Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday August 25

The delightful weather trend continues.  This morning it's 56 at my house and the field is covered with dew.  I figured we'd have more than enough players, but we started at quarter after eight 10 v 10, Doug in the white net, me in for blue.  Steve showed up to take over and make it 10 v 11.

Dan to Keeble (back from England) tap in at 8:42 for white, 1-0
Jeff comes right back for blue, at 8:43, 1-1
Jay for blue at 8:46, 1-2
Jay free kick to Chompan during a dispute over a possible foul at 9:10, 1-3
followed by a water break.  Shamoo is out with a pulled calf and Teddy has a piggy boo-boo so they both left the game.  M Schwartz came over to the blue side to even up the sides and we shortened the field.
Imad for white at 9:17, 2-3
Imad to Dan at 9:22, 3-3
Vince finally puts one in for blue after hitting the post several times, at 9:23, 3-4
Danny to head of Keeble, 4-4
Vince apparently has his shot calibrated, at 9:32, 4-5
Vince, 4-6
Imad banks one of the feet of Keeble at 9:40, 5-6
Imad corner kick to Keeble, 6-6
Blond Dave for blue, 6-7
After a scrum in front of the blue net, the ball pops out and Miller pops it back over the heads of all, from the 23 yard line, 7-7

Jerry said he got about 20 to show up Thursday night.  Everybody should have their money in to Rocco by now, he will be ordering new shirts shortly.  I came across a different concept in soccer attire: painted on uniforms.  We might consider this an option, but it probably wouldn't work in the colder months.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunday August 18

After a week of mid September weather, its cool and overcast this morning, perfect!  Lots of us felt the same way, we got up to 14 blue vs. 13 white.  Steve in net for white, ten minute stints in the net for blue.  Jamal is back, also Eddie, Bob Hurt, Imad, Joakim.  Laser Dave and Mike the Wizard are both on the white team, seems grim, but...

Imad for blue at 8:33, 1-0
Jeff with a nice cross to head of Eric for blue at 8:35, 2-0
Imad at 8:38, 3-0
Ted from the top of the key with a screamer for white at 8:44, 3-1
Jay for white after a corner kick at 8:53, 3-2
Blond Dave to Rocco at 9:09, 4-2
Ben to Jeff at 9:16, 5-2
Imad at 9:24, 6-2
Eddie left the game so Eric went to the white team to even up the sides
Jay, 6-3
Bob Hurt to Jeff to Rocco, 7-3
Blond Dave to Vince with a beauty, 8-3
Corner kick by Dave to Bob to Vince finally put in by Chompan, 9-3
Jay, 9-4
Jeff, 10-4
Mario at 9:55 due to keepers indifference, 10-5
Imad with a long cross to Vince, at 9:55, 11-5
Jeff to Vince, 12-5

So another really fun day of soccer.  Jerry has secured a field for the next ten Thursday nights and he could use a couple of more players.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday August 11

Clear and cool, 58 at Frank's house, a perfect day for soccer.  We started a little late 11 v 11.  Friends Joakim, Imad and Bobby are back today.  Doug in the blue net and after a while, Steve in for white, eventually we got up to 12 v 12.

Jon Billow to Jelly for white at 8:20, 1-0
Jelly to Mario at 8:24, 2-0
Jeff for blue at 8:28, 2-1
Lazer Dave shows up and joins the whities, Blond Dave goes home;
Jeff at 9:33, 2-2
Ted, who was doing all the work for the blue team, left so Eric comes over to blue
Jeff at 9:42, 2-3
I dished a clear to Jay who took it in for a score.  The whole blue offense was offsides but had no effect on the play, but the whites offered no defense, goal counts, 2-4
Mario, clearly offsides, but the goal counts, 3-4
Imad gets his act together and puts one in for blue to end the game, 3-5

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday August 4

Relatively cool and clear for a midsummer morning, a great day for soccer.  We had 12 v 12 today without regulars Keebs, Jay, Frank & Mark S.  Doug in the white net, Steve in for blue.

Shamoo for white at 8:35, 1-0
Corner kick by Blond Dave to head of Vince for blue at 8:37, 1-1
Rocc with a great cross to Jeff who missed, Cee missed and Dave puts it away, 9:03, 1-2
Water break, Eddie arrives and joins the white team.
Corner by Ted to Laser Dave but scored by Shamoo, 9:24, 2-2
Rocco! at 9:27, 2-3
Mario, 3-3
Mario, 4-3
Jeff to Vince, 4-4
Shamoo, 5-4
Mario, 6-4
Jeff, 6-5

Another nice game, pretty close until the blue defense wore out.