Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday March 25

46 degrees and damp after a week of summer weather.  We started early, 8:30, with way short sides, 6v 6 full court.  Steve in the blue net, Snarker in the white.  Keebs scored in the warm up session, but I didn't log it.  Mario asked me to mention that in the spirit of fair play he wore his blue shirt for maybe the second time in his WSS career.  We got up to 8 v 8 and:

Imad with a chip in for white,  1-0
Jamal for white, 2-0
Jeff switched to blue, Will to white, and the sides are 8 white vs 9 blue for the balance of the game
Jeff with a chip in, 2-1
Mario to Joe D, 2-2
Mario, 2-3
Will to Keebs, 3-3
Jay to the head of Rocco, 3-4
Erid to Imad, 4-4
Will to Eric, 5-4
Mark Miller to Keebs, 6-4
Jamal to Imad, 7-4
Joe D to Jay, 7-5
Jamal to Imad, 8-5.  One of these was a wicked horizontal out of the air slam reminiscent of Super Mario,
Jamal to Keebo, who seems to have a hattie, 9-5
Imad with a corner kick to the head of Eric, 10-5
Jay to the head of Jeff, 10-6
Jamal solo, 11-6

The kids are gathering for their game and it's just starting to rain, so we relinquished the field at about 10:30.  And just for the record: no one left early.  In fact the call for one more goal kept us going past the point of physical exhaustion.  We're actually in pretty good shape!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday March 18

40 and overcast, forecast is for 60 and sunny but it wasn't happening at game time.  Perfect weather for soccer. Steve in the blue net, Snarky Mark in the white.  We started 9 v 9 with four beautiful new balls and got up to 10 v 10.  It's a big field with 20 players and everyone got a lot of touches.  Mu pulled a calf muscle and took a while to recover, but he did rejoin the match.

Jeff starts it off for the slumping blue team, 1-0
Jamal to Keeble for white, 1-1
Mario to Imad with a half court fast break, 2-1
Jamal solo for white, 3-1
Kennington with a nice cross court pass to Jeff, Jeff to Dave (I think, I can't quite understand my note), 2-3
Imad solo, 2-4
Imad to Keebl's head, 2-5
Imad solo, 2-6
Me to Dave to Jay, nice sequence, nice goal, 3-6
Jeff dicking too long in front of the blue net has the ball stolen by Mario for a score, 3-7
Scott "Skyshooter" Rosner with a nice corner kick to Jeff, 4-7
Jeff again, 5-7
Dimos with a beauty left footer brings the blue nasties to within a goal, 6-7
Imad, 6-8
Imad, 6-9
Mario, 6-10
Imad to Mark Miller, 6-11, and everybody knows when Miller scores the game is over.
Great game by the Snarker, he even whined a little.

Rocc said we may get preempted next week, so watch your e mail.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday March 11

Cool at game time, like 30, but it's clear and warming nicely.  Steve in the blue goal at the north end, no Doug (broken ribs?) so Mark Schwartz in the white net.  We started with about 11 v 11, Juan and Imad showed up and brought it up to 12 v 12.

Jeff for white 1-0
Mario for white  2-0
Kennington to Vince for white 3-0
Shamu to Mario for white 4-0
Imad for white 5-0
Mario to Imad  6-0
Somebody left or we switched up players because
Jeff for blue, finally, and ruining the Snark's inspired shut out. 6-1
Mark came out of the goal and Will sat in for a few nice saves, but Mark got kicked in the foot and went back in the net,
Keebs to Rocco, 6-2, but Mark was having uniform issues and got caught with his pants down,
Sides dwindled to 8 v 8 in spite of Rocc's impassioned speech last week,
C for blue 6-3
Jay to Jelly for blue 6-4
Jay 7-5

True to my word, I played for the whities.  No difference.  As Will pointed out after the game, good or bad, my play is not a game changer.  Bagel Joe is the game changer.  There was some discussion about how to even up the sides for a more balanced match, and an idea was floated to stop the game and adjust the sides if there is a three goal difference.

I want to promote another 5K for you runners, and everyone else:
It's Saturday April 28 at 8:30 in the morning in Saddle River, for a good cause.  It is in memory of a friend, Sue Zabranski, who died last year at the age of 46.  Sue grew up in USR and lived in Saddle River.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday March 4

36 degrees and cloudy, a little windy, but it got nicer as the game wore on.  No guests and 26 players today.  Joe M,  Mike, Kennington, Uncle Joe and Eddy are back, Keebo too.  Keebs had a rather daring escape from Gitmo, didn't seem to want to talk about it.  Steve in the blue net, Doug in the white.

Jeff for white 1-0
Mu for white 2-0
Jelly from Imad for white 3-0
Ed to Bobby for an own goal  4-0
Free kick by Imad to Mario 5-0
Mario to Jelly6-0
Joe D for blue, finally,  6-1

we shifted the teams a little at this point, the Marks switched sides, Eric came over to blue, goalies came out to play the field, Ken left and it was a closer match for a while,  but then:

C for white 7-1
Mu for white 8-1

and that ended the official match.  Rocc had a bit of a tantrum cause guys were coming late and leaving early, but he left the game as well.  Some of us kept up an 8 v 8 for a little while longer, no score to report on that one, but white had more goals.

It finally occured to me that the problems the blue team has been having is probably my fault.  I felt bad about abandoning Bobby and I thought I was doing the blues a favor by sticking with their defense, but it seems the opposite is true.  Next week I will do my best to fuck up the white defense by wearing my old and forgotten white uniform.  Go white!