Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday July 25

I guess some folks showed up Wednesday only to get chased of the field by lightning. Rocco says we can play this Wednesday, then it's going to be iffy with school and travel practices due to begin August 1.

Sunday, heat wave continues, though there is a bit of a breeze. More than 30 players showed up including one new kid and another Carlos. Frank's back from Italia, Rocco is still in his street clothes, Eddie's back. Shamu is still lame, so he tended goal for the Red, Dougie played the field for red and managed to not use his hands. Kennington left early, Jay scored a couple of goals and left. Keeble scored on a six incher, Brilliant! Mike the Wizard felt like 10 defenders would be challenging enough to make the goals worthwhile, and scored a couple. 7-3 blue?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday July 18

Wednesday night we had as many as 8 v 8, including the young Brandon Dossantos, Keebo's friend John, and one high schooler. Rocco watched from the stands with an injured foot.
It was a very hot and humid evening. We played across the pitch with lacrosse goals till it was too dark to see C.

Sunday, the heat wave continues. We stared with 19, then Kennington left, and a couple of stragglers joined in, so we had full sides for most of the match. Keeb's friend John played again. Shamu tended goal for the Blue. Red went ahead 4-0 early, with two by Keeb. But Dan, Dan, Joe, Joe, Carlos and Dimos got their acts together and the Blue came back with 7 unanswered goals. Then Keebler took a pass from Steve the keeper, and dribbled unassisted to the goal, evading all defenders, shot and SCORED!!! Another hatty for the K. Final score 9-9 or so.

Monday, July 12, 2010

SundayJuly 11

Sunny & hot, we started with short teams, but got up to full sides, full court. Notably absent were Bobby, Hoch, Rocc & Chopman. Vincent left early due to injury & Scott had to sit out after a while, and a couple of others left, so we finished with 9 v. 9 on a shortened pitch. Blue scored more points.

A bunch of us participated in a charity event Saturday night, playing soccer against the Waldwick school team. Team Old & Slow prevailed, 1-0, but not without injuries to Jordan, Rocc & Scott.

After Sunday's game, 8 of us met at the AB&G to watch Spain win its first World Cup ever.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Wednesday July 7

Just a note before I forget. In spite of the record heat wave, we had full sides including 6 or 8 kids. The kids are fast and agile with great skills and powerful shots, but it seemed like us old guys were in better shape! We played till dark, about 8:45, 11-12 white wins, or non-white wins, whatever.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunday July 4!

But first a couple of comments on last Wednesday evening. We had a very good turnout, with about 11 v. 14, including half a dozen H.S. boys and a young woman with soccer skills who kept getting in my way. We played till it got too dark to see the dark team. I guess we'll try again this Wednesday, in this incredible heat, dark shirts vs. white shirts. Bring ice water.

Sunday we started w/ 8 or 9 per side, but quickly got up to full sides. Jake and his coach Mohammed played, and we had a surprise appearance by the great Dave Murphy, who seems to be enjoying the crumpets in England. Moe is back, no Keebl, Frank or Roccus. The game was pretty close, blue may have edged a one point victory, 10-9?

Monday? Don't know, it was brutally hot, I slept in. Anyone care to comment?