guest, and a lazer shot by Steve, I mean Rocco. Red finally got on the board with a very nice goal by Frank! Dimos got another for Blue on an empty net f-up, but that was it for them. Mario scored for Red, then Tom (the new Keeble) and Keeble (the Old Keeble) took over, finishing with a hat trick apiece! Keebs headed in a beautiful corner kick cross from Jordan.
Chopman snuck on as a Blue, but changed to Red. Jordan started at Red, but switched to blue. Fernando left early and Ken managed to stay for most of the game.

Next week and the rest of the month will be 8AM starts, off the field by 9:30, so try to be prompt. Next week we should have the new shirts.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sunday October 3

Nice cool clear morning when I got there at eight, but it's a nine o'clock start today, so back to DD for a little more coffee and a cheddar bagel twist. Finally got underway with about twenty guys, Vinny, Markkkkk M, Timmy, Dan staggered in late to get us to full teams plus. Doug & Keith bolstered the Red defense, Steve in the Blue goal, Kennington running the Blue offense.

The game got off to a sloppy start with lots of body slamming. Ken and another Blue left early, Jordan, back for the second week after his injury, switched to blue and confused everything. Then Frank switched to blue, OMG! Scoring for Blue was Fernando and Sean, but that was it. At the other end Mary-O got two, Jay, Tom, Keebs, one each. 5 or 6 to 2 final.

Rocco signed up 55 players this year, and none of them are Eddy! Eddy, if you're out there, come by any time, we enjoy playing with you. Next week, nine AM start, its supposed to be a nice day.