Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday May 23

60 and overcast at 7AM game time, on the turf. Let's see, Tim was late, Scott scored early for the blues, Keeble got one for the reds, Kennington left early, must be Sunday morning senior soccer. We had 11 v. 12 till Ken left. Welcome back to Steve who was able to borrow a car, and to Mike McMaster, the soccer wizard. Keeping for the red fell to Mark Schwartz, Kevin, and Bobby who was wearing his red shirt for the second time ever. Mark Miller got one for his team and Chopman got one with his left foot! The score seemed pretty close till the blue started pouring them in from off sides positions.

Next week being Memorial Day weekend, we start at nine. There was some discussion of a Monday match.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday May 16

7 am at the magic carpet. 50 degrees and cloudy. 10 v. 10, no Doug and no Steve so we had amateurs in the nets. I forget the score, Blue had more, Keebs had one, good fun for all.

The starting times for the next four weeks: 7, 9, 9, 7, then back to 9 for the duration.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday May 9

So instead of returning to the dreadful Trap, we convened at the field of dreams at 7AM! A cool clear crisp (44 degrees) and windy morning, 22 guys showed up. No Steve G, no Jay, Kevin filled in for Steve, Douggy was shamed into showing up, Frank made it in spite of his 1 hour drive, even Tim was there , almost on time!

Scoring, as usual, two by Scott for the Blue, two by Keeble for the Red, one by Enzo for the Blue, and one by Mario for the Red that was called back due to a offsides call from the bleachers! Kicked off by Rocco's team of teens at 8:45. Now what?

Next week: same time same place.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Forecast is for a hot and hazy day. Today, for something different, Team Red wore their blue jerseys, and Team Blue, their reds. We assembled at the Traphagen field, and started short sided on a small field set up in the area where we have been playing. The big field has the usual Sunday morning Latinos game going on. Scoring was started, as is customary, by Shamoo for the Red with two. Additional players arrived and we moved to the larger field, down by the baseball backstop. The Reds scored again. Mark S left at half time, and Doug, who had been keeping for the red, joined the blue team. He said the Red didn't even need a goalie. But then Keeble, after a two week hiatus, found his touch, scoring three for Blue. In the end, it seems the Blue may have scored the most points. 7-6? Whatever.

Next week, back to Trap, unless you have a better idea.