Sunday, December 6, 2009

Red & Blue united today against the White team but lost.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009


The Blue team didn't even make this close with Ed in particular doing significant damage to the Red team. Let's go to the video tape!

Inspired finish by #6 taking any advantage he can get. The chants of Keebooooooo ring around the stadium (after his strike at 52 seconds.)

The turn of the game? Four-year-old Patrick Keeble with a drop of the shoulder (45 seconds) and powerful finish past his own sister no less!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Though it means Hock won't be able to indulge in his goose-worrying hobby, WSS returns to the turf again this Sunday.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The weather will play a part of whether we play or not, but if we can field 8-a-side during last week's borderline flash flood conditions, I'm sure there will be enough of us there to play regardless.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Jerry the "garbage man" on his day job

Jerry's profile photo

It could be hot, it could be stormy. But the soccer is going to be sizzling. Despite the lack of a blog posting (Keeble - "not guilty, your honor") it sounds like Jerry is now a marked man. But I can promise you this - the Red team will win this Sunday, behind the goalscoring prowess of Keeble. That's a guarantee. You want to win, wear red. Or you'll be wearing a red face at 11 o'clock.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Due to an absence completely unrelated to the recent arrests for corruption, illegal organ sales and money laundering across New Jersey, Keeble will be unavailable for selection this Sunday.

While the rest of WSS's elite play, #6 will be in an executive box watching AC Milan v Inter Milan in Boston, drinking champagne and dipping whole Cornish game hen into caviar like normal people would dip a skanky chicken wing from Hooters into a suspicious blue cheese dip. But again, this extravagance is in no way related to the unpleasantness which Keeble was definitely not involved in and you can't say he "got away with" anything, because he's innocent until proven guilty.

ANYWAY if one of the blog's other scribes would like to take on a post-match report, please feel free. Reading it will almost be as good as being there.

And if the Feds stop by, nobody knows nothin'. Capiche?

Sunday, July 19, 2009


It's pure coincidence the blog updates return in the wake of Keeble finding the back of the granny's hair net four times. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

From the offset, this was a great game. Conditions were perfect, if a little warm, and right off the bat the Blues spent the first 10 minutes camped out in the Red goal mouth, passing and probing but not finding a cutting edge. Carlos took it upon himself to rifle one in and the Blues took a lead... but not for long.

The Reds kept on their fast break offense with Jon B, Scott R and Moe linking up down the right, Mario down the left, and Keeble (tightly marked by Marilyn in her first return to action in far too long) in his traditional spot on the last defender's shoulder. Moe took a corner, Keeble looped up a header and Steve in the Blue goal spilled it in to level things up.

The game swung back and forth, and when Dan, Mike and Dave showed up it only added more quality. Moe, Dan, Scott R and Mario all added fine goals for the Reds with Keeble scoring three more tap-ins after good work from far more skilled players. Even Ed, playing with his right wrist in a cast from a biking accident* grew in confidence and could have had a goal with a good long range strike.

The Blues kept things close until the death with Carlos, Doug, Joe and Other Dan causing the Red backline all kinds of problems. Kevin's booming goal kicks added another welcome dimension to the Red offense as the Red's pulled away to win by two at the final whistle (which came 10 minutes early, due to player exhaustion.)

FINAL SCORE: Red 7 Blue 5

MAN-OF-THE-MATCH: Ed (Red) for still playing with such vision even with his arm in a cast.

* I believe him. If some of the other guys had wrist injuries, I would suspect other reasons.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Back to 9am this Sunday - Father's Day - and if the weather cooperates, I will be there to take any canned food donations as well as school all-comers in the fine art of poaching a goal, even if it means taking the ball off someone else's toe to do so.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yeah, it rained. So what?

A deluge of Biblical proportions didn't take away from a good game which ended up being closer than it looked like it was going to be. The Blues took a 4 or 5 goal lead before the Reds started to get it together.

Jake M, wearing an '80s cut-off shirt that would have looked great on a hot girl, tormented the Blue defenders but the Red tap-in expert Keeble was a yard short, and 30 pounds too heavy to make anything of his service.

(Jake M earlier today)

Dan for the Blues added some nice goals, as did Rosner, but the surprise of the day was Doug, usually found in goal, ripping up the right wing like it was his personal property. One cross/shot was particularly peachy.

The unlikely Red comeback was due to a mismatch (15 Red players, 12 Blues for a long period) and once parity was restored, the Blues got it together and sealed a two-goal win.

FINAL SCORE: Blue 6 Red 4

MAN-OF-THE-MATCH: The weather


Monday, June 8, 2009


Don't forget an 8:00am start on Sunday so we can be off the field by 10:30am when the kids want to play. If it's as hot this Sunday as last, we'll all be grateful of the cooler start time anyway (those of us that didn't tie one on the night before.)


The Red team tallied their first win in their new jerseys as they wore down a determined Blue team in high temperatures.

Keeble's hattrick was unnecessary as the Red Machine won 7-2 or so. The key to the victory was a constant shape and a hungry midfield making the most of the space in the center of the field. Mark S patrolled the backline with John G, Kevin S to make life difficult for the Blue forwards and a rampant John Bilow worked the right wing like he was on rails.

Even the injection of youth on the Blue team, in the form of the Mangione Boys, couldn't make the chances count while the Reds, powered by Scott P, Mike M, Dave and Mario were a multi-limbed threat.

The quality of play continued to be high, but the increasing heat took its toll and an 11 o'clock finish couldn't come soon enough.

(apologies for the brief report - there is a direct inverse relationship between the length of time I wait after the game finishes before writing and the length and quality of the blog post itself.)

FINAL SCORE: Red 7 (or 6 or 5) Blue 2

MAN-OF-THE-MATCH: Mark S - majestic and key in keeping the Blues at bay

Thursday, May 28, 2009


After the glorious spectacle that was last Sunday's unofficial, shortened field clash (which would have seen the Red Team go 0-2 in their new jerseys if it was an official game. And I wasn't there Monday, but that was unofficial too), let's get a full-strength affair for this Sunday at 9am. After scoring 8 in his first two games in a Red jersey (although Sunday's hattrick was unofficial), Keeble wonders what more he can do. Apart from not go in goal and let crappy, dribbly 30 yard daisy-cutters through his hands.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


New shirts on display as a large crowd made for a frantic morning's entertainment in harsh, windy conditions.

The old days of Blues v Whites have now given way to a new era of Red v Blue. Just like the classic match-ups: Inter v AC Milan, Liverpool v Everton, Man United v Manchester City, what followed after kick-off wasn't for the weakhearted.

Keeble opened the scoring but Joe equalized for a far post knock in. The two strikers then repeated their antics to level things at 2-2. With both Red and Blue fielding 14 players-a-side, chances were few and far between and the defenders on both sides had to cope with six or seven forwards on each counter-attack. At 4-4, it was anyone's game.

Things got little bad tempered, with the old enemy - offside decisions - stirring things up. The Red defense was certainly at a disadvantage with a string of outfielders taking turns to play 'keeper while the Blue 'keeper looked the part, although I can't remember him having a save to make.

The Blue team pulled away to lead by 9-5 before arguably the goal of the day - a bullet header from Red striker Scott P that would have landed in the Hudson River had the net not stopped it - made in 9-6, and that's how it finished up.

MAN-OF-THE-MATCH: The new jerseys

FINAL SCORE: Azul Angels 9 Scarlet Fever 6

Reds v Blues 5/17

Monday, May 4, 2009


Both Blue and White really put on a show, despite the threat of being overwhelmed by a pre-teen girls team and the incoming rain storm at any given moment.

The score was 2-2 - of this I am sure, and the realistic, justified scoreline doesn't go close to reflecting some of the controlled, free-flowing play exhibited from both sides at times.

Yes, Mike M was back with his league team on a bye, and saying he changes the dynamic of the game is like saying the Yankees bullpen needs a little attention these days. Given his good nature, he would still rather pass that shoot - which is just as well for everyone involved. Steve and Doug between their respective pipes also played their part in keeping the scoreline realistic and made for that real-game feel, Steve in particular the busiest keeper.

New guys were involved too, with new Blue sweeper/midfield general/long shot specialist Ray scoring his first and second goals of his WSS career while Dominic on the white team cleaned up in defense while still cracking in a long shot or two to test Doug's resolve.

But it was the old guys who made the whole morning the event it was. Even after Moe cut his head (an injury that would need 5 stitches) he made a point of apologizing for his initial reaction to a totally non-malicious challenge from Rich. Jay shot wide, often. Ed self-chastised with venom. Frank got stuck in a clash of the titans on the wing with the benevolent Mark Miller. When the teams eventually yielded to the girls' team, they were saturated, but feeling good about themselves with half-a-thought on the bullshit we will all have to pull to get out to the field on Mother's Day next week. The way I see it, if you come back with flowers, it's all good.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Sorry, but there will be no match report on last Sunday's game. I've been too busy sunbathing and banging the goose shit out of my turf shoes to get to it. I think it was a tie, and everyone agreed that a soccer field is a pretty stupid place to put a baseball infield.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I will post any news on the venue for Sunday on here. It will either be Goose Poop Island (down the hill from the usual field) or Trap.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Game Time for Sunday 4/19?

Can somebody circulate the time that we're starting this Sunday? Also I'd like to bring one guest if that doesn't cause any problems.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


First up, I have no idea of the score. Regardless of the goals that might or might not have been due to disputed offside calls, I will confess I just didn't pay attention.

It was certainly colder and windier than had been expected, but the quality of play didn't suffer. The White team goalkeeping situation certainly suffered when Steve didn't make his train from Hoboken, and a string of outfield players took turns between the pipes with varying degrees of ineptitude.

There were pretty goals, scrappy goals, own goals - the whole flippin' lot. I just don't know how many.

MAN-OF-THE MATCH: All of us for braving the wind. And Stephen, Rocco's son, who isn't a WSS player per se but was coming back from a long lay off and scored a couple of beauties.

FINAL SCORE: 6-6. Those numbers have no basis in fact to my knowledge at all.

Monday, April 6, 2009

And now for something completely different...

Here's a funny one. If Joe M played for them, they would really have issues.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


A full turn out with an 8am was something of a surprise. Tim arguing an offside call, not so much.

With gusts hanging every cross and goal kick, for better or for worse, it was the Blues who were playing into the wind who put 3 (or 5, depending on your interpretation of the offside rule) past White goalkeeper Steve. Those controversial offside calls meant for some choppy moments, not helped by the wind and some heavier-than-necessary challenges. If everyone could agree at the start not to get too physical, and not call offsides from more than 40 yards away, we would all get along a lot better.

Not that the camaraderie suffered that much, but calling a jihad or threatening to take your ball and go home over something you might well have been positive about, even without being gifted with the perfect positioning, is a little much. Even the pros are supposed to give advantage to the strikers when it's close. But I digress.

Carlos hit a fine goal for the Blues as they threatened to run away with the whole thing. Rocco "might" (depending on your interpretation of the offside rule) have scored a real peach too, but Scott P in a Blue shirt got his long legs stuck in there and could have had five by himself, but had to settle for two well placed finishes.

Look out for emails regarding any change in kick-off time later this week.

FINAL RESULT: Blues 3 (or as many as 5) Whites 2 (or 3)

MAN-OF-THE-MATCH: Scott P - got the Blue team rolling and scored two definite, no offside goals.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


8am start tomorrow, on what is supposed to be the best weather day of the week. We have to wrap it up by 9:45 according to Joe, so let's kick off on time so I can open my goal account for April and start earning interest on my onion bag deposits (0.009% APR.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My motivation to write a match report after Sunday's game was shot down by Villa's ineptitude in their 5-0 defeat to Liverpooh, so I offer just this: The White team won, and Joe scored a brace.

This Sunday we will be missing the league guys, and it has been requested that we look to start at 8:30am to make the most of our time. In the weeks ahead, we will have no choice but to finish at 11am on the dot to accomodate other teams, so let's try and get our full playing time.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009


With the ball being pinged about it almost looked like we knew what we were doing. To a certain extent. But with the strikers, as they were, misfiring with very few exceptions it was a closer game than anyone would have predicted.

While everyone that got banged up last week was back, bar Jay, Steve was playing hurt and Keith didn't manage to go the distance. And when Mahoney arrived late, at least he had the excuse of an injury (back.)

The Blues took a 2-0 lead as their defense dealt with everything the White team could throw at them. Yes, the White strikers were off their game (it took over an hour to get the first White corner) but Bobby M was as good as he has ever been and Keith led by example before an ankle injury saw him leave early.

Mike M's rehab is clearly now complete as he jinked his way around everyone. He defended well, scored a goal and always made sure he was available.

Keeble was appalling, but for his two lay-offs to Ed to score he might as well have not shown up. His goals-per-game ratio is down is a measly 10 in 5, dropping his average goals-per-game to 2. Pathetic. What a wanker.

Perhaps when the league guys go off and do their thing and we get new jerseys for the new season, Keeble will be reborn. Or maybe he will remain as crap as ever.

FINAL SCORE 4-3 to the Blues, thanks to a spectacular last gasp strike from...

MAN-OF-THE-MATCH: Scott R (Blue) along with Mike in the Blue midfield he pulled the strings and chased every ball.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hopefully Sunday morning will be brisk and dry. And hopefully everyone that left early because they were banged up will be fit to be considered for selection. The league starts in two weeks I believe, which means many of our regulars will be gone for the rest of the spring. So even it we have 13 v 13 or whatever this week again, in the weeks following numbers should be a down a little, which isn't necessarily a bad thing if it's not too drastic a drop.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


With new players making their debuts, part-time players showing up for the sunshine, and the league players getting in shape for their season's kick-off, it was a full-house on the turf.

... until the injuries starting piling up. Steve (who had been almost perfect in the Blue goal) took a knock and called it a day joining Jay, Joe, John, Rich and probably some others who had taken too much punishment before 11 o'clock. The time change meant many arrived late, but 14 v 14 at its peak was just too crowded.

Doug stirred things up by joining the White team in a rare switch, but he wasn't the only one. Dan in Blue! Mike in White! And while there were early Blue complaints that the teams were lopsided, they soon went in front 2-0.

The White back line was formidable. Scott P, C, Mark M and Aquaman (John G) didn't let much past them and allowed the likes of Jon B to sneak forward and provide some telling crosses. But with time on the ball limited and incisive passing tight due to player congestion, attacking midfielders that could bring the ball through traffic were the real dangermen.

As far as I know, the Blues led 3-1 before Steve left and was replaced by Keith. Shortly afterwards, and through no fault of Keith's and fair play to him for stepping up, the White team score a sneaker at his near post and a defensive error led to a Scott P long ranger into an open goal to tie the score at 3-3 and I think that's how it ended. In fact, now I think of it, the White's might have won 4-3 when one of the debutante's tapped in as people started drifting back to the parking lot.

MAN-OF-THE-MATCH - Steve (Blue): Kicking into the wind he defended the Blue lead with conviction.

FINAL SCORE: Either 3-3 or 4-3 to the Whites.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I could do another deal with the weather gods, but the effects are taking their toll somewhat, so let's all pray to Thaw* instead!

*Yeah, so it's spelled differently. It's all good when you say it out loud.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


A sharper, more evenly contested match this week as slowly, but surely, the WSS all-stars return to full strength.

Even a light snow and a biting wind couldn't sour an enjoyable clash with the Blue team stepping up their game and (probably) winning by a one or two.

The big differences between this week's Blues and last week's was the return of Doug in goal and Mark in the middle of the field. Doug made the plentiful saves he had to make look easy, even tipping certain goals over the bar, while Mark ran and drove for goal while tracking back to deal with the White threat in equal measure.

There were a few niggling battles born from frustration and some physical challenges, but that can't take away from some fine Blue performances. Keith and Bobby in particular looked far more comfortable knowing Doug was taking his familiar sweeper/goalkeeper stance behind them and Keith added some surging runs up the left wing and even a rare goal. Rocco and Frank got plenty of the ball on the Blue wings and Vince added strength and guile to the forward line.

The Whites stuck to what they do best, with Mo, Ed and Dan threading balls through with some success. Doug snapped up a lot of them, and Joe got stuck in when needed, but the strikers couldn't take their chances as they had done last week. Keeble in particular hit 90% of his shots straight at Doug's chest, with 9% dribbling high and wide (and one going in.) Scott P was also a big influence on the right making some telling passes into the box and drawing markers wide to let Mo and Dan cash in. Steve was also quick off his line in the White goal and made a big difference in keeping the game tight.

The scoreline is vague. It seemed the Blues restarted more than the Whites, but those who were paying some attention to the score seemed to agree the Blues snuck it. Either way, we're back in business and will keep coming back as long as the snow stays the **** off our field.

MAN-OF-THE-MATCH - DOUG (Blue): Even by his standards, a fine return

FINAL SCORE: Blues 6 Whites 5... something like that.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Villa v Stoke City live on Fox Soccer Channel? Or Keeble trying to maintain his 4.5 goals per game average? I know which one I'm more excited about. Let's try and start playing at 9am so we can really get back to 100% match fitness ASAP

Friday, February 20, 2009


I'll be there on Sunday, so tell Doug to wear his good gloves.

This photo is for Frank.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Just been down to the field, and while it doesn't look good for the foreseeable future, there were a couple of people out there playing...

Monday, February 2, 2009


You know why the field is going to clear by next Sunday? Because I can't make it. Nor the week after that.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Doesn't look promising for Super Bowl Sunday. The field, as you will see from the photo below, is still clearly unplayable. Only a buffoon would try and play with the field in this state...

But wait... what's this?

A lacrosse goal acting as a goalkeeper? Footprints around the area? Seems like some person or persons unknown couldn't wait to get their fix.

Q. How do we know Keeble wasn't involved?

A. There are no footprints leading wide of the goal where he would have had to walk to collect 85% of his shots from that distance.

Anyone want to confess?

Enjoy the big game and pray to the weather gods that maybe on February 8...?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009


I'm Jonesing for a game. Please, defy the forecast and be clear in time for a kick-about this Sunday.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Wouldn't it be great if this snow turned to rain, then stopped in time for us to play tomorrow?

Answer: yes.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Adam Keeble announced his retirement* from the world of Waldwick Senior Soccer, leading to speculation he was "doing a Costanza" after scoring a hat-trick in the first game of the new season.

Keeble, the Hammerin' Hero from Harrow, scored a header with his first touch of the first half, scored a second header with his first touch of the second half, and swept in a left foot finish from his usual hunting grounds of about nine inches from goal to complete his trio and set himself for inevitable disappointment for the remaining 51 weeks of the season.

Indeed, "la tete d'Anglais" (that one's for C.) could have added to his tally due to the unselfish but naive play from Dan and Ed in the White midfield and their belief that passing to Keeble, The Mad Header, would lead to his scoring a goal.

In the end, Keeble, who was suffering from Mad Goal Disease, and his goals were irrelevant as the real talent in a top-heavy White team stepped up and took beyond the Blue team's huffing and puffing.

With Moe, Ed, Dan, Carlos and Ted running the show, The Miller brothers, Mark and Jake, covering every blade of artificial grass, and Steve in the White goal pulling off important saves, the scoreline was never in doubt.

The Blue team couldn't get the job done in the last third, not helped to be playing in some kind of time-warped-Ice-Age era chunk on the field as they were chasing the game. A reported wooly mammoth sighting on the frozen tundra by the Eastern corner of the field was later put down to just the unpleasant sight of Frank bending over to tie his laces.

David Murphy, from the same stable as Keeble in way - but a couple of pastures away in quality, opened the Blue team account with a fine strike, and held strong against a White defensive line that played a high offside trap, much like their opponents. But the game was over bar the shouting when Murphy went down hard on the ice and left with 20 minutes to go.

That said, with 20 minutes to go, most of the red-blooded male players were distracted by that chick running laps and stretching her hamstrings, so the first White victory of many this year was diluted by the rush of testosterone and the sudden need to go home and take a cold shower.

FINAL SCORE: White 7 Blue 4 (Thanks, Joe.)

Man-of-the-match: Bobby (Blue) -Kept the Blues in the hunt with critical challenges at the back

* Not really. I'll be back. Sorry, Blue Team.