Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Oct 16

Cool, like 40 , at game time, but sunny and nice. Perfect soccer weather. Seemed like short sides again, but Eddy, Dan, Eric, Fernando, Enzo showed up, along with guests Joe & Brandon Dos Santos. No Frank, no Dimos, must be deer season. Doug in the blue net, Mark Snark in for white. 12 v. 12 was nice for a change.

Almost a Hat Trick Mark to Jelly, for blue 1-0
Blue corner kick to Rocc to Dominic 2-0
Shamoo! arrives and takes over for the Snark in white net.
Mario, with a perfection cross, to Keebs, 2-1
Gilchrist, with a perfection header on a goal kick return, to Jay for blue 3-1
Rocculous to Joe 4-1
Mario 4-2
Dan for white 4-3

I'll be away for the next two games, going to visit Will in Italy. I left my dirty old ball sac w/ the Keebs, maybe he'll fill in on his blog as well. Ciao!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday Oct 9

Sunny and cool at game time, forecast is for 80 degrees. The turf is wet with dew. We started with short sides and the goals moved up to the 18 yard lines, last man back. 7 white vs 8 blue no guests.

Jeff for white 1-0
Jay for blue 1-1
Eddy for blue 1-2
Vince with a steal and a score for blue 1-3
Jimmy for white 2-3
Jay to Keeble for blue 2-4
Joe for white 3-4
Jeff for white 4-4
Keebs to Rocc to Vince 4-5
Joe to Jim 5-5
Mark S to Joe 6-5
Vince 6-6
Jeff to Mark 7-6
Vince to Dimos to Keeble 7-7
Joe to Jim 8-7
Dimos 8-8
Jeff 9-8
Joe to Jeff with a beautiful header 10-8
Vince to Dimos 10-9
Rocc to Vince 10-10
Then Dominic showed up right on time for the nine o'clock game, and joined the white team to even up the sides at 8 v 8.
Mark hit the post and Mario finished up 11-10
Ed to Vince with another nice header 11-11
Jim 12-11
Joe 13-11
Vince with another steal & score 13-12
Mario to Rosner 14-12
Dom to Mario 15-12
Mario 16-12, at which point the game officially ended, although there may have been some additional goals scored.

See you next week, at eight.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Oct 2

It was rainy and dark at 7, but sunny and nice at 8 o'clock game time. We'll be staying at 8 for the rest of the month, mark your calendars. We started w/ 10 blue v 9 white, full court, no keepers. Guests Fernando and Joe.

Rocco for blue on an open net 1-0
Miller for blue 2-0
Joe to Keebo 2-1
Jay for blue 3-1
Timmy showed up & took over in the blue net, Mark Schwartz put on the gloves for white
Joe for white 3-2
Jay to Jeff 4-2
Another guest arrived, Greg?, in for white, Dimos came just in time for the nine o'clock game.
Ted for white 4-3
Rocco 5-3
Mike to Vince for blue 6-3
Joe lofted a cross from the 25 to Keeble's head 6-4
Miller 7-4
Jimmy to Mario 7-5
Jay 8-5
Keebs takes the ball at half court, turns and starts dribbling, all alone, but Mike is closing fast. Sensing danger, he unleashed the ball from the 30 and it found the net! 8-6
Keebs again, pretty much the same play, but from ther 25 8-7
Mark comes out of goal, Jimmy goes in,
Mark Schwartz from a possibly off sides position, to tie the game 8-8
Mike sinks a header of a keeper deflection 9-8
Miller 10-8
Miller 11-8
Snarky Mark 11-9

So Mark Miller finds his inner Keeble and starts to score for a change, missing a hat trick by just one goal! Fernando is starting to find his way and showed us some stuff today. The blue team came out of the doldrums, thanks to Dave, Mike and Keith, and finally won a game.

See you all next week.