Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday June 26

Sunny and 70 at game time, a beautiful day for soccer. Willy and Jeff are our guests today, Steve in blue net, Keith in white. Bobby is wearing his white shirt for the third time ever. Maybe 25 guys total.

Will starts it for blue 1-0
Jeff for white 1-1 beautiful header off a corner kick
Jeff again 1-2
Jeff again 1-3 (the new Keeble?)
Keebs for white 1-4 (the old Keeble)
Jay for blue 2-4
Tom for white 2-5 (the old new Keeble)
Scott Shamu with an own goal against blue, nicely headed in. We'll give it to Keeble 2-6
Tom again 2-7
Jordan for blue 3-7
Jeff again 2-8
Mike the wizard for white 3-9 to end it.

The story about Wednesday nights is that we would have to pay for lights, $25 per hour. Which is not a big deal, but we have had trouble getting enough players to make it worthwhile in the past. Last year we had full teams only when the high school kids showed up. Keith is going to look into Wednesday nights at the dome. I like the idea of playing on the turf from 6 till 8 on Wednesdays, but I would need at least 17 others to agree.

Next week is the Fourth of July holiday, and Monday is a day off for most of us. Two days in a row is tough for us old guys, but prepare yourselves for an extra game.

Player of the Week

(I apologize to Vince because I couldn't get his links to copy correctly. You can cut and paste them to your browser.)

A day on the pitch

Vince Jannelli

The details of my life or where I’ve played or what I’ve won & lost are of no consequence. The simple fact is that what matters is that any day on the pitch is a good day.

I will say that I grew up in a household ruled by parents who witnessed depression era poverty and/or world war displacement first hand. Nothing was taken for granted, and nothing was granted; all had to be earned, teamwork was expected, and slackers weren’t tolerated.

I still live by these simple rules and by extension bring them to the pitch. While not the most talented, nor the most fit, nor the hardest worker on the pitch, I do try to give all that I have to give on that day. I would have it no other way.

My dad was a passionate soccer fan, and I caught the bug early on. My two earliest soccer memories are of kicking the ball with him and being heart broken at watching a rerun of Italy ’s ‘70 2nd place finish. I do get some consolation from the famous semi-final vs West Germany though It is from that moment that I bleed Azzuro! They will forever be my team, whether Champs or chumps.

Luckily, over the years there have given me much to cheer, with moments of pure magic, like Bettega’s goal in ’78 against Argentina off of a triangle play with Rossi ( The same Rossi four years later scored all of Italy’s goals in their 3-2 win over Brazil, springing them on a run that lead to the ’82 title ( The magic even graced Giants stadium, where I was fortunate to witness Baggio’s two moments of genius that unexpectedly brought Italy into the ’94 final ( nadn). And most recently the 2-0 win over Germany that put them in ’06 final, and a fourth title. All who watched the game in the Azzurri’s native tongue will forever remember the announcer’s call… “Beppe andiamo a Berlino! Andiamo a Berlino! (

I realize not everyone has the same team, but we all have memories from our teams that we share with those who will listen. I know this from having traveled and moved around for much of my life, first from continent to continent and more recently from state to state, no matter where I’ve lived I have always found fellow soccer players.

The thing about soccer is that it takes another 21 like-minded individuals to get a true game on, so it really doesn’t matter where they come from, as long as they play. I’ve played with (and against) teams and players from across the globe. I might not have always spoken their language, or played their style game…but in the end, we were always able to break through our difference because of our common bond in the game. … To this day, some I still have the honor to call friends. That is why it is the beautiful game.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot on the field, nothing like sport to keep us honest and teach humility, again and again. And this still holds true today, I am reminded of it every time I play. Now that I’ve settled in north jersey, I’ve had the good fortune to be associated with the group of players that form the Waldwick Soccer Seniors for about a decade. I try to play as often as possible, which always seems not often enough. I can’t make every game, and as the year’s progress, it takes me longer and longer to “warm up”. I often wonder if the ankle tape and warm up time is really a signal that its time to move on.

Yet I find myself drawn back to the pitch time and time again, the camaraderie, the exercise…that one pass or shot or block…whatever the reason, for an hour or two I am able to set aside life’s daily stresses and relive some of the simple joys I knew in my youth…as I learned so many years ago, any day on the pitch is a good day!

Here’s to many more good days, for all of us ;-)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday June 19, Fathers' Day

Cool & overcast at game time. Grounds crew had to locate some goals and move them into position:

Keith came ready for action.

(click on the photos for better view) Steve in the blue net, beauty rest Doug eventually in for white. Two guests, Jeff & Jake. 24 or 25 total players.


Rocco for blue on an untended goal 1-0
Keebs for white 1-1
Mario for white 1-2
Dave with a scorcher for blue 2-2
Keebs again 2-3
Vince for blue 3-3
Joe Bagels for blue 4-3
Joe again 5-3
Rocculous again 6-3
Mario on a penalty kick 6-4
Jake for white 6-5

Player of the Week: Mario

Born on January 9, 1967, in a very small town in the Minas Gerais, Brasil, called Resplendor. We are total of 5, I was the 4th, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Back then, the main sport available was soccer, but my father never like it. Was a soccer field in the town, I went there once to see a game. Most the time is playing in the back yard with friends and relatives. No shoes.

1984 I move 4 hours way from home to learn to be a electrician, where I started to play for a local club.

1985 work on CVRD big company in Brasil , on ATC ( Automatic Trem Control), repairing locomotives.

1986 I come to America to save some money , so I can help my father in the farm. Alone, no friends, no english. Only have a pair of cloths, and I was wearing it. I did not get in to America, I did run into, from Mexico. My life in here was like a kipsy, here , there, everywhere, working to save money and sending to my father.

1989 I realized that as much I did send to my father, I didn't have a single penny on my name. So I stopped. Work my way to be legal in this country, learning the english in the street, no school, no time.

Then I met a beautiful girl (Rosmery), just come to America from Dominican Republic. Four months after we get marriage. 1991 after we have a daughter (Melina), 1996 we have a son (Brandon).

1999 I bought a house in Emerson, and open my own business as remanufacturing toner cartridges for laser printers in Hackensack, till today.

As my son growing, I coach recreation in town, then he start to play for Waldwick Club, where I met Mr. Marrone, and he told me about a great group of guys that is playing on Sundays, so I did play for a try out. I loved, was and still a group of remarkable guys, so I make a commitment and start playing soccer again.

If one day I decide to move back home or to DRepublic, keep in mind one thing, you all be part of my life.

Mario Dossantos

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday June 12

After a brutally hot week, its cool and cloudy at game time. Will & Jeff are our guests today, Steve in the blue net, Mark Schwartz in for white until Dr. Zzzs Doug arrived. With no Bobby and Keith wearing his white shirt, the blue defense left a little to be desired. We had about 25 guys at the peak.


C for white 1-0
Vince for blue 1-1
Shamu for white 2-1
Joe Bagels for white 3-1
Shamu for white 4-1
Keebs for blue 4-2
Tom for white 5-2
Joe 6-2
Mario 7-2
C for white 8-2

Player of the Week

"Bucky" Charles Joaquin, referred to as Carlos Joaquin by the old soccer guys or "the Buckster". Born Dec 26, 1960 in good old Valley Hospital, I'm a born and bred Waldwickian...lived my entire 50 years in Walwick except for a short stint in Hawthorne in the early years of marriage. Hunting was my dad's passion and I became an avid bow hunter and fisherman at a young age spending many days together with him and my two brothers, Tommy (RIP) and Todd, in the woods and on the water. Practically born on a motorcycle I spent most of my time racing motocross and still to this day love to ride my Harley. My childhood sweetheart, Clare, whom I married in 1983 shared this same passion and rides her own HD along side of me...we enjoy traveling the countryside, sometimes with other friends, like the Hock or just by ourselves. At one time I owned a special addition firefighter bike because I joined the Waldwick Fire Dept when I got married as a volunteer and kept busy with this wonderful organization.

I was the guy who opted for football, soccer was for sissies...didn't know that I'd become not only one to play it but coach it as well. All three of my kids, Lena 24, Megan 21 and Kyle 19 played rec and my son, club with the Americans...this is where my coaching started thanks to Adam Steiger. My soccer career started by a nudge from Robert Hall, who asked me to join a bunch of guys who were meeting at Trap...thankfully I took him up on his offer and we expanded into playing against, and then with, the Upper Saddle River guys...then we moved into league play and indoor play. We even ventured into ice hockey for a while. Except for a few health issues over the years, like back and ankle injuries, that interrupted some of my playing time I've really enjoyed the past 21 years and look forward to the next 21. I know I've developed the reputation as having a bit of a temper, but soccer inspired a passion in me I didn't know I had. Sometimes it showed up on the field but one of you always helped me leave it there.
January marks my 30 year anniversary working for the Boro of Waldwick, soccer on Sunday's gives me something to look forward to on my weekends. Thanks to you guys who've been my buddies on and off the field and I am proud to be one of the originals, as well as one of the current group of players....Bobby and Frank, you inspire us "younger" guys to keep on playing!

P.S. Go Real Madrid!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday June 5

Cool, like 60, and partly cloudy. Perfect soccer weather. There was some debate about game time being 7:30 or 8 so a bunch of guys were there early. Four guests: Jake is back from Africa, my son Will, Erin, Will's brother's girlfriend, and Jeff. Plenty of players to start at 8, with Steve in the blue net and Mark Schwartz in for white. When Doug and the other late sleepers arrived we had 14 v. 14.

Joe Bagels for white 1-0
Rocco! for blue 1-1
Joe again 2-1
Mark S for white 3-1
Joe again 4-1
Keebs for white 5-1
Shamoo for bloo! 5-2
Keebs again 6-2
Joe again 7-2
Juan for blue 7-3
Joe again 8-3

Then we got kicked off by a bunch of little boys at 9:45. It seems Bucky's "old guy" defense didn't work that well for team blue. Or maybe the fact that all the guest players were on the white team had something to do with it. Whatever. Rocc says he submitted an application to use the field on Wednesday evenings, but school is still in session and the field is still being used. Mario says he plays in Franklin Lakes on Thursday evenings, ETA? I forgot to mention last week that Super Mario moved to Boston, so we won't be seeing much of him for a while.

Player of the Week

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