Monday, December 22, 2014

Sunday December 21

34 and overcast, perfect.  Maybe 26 guys, sorry to say I showed up late along with Doug Adams, who jumped into the blue net so I went white.  Doug R in the white, Justin is back.

Bhoot to Vince for white, 1-0
Justin for white, 2-0
Mario to Dan for white, 3-0
Justin goes to the blue team which may have been out numbered anyway.
Justin for blue, 3-1
New Dave leaves game
Vince for white 4-1
Corner kick put in by Dimos for blue, 4-2
Chompan gets one for blue, 4-3
Dan bounces a corner kick off the face of Mark Miller right into the goal! for white, 5-3
Jay leaves the game due to sore knee, Rocc leaves game to see the final Jets game of the season, Jerry joins the blue team.
George to Keeble for blue, 5-4
Jeff for blue, 6-4
Vince, 7-4
Marlen puts one between the legs of two team mates, 7-5

After the game several of us met at Nellie's for some holiday cheer. Happy Solstice,
Merry Christmas and Jolly Hanukah one and all!  Game Friday the 26th.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunday December 14

36 and cloudy, a perfect morning for soccer, and 30 or so of us showed up.  Jay's back and he brought his son Justin, and Rich brought his son Ben.  It was hard to keep track with so many players, but we seemed to have 13 v 13 with five subs.  Our clock is unplugged for the season so it was impossible to keep track of the time.

Jeff for blue, 1-0
Jeff to Rosner, 2-0
Jeff to Rosner, 3-0
Chompan for blue, 4-0
Joakim, who had been defending for blue, left the game
Jake for white, 4-1
Blue goal kick goes awry, Mario dishes it back to the head of Keeble, 4-2
Ben for white, 4-3
Justin for white, 4-4
Rosner for blue, 5-4, and in spite of the beautiful conditions, no one wants to play anymore.

Next week we are going to have a little holiday luncheon get together at Nellie's.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Sunday December 7

Cold grey and very windy, but 24 of us showed up.  No guests, no new guys, no Mario, Doug A in the blue net, Steve G in for white.  My pen didn't always work, so some of this may be incorect:

8:33 Rosner to head of Vince, for white, 1-0
8:54 Jeff to Shamu? 1-1
8:59 Joakim had to leave for his tennis game and we switched sides so blue has the wind at their backs,
9:05, Ros to Vince, 2-1
9:06 Rocc to Jeff, 2-2
9:25 Jeff end to end on his own, 2-3
9:25 Keeble cleans up a Keeble blocked shot, 3-3
9:34 Jake for white, 4-3
9:36 Chompan finally gets one for blue, after many near misses, 4-4
Teddy with some masterful maneuvering in front of the goal under heavy pressure, for white, 5-4
M Miller joins the blue team
Corner by Mark Schwartz to head of Billow to head of Vincent, incredible score, 6-4
9:51, Jon Billow puts one in, 7-4
9:55 Chompan 7-5

and nobody wants to play anymore.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday November 30

A storm on Wednesday left us with 2" of heavy wet snow.  No go for Friday but the Waldwick High School Football team is still in the running for state champs and they were good enough to clear about 35 yards of turf for us.  13 showed up, including Joakim & Will Gilchrist, the sun came out and it was a beautiful morning of indoor rules with lacrosse nets.  Forecast seems to indicate we'll be back in action next week.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday November 23

Mid 40's and overcast at game time, perfect!  26 guys including one guest, Jake's coach Sean.  No keepers, nets minded by field players.

8:14 Rocco! for blue 1-0
8:19 Jeff to Chompan for blue, 2-0
8:38 keeble for white, 2-1
8:50 George for blue, 3-1
8:52 Mario for white, 3-2
8:53 Danny to Jerry for white, 3-3
8:57 Vince with a put back of a shot blocked by keeper Bobby, for white, 3-4
8:59 corner by Rocc put in by Marlen, 4-4
9:25 Jake for blue for a change, 5-4
9:29 Mario to Jerry, 5-5
9:30 Rosner puts up a nice feed from the 50, to Mario, 5-6
9:33 Rosner to Vince, 5-7
9:45 Vince, 5-8
Rich and Reuben, both on the blue team, dropped out so Ros came over to help out.
9:52 Adam to Danny 5-9
Final goal not noted.

We are hoping to play Friday.  And come out Thursday morning for the USR 5k.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunday November 16

A little frost on the turf this morning.  Doug A brought a guest, Frank, and we started 11 v 11, Doug in the white net, field players in for blue.  Scott R finally joined the game and it was 12 blue vs 11 white.

8:11 Jeff puts a corner in, 1-0
8:16 Marlen to Rosner for blue, 2-0
8:29 George for blue, 3-0
Juan showed up for the first time in quite a while and joins the white side;
8:41 guest Frank for white, 3-1
8:43 Keebs for white, 3-2
8:52 Juan 3-3
new kid Dave left at 9, white is down a guy again;
9:16 Chompan for blue, 4-3
9:24 Frank again, 4-4
9:26 Rosner all by himself for blue, 5-4
9:31, Rosner miss put back by Rocco, 6-4
Keith out, Jerry goes to white;
9:50 Marlen to Chompan, 7-4

White scored again but guys were already leaving the field.  The Waldwick boys are here for their practice, their season will end this week, win or lose.  Some discussion of moving the start time.  Last season we stayed at 8 through the winter.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Sunday June 1

Sunday November 9

44 and overcast at game time, perfect.  The clouds eventually burned off and it's a beautiful fall day.  23 or so guys, Doug A back in the white net, Steve in the blue, no guests.

8:12 Jeff for blue, 1-0
8:25 Jeff, 2-0 put back after a nice stop by Doug
8:28 Shamu for white, 2-1
8:30 Corner by Bhoot to Keeble, 2-2
8:38 Me to Ros to Jeff to George, 3-2
8:45 Mu, 3-3
8:45 Teddy from deep in the corner with a nice cross to head of Jeff, 4-3
8:52 Keebs, 4-4
9:04 Jake for white, 4-5
9:05 Jake to Mario, 4-6
9:23 Teddy misses George puts one in, 5-6
9:24 George heals one to Marlen, 6-6
9:36 Keebs, 6-7
9:40 Corner kick bounces off Danny for white, 6-8
9:52 Mario to end it, 6-9

Nice match today.

A word about latecomers:  First, don't come late. In fact everyone should arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow sufficient time for stretching, warming up and policing the field. Several of us do just that. One time Steve actually had a legitimate excuse for coming late: the train he was riding hit a car.

Next, if you do show up late, please take the time to stretch and warm up.  Then count the number of players on each team and join the team with fewer players.  If the sides are even, join the team that is behind in scoring.  If field players are manning the goals, go in as keeper.  If there are already 12 players per side, it will be necessary to wait for someone else to leave the game before coming in.  If there are guest players, a guest should immediately leave the field to allow a paid member to come in.  Anyone who invites a guest has to make it abundantly clear that the guest cannot play if 24 paid members show up. That's it.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunday November 2

Windy and 45 at game time, but time change and new start time of 8 encouraged a big turnout.  We started a little after 8 with 12 v 12 and capped it at that.  Doug Adams in the blue net for the first time maybe ever, Doug R in the white net.  Jay showed up late and in spite of the fact that two guys were waiting patiently for their chance to come he waded right in.  We asked him to wait his turn and he went home in a snit.  There were in fact several guests who should have left the game to make room for paid in full members.  Next time.  The two subs joined the game and we played on 13 v 13.

8:07 Mario for white, 1-0
8:17 Mario, 2-0
8:37 Jeff for blue, 2-1
8:42 Mario, 3-1
8:53 Mark S for white, 4-1
8:54, Vince for white, 5-1

At about nine we switched ends due to the powerful breeze, Eric left and Mark S came over to the blue team;

Keebs for white, 6-1
9:24 Minor to Chompan for blue, 6-2
9:52 White corner to Keebs with a goal line tap in, 7-2
9:58 we relinquished the field to the Waldwick boys soccer team.

The scoring shows that the wind was a factor, but without Bobby, Mario had his way with Frank giving the whites lots of opportunities.  See you next week.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunday October 26

Sunny and cool at 7:30 game time, maybe six guys showed up on time.  One new guy and Reuben from last week, no keepers, no Keith.  We finally started at 7:50 with ten v ten, Jay showed up and joined the white team, then Shamoo showed up and he joined the white team as well.  The new kid left, Reuben took himself out of the game and Frank came over to the blue team.  In the words of the great Bob Mangione, "The bar is our friend."  The white team hit the cross bar at least a half dozen times today.

7:59 Marlen for blue, 1-0
8:04 Jeff for blue, 2-0
8:05 George heads one in for blue, 3-0
8:14 Marlen to Chompan, 4-0
Jay and Shamoo give the whites a two man advantage'
8:48 Keebs for white, 4-1
8:48 Teddy to Mario for white, 4-2
8:57 Jay bounces one of Bobby for an OG against blue, 4-3
8:59 Jeff 5-3
Reuben out Frank to blue
9:00 Mario to Jay, 5-4
Jay corner kick to head of George, 5-5
9:12 Keebs, 5-6
9:22 Kevin P for blues, 6-6
9:31 Mario to Vince, 6-7
9:34, George for blue, 7-7

And that's it.  Some kids seemed to be gathering for a practice or something, but no there's no pressure to leave the field. I guess an hour and a half of full field short sides tire out the guys.  Next week daylight savings time ends, whatever that means.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday October 19

Another chilly and windy Sunday.  Three of us ready to go at 7:30, when we finally got going we had 9 v 9 and eventually got up to full sides. Doug Adams in the white net, misc field players in for blue.  One new guy, Reuben.

7:57 Mario, 1-0
8:02 Mario, 2-0
8:09 Marlen to Jeff for blue, 2-1
8:18 Jeff pounds one in from deep in the corner, 2-2
8:30 Mario, 3-2
8:33 Mario, 4-2
9:07 Jake, 5-2
9:10, Jake to Mario, 6-2
Rich left the game
9:13 Marlen to Rosner 6-3
9:15 Ros again, 6-4
9:16 Steal by me to Jeff, 6-5
9:18 Jake, 7-5
9:21 Rocco! 7-6
9:23 Mario to Jake, 8-6
9:32 Ros, 8-7
9:34 Jay for white, 10-7
9:40, Jeff 10-8

and that's it.  Some discussion about early starting time ensued. Rocc got testy about no one showing up on time anyway and why are we quitting early when there is no pressure to relinquish  the field, so watch your e mails.

Sunday October 12

40 and clear at game time, 7:30, no one's there except me and Steve.  Eventually we got up to 11 v 11, Steve in the blue net, Doug in the white, one guest.

8:08 Kevin P for blue, 1-0
8:13 Kevin to George, 2-0
8:26 Kevin, 3-0
Dave goes to white, Martin to blue
8:33 Dave to Mario, 3-1
8:44 Mario to Keeble, 3-2
8:55 Keebs on his own, 3-3
8:56 Chompan to George, 4-3
Mario to Jay, 4-4
Keith left the game with strange tingling in his neck,
9:08 George
, 5-4
9:11 Kevin, 6-4
9:18 Kevin 7-4
9:29 Keebs to Mario, 7-5
9:33 Mario to Keebs, 7-6

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday Oct 5

41 degrees and sunny at 7:30 game time, sunny and clear.  Just Bobby and me.  We finally started 11 v 11 and got up to 13 v 13 at one point.  Doug A in the white net, me, then Doug then Steve G in for blue.  Steve was late, he said his train hit a car on the tracks.

7:49 Shamu from outside for white, 1-0 due to poor keeping by me,
8:09 Mark S for white, 2-0
8:10 Jeff for blue as usual, 2-1
8:14 Jake for white, 3-1
8:22 Jeff header, 3-2
8:23 Jeff, 3-3
8:40 Keebs, 4-3
8:45 Eric for white, 5-3
8:51 Steve with a long pass into the corner to Jeff, 5-4
8:56 Bhoot own goal for blue, 5-5
9:19 Jeff, 5-6
Mark S out, Martin out, Chompan goes to white
9:21 Jake corner to head of Kee-Bo, 6-6
9:29 Jeff 6-7
9:32 Vince for white, 7-7
Last goal, for the win: Jake.

Lots of fun today.  Some grumbling about early start even though no one shows up on time, there is no one behind us today.  Watch your e mails for more info.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sunday September 28

Summery weekend, hot and sunny at game time.  The turf is covered with dew.  Stevie P and Kevin joined us, together with guests from last week, Steve, Bhoot and Martin.  Steve left almost immediately with a pulled quad.  Doug Adams in the white net, Steve and then Doug in for blue.  We started 12 blue vs 14 white.

7:48 Keeble for white, 1-0
7:49 Steve P for white, 2-0
7:55 Marlen for blue, 2-1
8:12 Kevin for blue, 2-2
8:22 Marlen to Chompan, 2-3
8:32 Keeble on an open net, 3-3
8:55 Steve P booms one in, 4-3
8:58 Teddie pops one in from outside the box for white, 5-3
9:18 Jeff to Chompan, 5-4
9:24 Jeff loops one to head of Chompan, 5-5
9:33 George for blue, 5-6

and that was it,  No pressure to get off the field but guys don't seem to want to continue.  Rich had a good game today, Bobby as always and Chompan the chop man with a hat trick!  See you next week at 7:30.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday Sept 21

Not many at 7:30 game time, but we eventually got up to 14 v 14.  It rained a little last night and it's still misty but warm.  Three guests, Bhoot, Steve & Martin.  Steve G in the blue net for a short while, he took himself out after the first play due to injury.  Doug R showed up and took over.  Field players took turns in the white net.

7:59 George for blue, 1-0
8:22 Jay and Mike arrive, Jay goes white, Mike blue
8:30 Jake to Moe for white, 1-1
8:45 Vince after a corner, 1-2
9:16 Jake with his right foot (doesn't count) 1-3
9:18 Rosner for blue, 2-3
9:33 Mike for blue, 3-3
Teddy and George out
9:44 Rosner corner to George to Mike, 4-3
9:53 Mike, 5-3
9:57 Jake pounds one in (righty) 5-4

So we started early but played till ten anyway.  Next week 7:30 start.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday September 7

Friday and Saturday were hazy hot & humid, but it rained last night and this morning it is cool and clear, a perfect September day for soccer.  We started early today to get our game in before the football team takes over the field, just not as early as I had reported. My apologies to Joakim, apparently the only reader of this blog.  Anyway, by 7:30 we had about 23 including one guest, Boot?  Doug A in the white net, Steve in the blue.  St Rocco arrived with six shiny new balls.

7:55 Mark S for white, 1-0
7:58 Mark Schwartz corner kick skyed then popped in by Moe, 2-0
8:12 Jeff with a long through ball to Keeble who loops it in from from way outside, for blue, 2-1
Mark S booms one, 3-1
8:22 Shamu is back for white, 4-1
8:24 Jake for white, 5-1
Keeble left, Mike left, Mark Schwartz goes into the net for blue
8:49 Jeff for blue, 5-2
8:50 head of George to head of Jeff, 5-3
8:59 Jay for blue, 5-4
Jake to Moe, 6-4
9:19 Jake to Marco, 7-4
9:27 Doug's goal kick goes over Jeff's head and Moe chases it down and puts it in, 8-4
9:37 Jeff, 8-5 and done.

Next week, 7:30.  

I propose a new rule:  Only goals Jake scores with his left foot shall count.

Labor Day

12 or 14 guys showed up for an early morning game.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sunday August 31

Hot & overcast, 24 or 25 guys with Doug A in the white net, Steve and later Doug R in for blue.

8:17 Chompan for white on an open net, 1-0
8:23 Joakim for white, 2-0
8:30 Teddy for white, cleaning up after a corner, from way outside the box, 3-0
8:35 Doug R to Minor for blue, 3-1
8:50 Vince booms one in right out of the air for white, 4-1
9:03 Mark S for white, 5-1
Steve comes out of net, Doug goes in;
Blond Dave for white, 6-1
9:06 Ted gets another, 7-1
Water break and readjustment of teams. Joakim and Mark Schwartz switch to blue, Frank & Eric to white;
9:25 Minor to Mark S, 7-2
Marlen to Dimos for blue, 7-3
Jay corner kick to Jeff and Minor, I think Minor put it in, 7-4
9:49 Jay solo due to incorrect hand ball call, 7-5

Game today, Labor Day?  Not for me.  Next week we start earlier, 7AM.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sunday August 24

60 and sunny at game time, it warmed up to 70 but what a beautiful mid summer day for soccer.  30 guys thought so as well, so we had two subs for each team, Steve G in the blue net and Minor in the white.  Marco, Vinny and Justin are our guests today, but I think some of these guys might have become official members.  If you didn't get the email from Rocc, registration is due by this Sunday at the latest.
Teddy left early, not sure why, Jay & Justin left about nine, so sub situation improved.

8:18 guest Vinny for blue, 1-0
8:44 Jake for white, 1-1
8:53 Jeff to Marlen with a no touch by Rocc for blue, 2-1
8:57 Rocco! 3-1
Keebs to Vince for white, 3-2
9:19 Mike the wizard booms one in for white, 3-3
9:22 Jeff 4-3
9:23 Marlen, 5-3
9:25 Keebs, 5-4
9:29 blue corner kick to head of Blond Dave to Eric's foot, 6-4
9:42 Vince to head of Keebs, 6-5
9:45 Mike to Mark Miller! who floats one in, 7-7
10:06 with not many left to play Mario gets one to take it for white, 7-8
Pretty good showing by the blue defense if I say so myself managing to keep the game close in spite of a white offense of Mike, Mario, Jake, Keeble and Vince.  Bobby's games have been stellar!

Next weekend is Labor Day, regular 8AM start, but games after that will be starting earlier.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday August 17

Rainy and cold, 60 degrees, at game time.  Half the team is hiding under the bleachers, but we finally got going with some 31 guys on the field, Doug A in the white net, Steve-O in the blue.  A couple of guests, Vinny & Marco sat out, along with several others and we got things somewhat under control.  10 minutes out isn't too bad a rotation for subs.  Sun came out and it's a beautiful day for soccer.
Lots of goal scoring today. I forgot my score pad, but Keeble, Rocco, Mario among others had goals.

Starting Sept 7, the Sunday after Labor Day, we will start play at 7:30 AM for all of September and into October.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sunday August 10

Sunny and really nice at game time.  Several guests, Julio, Vinny & Marco I think, and later Muhammed.  Doug Adams in the white net, Steve G In the blue.  We started with 11 white vs 12 blues.

8:12 Keeble for white, 1-0
8:18 Tall Dave for blue, 2-0
MMiller switches to blue team
8:47 Jake for blue, 3-0
8:51 Guest Vinny for blue, 3-1
8:58 Guest Marco for white, 4-1
Chompan for white after a corner, 5-1
9:09 Jeff for blue, 5-2
9:11 Jeff for blue, 5-3
MMiller goes back to white
Guest Vinny for blue, 5-4
9:14 George for blue ties it up 5-5
9:18 Guest Vinny, 5-6
9:20 Joakim for blue, 5-7
Jeff, 5-8
Vinny, 5-9
MMiller's friend Mohammed joins the game in civvies and borrowed boots and takes out Jay with a shin to shin.  Niether player is wearing shin guards.
9:36 Guest Marco for white, 6-9
Steve comes out of the goal and Joakim step s in
9:40 Steve Gaw for blue with a serious poke, 6-10
9:43 Jeff 6-11
9:52 Marco, 7-11
9:53 Jake, 8-11
Bobby has to go
9:57 Mario, 9-11, and blue leaves the field to secure the win.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Sunday August 3

Raining when I got up at 7, but just cloudy hot & humid at game time.  25 guys including one guest, new Doug in the white, Doug R in the blue, Steve G in the field.

8:20 Rosner heels it to Mike for white, 1-0
8:24, Rosner to Keeble, 2-0
8:26, Vince for white, 3-0
8:30 Marlen to Rocco for blue, 3-1
8:50 C with a nice long pass to Rocco, to Jay, 3-2
9:00 Eric, who had been the anchor of the blue team, leaves, evening the sides 12 v 12
9:15 Rosner to Mario against no opposition, 4-2
Jake solo for white, 5-2
9:21 Vince puts on a blue jersey giving blue a two man advantage
9:22 Jake to Mario, 6-2
Rosner to Jake, 7-2

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday July 20

Coolish and cloudy for a mid summer morning.  23 of us showed up for a pretty spirited match.  Steve in the blue net new Doug in the white, one guest.  It took a while but finally at
8:50 Vince bounced one off Mike for blue, 1-0
Keebs to mike at 9:04, 1-1
Jeff to Rocc for a tap in goal at 9:09, 2-1
Jeff to Rocc at 9:11, 3-1
Jay booms one in from the 20 for blue at 9:15, 4-1
Guest for white at 9:26, 4-2
Keebs to Rosner, 4-3
Teddy left so Joe went to the white side to even the sides at 11 v 11;
Jeff for blue at 9:43, 5-3
Mike with an unopposed solo run to the goal at 9:44, 5-4
Jeff at 9:46, 6-4
Dan to Rosner to Mario at 9:52, 6-5
Jeff to Jay at 9:58, 7-5
Jay corner kick bounces of head of guest for the final goal, 8-6 blue.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sunday July 13

26 or so of us showed up to play on a cloudy hot & humid morning, new Doug in the white net, Steve and later Mark S in the blue.  Brandon Dossantos showed up a little late and joined the whites but Ben and blond Dave also showed up and closed out a potentially hot white offense.

5-4 blue if I recall correctly, Dave had three for blue.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sunday July 6

28 or 29 guys today on a hot & clear beauty of a summer morning.  New Doug in the white net and Steve in the blue.  Before things got underway we had a brief ceremony honoring Jeff's becoming a US citizen.  We presented him with a Team USA jersey and then made him recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Friday July 4

We got about 18 guys to show up and played on a shortened field.  No record of the score is available.

Monday, June 9, 2014

June 8

Frank scored a hat trick. Everything else unimportant.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 25, Mem Day weekend

Beautiful clear blue sky, a little cool to start but it got warm.  10 v 10 makes for a big field, Steve in the white net, Doug R in for blue.

Chompan for blue at 8:25, 1-0
Jeff to Steve P for blue at 8:34, 2-0
Jeff by himself at 8:42, 3-0
Steve to Chompan at 8:47, 4-0
Vince for white at 9, 4-1
Scott r to Vince at 9:11, 4-2
Mike the wizard who had been playing for white left the game and Chompan went to the whites to try to give them a little help;
Steve P, 5-2
Jeff, 6-2
Vince to Dave Das at 9:30, 6-3
Steve throw in to Jeff, 8-3
Jay left, Steve for blue, 9-3 and its over at 9:38

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sunday May 18, 7am

dunno    what happened?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day

Warm and sunny, a beautiful day for soccer.  26 of us thought so too, including Jay's son Justin.  New Doug in the white net, regular Doug in for blue, Steve in the field.

Minor for blue at 8:30, 1-0
Steve's friend Doug showed up and joined the blue team,
Jay corner to Doug to Marlen for blue at 8:47, 2-0
Jay corner to Marlen at 8:52, 3-0
Marlen at 9:00, 4-0
Steve's Friend Doug goes to the white team,
Jeff for blue at 9:08, 5-0
Doug comes back to blue, Joakim goes to the white side, Doug comes out of the net and Minor goes in,
Danny finally gets one for the white, 5-1
Tomasso for blue, but three white defenders were on water break, 9:30, 6-1
Vince to Keebs for white with Joakim ITC, 6-2
Justin to Vince, 6-3
Vince at 9:48, 6-4
Chompan for white at 9:54, 6-5
George for blue at 9:56 to end it at 7-5

Next week we start early, 7AM.  I won't be there but if anybody wants to e mail me comments on the game I will post them here.

Monday, May 5, 2014

May the fourth be with you

So we're kicked off the turf for the annual 5K race.  A dozen of us showed up at Trap and played six v six till we got kicked off by a bunch of little kids.  Next week we need to start early, 7AM again, but that should be the last time for the season.

Monday, April 28, 2014

April 27

Sunny breezy and cool at 8:08 start.  Steve P is here and Steve G brought a friend, didn't catch his name.  So Steve in the white net, Doug and Doug took turns in the blue.  28 or so all together, but Eric left right away.

Jeff to Jay for blue 8:19, 1-0
Jeff 8:30, 2-0
Steve P for blue 8:33, 3-0
Eric out, Rich goes to white;
Jay 8:52, 4-0
Keeble to Vince for white 9:02, 4-1
Jeff to Minor to Steve at 9:03, 5-1
Shamu at 9:04, 5-2
Jeff leaves to game with an injured ankle;
Minor 9:12, 6-2
Steve, 7-2
Steve goes to the white team to even up the offense;
Vince pounds one in from the 20, 7-3
Keebs at 9:30, 7-4
Teddy leaves the game, we continue 12 v 12;
Steve for white 9:33, 7-5
Keebs 9:35, 7-6
Vince 9:36, 7-7
Steve to Vince 9:38, 7-8
Steve for white again, 7-9
Moe to Vince, 7-10
Booby leaves the game at 9:54
Vince gets another at 9:59 7-11, and nobody wants to play anymore.

Player of the Week: Eric Feige

Eric hails from Glen Rock and has been playing with the Waldwick Seniors since 2009 (or so).  Eric was introduced to the Waldwick Seniors through "C" when they both worked at KPMG.  Eric now works for Prudential in Newark - leading Digital Strategy.  Eric grew up in Venezuela and Oklahoma, but was educated at Fordham University and NYU.  He has called Bergen County home for some time now and plans on remaining in the area at least until his two daughters (ages 16 and 14) are well into college.  Eric has mellowed on the pitch over the years.  He used to be a defensive midfielder / stopper with goon-like dispossession skills.  Yellow (and some red cards) were common.  Now, he just enjoys being on the turf playing what ever position is needed for the game. 


Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday

Cool and sunny, a beautiful day for soccer.  21 guys including Kevin P. Keepers are Eric then Keith in the blue net, just about everybody in the white.

Shamu for white @ 8:21, 1-0
Jeff with a perfect corner kick to the head of Minor, @ 8:22, 1-1
Dimos to Jeff, 1-2
Chompan for white @8:41, 2-2
Teddy left the game due to injury, evening the sides at 10  v 10
Jeff with a nice corner to Eric, 2-3
Rocco scores on C, 2-4
Rosner for white @ 9:15, 3-4
Minor comes right back for blue, 3-5
Jelly for white, 4-5
Moe for blue, 4-6
Rosner to Vince, 5-6
Eric for blue @ 10:03 to finish it 5-7 blue wins!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday, April 18

Cool and overcast, perfect!  We played 7 v 7 with various goals and rules, mostly with two hurdles as goals at each end.  We played crosswise on a red field so the girls lacrosse team could practice on the other end.  Rocc brought Steve, Doug brought Doug and Tomasso brought a friend, Jose. Jay brought his knees and Mark Schwartz showed up for the first time in a long time along with his injured groin.  A grand time was had by all.  See you Sunday.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday April 13

60 and overcast at 7am game time, perfect! except for almost everybody.  Game started 6 v 6, lacrosse goals on shortened field.

Mu for white, 1-0
Mario for white, 2-0
A few more players showed up, new Doug went into the regulation blue net and white stayed with the small goal untended.
Jay for blue 2-1
Keebs for white, 3-1
Jeff for blue, 3-2
Rosner booms one in for white, 4-2
Chompan for white, 5-2
White gives up the lacrosse goal and agrees to let the blues shoot on the big goal from inside the penalty box, even though it's 9v9, full court.
Rocco to Jeff, 5-3
Dominic shows update and goes white.
Dominic, 6-3
Chompan comes over to blue.
Mario 7-3
Keebs 8-3

Some discussion of a Good Friday meet up, otherwise our next meeting will be the annual Jews & Pagans Easter Sunday mayhem.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunday April 7

Sunny and cool at 8am game time, perfect!  We started about ten after with Doug R in the blue net and no one in the white, resulting in a quick blue score, 1-0.
Danny then Eric and finally Steve kept for white.  Once the game got started we got up to 28 guys.  Jay is back with two knee braces and Marlen is back after knee surgery.

Keebs for white @ 8:15, 1-1
Minor for blue @ 8:27, 2-1
Rocco to Jeff for blue, 3-1
Joakim showed up and joined the white team at 8:30
Jeff @ 8:37, 4-1
Eric with a nice throw-in to Marlen for blue, 5-1
Steve P to Keebs @9:12, 5-2
Rosner finally gets one to drop @ 9:10, 5-3
Tomaso for blue @ 9:51, 6-3
Mario scores as Minor is putting on the goalie gloves, 6-4
Rocco gets one @ 10:02, but time had expired.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sunday March 30

I wasn't there but from what I hear 22 to 24 guys showed up despite rainy forecast.  Doug R in blue net and Minor and others in white.  Rocco scored 3 which is always newsworthy, and Keeble had 2 which is really all that matters.  5-5 finish?  See you next week.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunday March 23

Second game of the season and we're bumped! 7 am start is our only option and forecast is for cold and windy.  But surprise surprise, we get 25 people at game time, two more at 8 and Juan showed up at 9.  So we started about 7:15, new Doug in the white net, Keith in the blue and Doug R sound asleep in Florida.  Steve showed up to take over for Keith and its game on.

Chompan to Rosner at 7:33 for white to get the scoring started, 1-0
Jeff for blue @ 7:48, 1-1
Steve P @ 7:58 for blue, 1-2
Frank and Dimos arrived about 8, Rich left the game
Steve again, 1-3
Jeff, 1-4
Rocco!, 1-5

We quit at 8:45 to make room for a boys game.  The blue team was a little stacked today with Mike,  and Joakim playing defense and Steve on offense, but Keith, also blue, didn't complain.  Next week and the balance of our season we should be back to our regularly scheduled game time, 8 am.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday March 16, and we're back!!

Finally. First game in eight weeks! A sunny but cold and windy day.  Steve P joined us and New Doug brought a friend, Brian.  We started 8v8 at 8:11, but soon got up to 25 guys.  Mario's back, he seemed to have an earnest discussion with Juan before the game, and no altercations during the game. Steve in the net for blue, new Doug for white.

Steve P. gets things stared for blue, 1-0
Jeff for blue, 2-0
Steve again, 3-0
Dominic to Rocculous!, 4-0
So little Steven goes white...
Steve for white, 4-1
Steve bounces one off keeper Steve, Chompan puts in the rebound, 4-2
White corner kick nicely put in by (not sure) 4-3
mike the Wizard for white, 4-4
New Kid Brian for white, 4-5

So Steve turned things around for team white.  Dom left and Steve came back to the blue..

Mario to Keebles for white, 4-6
Steve, 5-6
Steve, 6-6
Joakim with a nice goal kick to me, to Eric, to Jeff to Minor and in for the win! 7-6

Nice to be back in action.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday March 9, same

Shame cause it was a beautiful sunny day, 40 degrees, just perfect.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday Feb 23, still snowed

40 degrees and slightly overcast at game time, perfect but for the snow cover.  Two days of thaw won't be enough and as I type we're in for another polar vortex, so the near term future still doesn't look good.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunday Feb 16, still snowed ot

Storms on Monday and Thursday added to the problem.  Keith put out an inquiry to Super Dome for some indoor action, but the dome collapsed from the snow.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday Feb 9, still snowed

Storms on Monday and Wednesday followed by cold means there's still plenty of snow cover on the turf.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb 2, Superbowl Sunday!

40, overcast and calm, perfect!  But the field is snow covered and locked.  Damn.  It's snowing as I type this Monday afternoon, 4-6" new on the ground already. Double damn.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunday January 19

Cold, 20's, and mostly cloudy at game time, but can't really tell since they unplugged our clock.  A little snow fell yesterday morning, and the field is half clear half crunchy ice.  We started 8 v 8 on a shortened field, new Doug in the white net, Keith in for blue.  Several more guys showed up including our old friend Moe and we got up to 21 guys on a full court.  If you were on a clear section of turf when the sun came out it was pretty nice.

Mike for white, 1-0
Vince for white, 2-0
Ben for blue, 2-1
Tomaso for blue, 2-2
Mike, 3-2

Rich left early and we switched sides and played on 10 v 10 full court.  Lots of touches for everybody.

Vince lofts one from the 35, 4-2
Jeff for blue, 4-3
Mike, 5-3
Vince, 6-3
Rocco, 6-4

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday January 12

The arctic vortex departed and the snow melted.  Its 40 and overcast at game time, but windy.  Bill Lara is one of the first to show up, first time in quite a long time, and maybe a portent of things to come. Mark Schwartz came to say happy new years but not to play.  Rocco had a little heart to heart with the guys reiterating the non-competitive, fun loving nature of the group.  There was an incident involving punches being thrown at the New Years Day game and this is simply not tolerable.

We finally got started 13 v 13 with ten extra guys on the sidelines!  This is the biggest crowd we've ever had and without regulars like Mark Miller, Keith, Shamu and Mario.  Fortunately Mark S was there to organize things and a semblance of a game got underway.

I forgot my score pad but Rocco had three, Keebs had at least one, blue team won.  I don't understand why we quit at 10:12, I wasn't physically exhausted yet.  Anyway, next Sunday don't invite any guests.  It's OK for the extra curricular games when we might not get enough otherwise,
but not for the regular Sunday meet ups.  I don't think Bill Lara ever even got to play.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sunday, January 6

Snowed out.  Good day for making cookies!

Wed January 1, 2014

I didn't go, I was still sore from Sunday's game.