Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunday Nov 24

Cold and windy.  I pushed the small goals off the field and they blew back on.  30 mph NW, but sunny, it should warm up. NOT.  It's still 20 as I'm driving home.  The miserable conditions didn't deter 28 or so guys from showing up.  Steve in the blue, regular Doug in the white, no Keith, guest Matt is back, he wants to join up, Steve Palaia.  Keebs and Rich left early, Dimos showed up late and Scott Perkin's nephew came late and joined the white team.

Tomas with a miss put back by Cee for blue, 1-0
Jelly off Bobby for white, 1-1
Steve P for white, 1-2
Steve P, but nobody's quite ready, 1-3
Vince for white, 1-4
Jeff for blue, 2-4
Blond Dave for white, 2-5
Jay for blue, 3-5
Dave again, 3-6
Jelly, 3-7
Mario, 3-8

It's abundantly obvious that the wind is a factor, so we switched sides, leaving Steve to face the wind and keep for white and Doug with the wind at his back to keep for blue.

Steve P, 3-9
Rocco with a Keeble cleanup, 4-9
New kid Matt for blue, 5-9
Steve P, 5-10
Shamu, 5-11
Tomas for blue, 6-11
Mario, 6-12
Jeff, 7-12

Game this Friday, and Sunday of course.  Oysters and Bloodys at my house after the Five K in USR Thanksgiving morning.  Peace.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunday November 17

Overcast and mild, like 50, at game time.  It's Jay Day, so we donned the traditional ceremonial shirts.  When we finally got going we had 9 v 9 including a guest, Matthew, new Doug in the blue net, Keith and then Steve in the white making it 10 v 9.

Shamu for white at 8:19, 1-0
Teddy for white, 2-0
Jay with his traditional ceremonial goal for blue, 2-1
Guest Matt for blue, 2-2
Mario for white, 3-2
Rocco for blue, 3-3
Teddy, 4-3
Dominic for white, 5-3
Mario to Ceebow, 6-3
Keith left the game due to injury so it's back to 9 v 9
Jeff finally gets his shot worked out, for blue, 6-4
Jeff again, 6-5
Rich leaves the game due to injury, it's 9 v 8
Jay to Matt, 6-6
Vince for white, 7-6
Rocco after Marlen's shot hits the post, 7-7
Dominic leaves, Jeff goes to the white side.  We shortened the field a little and continued 8 v 8.
George for blue, 7-8
Jeff for white, 8-8
Mario, 9-8
Vince out,
George, 9-9 to end it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday Nov 10

38 and sunny at game time, and still nice when we finally got underway about 8:20.  We started with 8 v 8 on a shortened field, Steve in the white net, new Doug in the blue.  I guess everybody went to Disneyland to celebrate the teachers convention or Veterans Day or something.  I forgot my score pad, but nearly everybody scored.  The score stayed pretty even throughout the game till the end when Mario put a few in and we ended about 17-14 or so.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday November 3, end of DST

For the record, fall back means that starting at 8 is like starting at 9 last week.  It's 40, windy and cloudy, perfect exempt there's a Waldwick kid's team that is advancing in the tournament schedule and they want to use the field for practice.  They offer us half a field but as more and more players arrive we decided to head on down to Hopper's.  We eventually got underway with 12 v 12 or so, new Doug in the white net, the other doug n for blue.  When Steve arrived he took ove for blue and Doug went into the field.  Late in the game new Doug left so the other Doug took over the white net.  Imad showed up but didn't want to join the over crowding and left.

Rosner corner kick bobbled about and put in by Mu, 1-0
Mu, 2-0
Jeff to Adam or Jeff from Adam for blue skis, 2-1
Ros to Jelly, 3-1
Jeff at home in the infield dirt, 3-2
Mu to blond Dave, 4-2
Marlen for blue, 4-3
Jay to Vince for blue, 4-4
Jay corner bounces of defender Eric, 4-5
Ros hits the post, fields his own rebound and smashes it in off Steve, 5-5
Mario, back from Brasil, 6-5
George for blue, but there is some controversy regarding a possible off sides, but everyone is leaving the field so it must have counted, 6-6.

Once again I want to encourage members of the group to participate in the anual Dick Meighan 5k road race on Thanksgiving morning.  It is a fun and very popular activity.  It kicks off at 9 and even I can finish in a half hour.  This year, due to popular demand, there will be oysters and bloody mary's served in my driveway immediately following my glorious finish.  Members who have run in past races include Miller, (every year),  Mr & Mrs Keeble, Steve Gaw, Vince, John Horuzy, Mark Schwartz.  Shamu participates from the sidelines.