Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday Nov 28

I didn't go Friday, but the word is that 18 folks showed up to play in somewhat inclement weather and fun was had by all. I participated in the Northern Highlands Alumni game Friday afternoon. 45 or so former players came, I was the oldest by far, I was probably older than most of their parents. My old coach Johnny Pies showed up. I said "Hi Coach" and he said, "Oh my God, is that Johnny Gilchrist!" After 40 years! Made my day.

Sunday was a beautiful 30 degrees and sunny, quickly warming into the 40's. We started with full sides, Jake, Steve, and two other guests, Dennis and somebody else. Doug in the Blue goal, Dino in for the White. We had as many as 29 players with three guys sitting out at a time. Tom scored for White, Shamu for Blue, and it stayed pretty close for the rest of the first half. Then White stared to open it up. Mario, Super Mario, Jake, Carlos, Moe, Keebs, Bagel Joe and guest #2 made for a pretty fearsome white offense, and when the game started to get sloppy, the goals just poured in.

Final score, 5-9?

Keebs has suggested meeting at Nellie's for cocktails after the Dec 12 game. Why not?

I have additional thoughts on the substitution situation: Paying members should not have to sit if we have freebie guests. If you invite somebody, you should take turns sitting out with your guest. If there is some random guy who just shows up, he should sit untill invited back into the game. If you show up late and there is already 26 players on the field, or already subs waiting, you have to wait at least ten minutes before clamoring to go in. JMHO

Thanksgiving morning, after the big 5k, Mark & Mark enjoying bloody marys and oysters in my driveway. This was a worthwhile endeavor, and we encourage more WSS participation next year.

See you next sunday at 9.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday Nov 22

Another perfect Sunday morning. 30 degrees at 8AM game time, but the sun warmed us up to 40. One guest, Ironman Joe, Super Mario is back, Big Jimmy showed up, but the big news is Jay's new shoes! They're like multi-colored and iridescent, everyone is like sooo jealous. Doug back in the goal for Blue, I don't know the name of the White keeper.

Tough match from the get go, but team Tom & Joe managed to push one through for the white to get things started. Its a bit crowded, at 14 v. 14, so the sub cry sounded. Guest Joe took himself out along with some others, so we got it down to a crowded 13 v. 13. Carlos finally scored for the Blue on a beautiful cross from Tim, and set up another. He doesn't move much, but he can be effective. Blue 2, White 1.

Thursday, Dick Meighan 5k run. Runners should park in front of my house on Coach Lane and walk down to the start. There will be a reception and awards ceremony following the race in my driveway.

Friday 9AM on the turf, the annual father son game. Sunday, 9AM on the turf.

Just a word on subbing. If you arrive after the game has begun, it is your responsibility to count the number of players on each side. If there are already 26 players on the field, you can't come in. You must stand on the side and whine until someone is injured or has mercy and comes out. If we are in a subbing situation, those on the side-lines will enter the game after ten minutes, and an equal number of players will leave the field voluntarily. No one has to sit out twice until everyone has sat out once. Generally there is no pressure for us to get off the field so everyone should get a full dose.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday Nov 14

Frost on the pumpkin as I left home this morning, but its sunny and nice at the field. We starrted 8v 8 full court, last man back, but got up to 24 or 25 players pretty quickly. Papa Ya-ya is back from the mid east, Super Mario seems recuperated, the one and only Jelly Sheers showed up, as did Mo. No Keebo. Keith in the white goal, Kevin in the blue. Mr. Mark Schwartz started the scoring for the White Knights, but the Blue Meanies scored more. Two for Fernando, two for Carlos, some for Super. Jelly got one for White, so did C, but no chop, man. 9-5 Blue.

Next week 8AM.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sunday Nov 7

9AM start and the clocks fell back, so it's like playing in the afternoon. 30 degrees and sunny, perfect soccer weather. We started 8v8 full court. One guest, Joe the ironman, Steve in Blue net, Kevin in White. Uncle Joe came without his team of girls. Juan came, but he's got to get to work by 9:30, so it's not worth his suiting up. Latecomers got us up to full sides or even 12 v 12. White started scoring, and kept it up, with Joe the guest helping himself to a bunch. Steve got a little discouraged and decided he might be more useful as a field player and abandoned his post. Kevin came down from the white side to man the blue net, Marilynn went to the white team to keep things even. Blue finally scored, but we ended blue, 1- white, many. Jay left early with a banged ankle.

9am start next week, some discussion of playing Friday after Thanksgiving. Don't forget the Dick Meighan Turkey Trot.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunday October 31

Halloweenies! 30 degrees and dark at my house this morning as I prepared for our last 8AM start for a while. We started with 7 v 7 on a shortened field, eventually getting up to 10 blue vs 9 white, full court. Joe Bagels showed up, Juan came in his street clothes, went home and changed and left after 5 minutes. Steve in the Blue net, Eric in the White. Tom scored for white, then Shamu headed in an own goal, 2-0 white. At the other end, Mark Schwartz had one and a beauty assist to Carlos, Frank had one, I forget the rest. Lots of running, white won.

Next week we're back to 9AM start, and the clocks change back to EST, so it will be like playing in the afternoon.