Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunday January 19

Cold, 20's, and mostly cloudy at game time, but can't really tell since they unplugged our clock.  A little snow fell yesterday morning, and the field is half clear half crunchy ice.  We started 8 v 8 on a shortened field, new Doug in the white net, Keith in for blue.  Several more guys showed up including our old friend Moe and we got up to 21 guys on a full court.  If you were on a clear section of turf when the sun came out it was pretty nice.

Mike for white, 1-0
Vince for white, 2-0
Ben for blue, 2-1
Tomaso for blue, 2-2
Mike, 3-2

Rich left early and we switched sides and played on 10 v 10 full court.  Lots of touches for everybody.

Vince lofts one from the 35, 4-2
Jeff for blue, 4-3
Mike, 5-3
Vince, 6-3
Rocco, 6-4

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday January 12

The arctic vortex departed and the snow melted.  Its 40 and overcast at game time, but windy.  Bill Lara is one of the first to show up, first time in quite a long time, and maybe a portent of things to come. Mark Schwartz came to say happy new years but not to play.  Rocco had a little heart to heart with the guys reiterating the non-competitive, fun loving nature of the group.  There was an incident involving punches being thrown at the New Years Day game and this is simply not tolerable.

We finally got started 13 v 13 with ten extra guys on the sidelines!  This is the biggest crowd we've ever had and without regulars like Mark Miller, Keith, Shamu and Mario.  Fortunately Mark S was there to organize things and a semblance of a game got underway.

I forgot my score pad but Rocco had three, Keebs had at least one, blue team won.  I don't understand why we quit at 10:12, I wasn't physically exhausted yet.  Anyway, next Sunday don't invite any guests.  It's OK for the extra curricular games when we might not get enough otherwise,
but not for the regular Sunday meet ups.  I don't think Bill Lara ever even got to play.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sunday, January 6

Snowed out.  Good day for making cookies!

Wed January 1, 2014

I didn't go, I was still sore from Sunday's game.