Monday, July 25, 2011

SundayJuly 25

Another hot one, after a week of record high temperatures. George, Jeff, Will and Jake guests, 12 v. 12. George in the blue net, followed by Keith, me then Will. Marky Snarky in for white followed by others.

Mario for white 1-0
Mario again 2-0
Kennington for blue 2-1
Dino for blue 2-2
ROCCO for blue! 2-3
Jeff for blue 2-4
Rocculous again!!! 2-5

None for Keeblue

A few words from Mark Schwartz:

Hi everyone,

By now many of you are aware that Waldwick High School soccer player Michael Mayer passed last week. Michael was an accomplished student-athlete at Waldwick and his long fight against cancer was equally inspiring and heart-rending. It's sad news to know that he's no longer out there playing with his Waldwick friends.

Last year, in an effort to support his fight, the Waldwick Senior Men's Club played a friendly match against the Waldwick High School Team. We brought in supporters, sponsors, and press coverage from the area and wound up raising close to $2,500 for the Tomorrow's Children Fund through the Hackensack University Medical Center.

This year we'd like to repeat the game in Michael's honor and we're turning to you for help. Your donation is very much appreciated, but I'd also like for you to ask your employers, friends, neighbors and other networks to donate as well. Our goal is an aggressive one - we'd like to raise $10,000 this year, with the funds donated directly to a charity of the Mayer Family's choosing.

We are working hard in an effort to schedule a new game within the month. We are initially offering playing slots to those that bring in donations of at least $100 from their community. After that, we will open the game up to the larger group on a first come first serve basis.

To start things off, I've convinced my firm to pledge $1,000 towards the Michael Mayer fund. I challenge you to join me in achieving our goal and continuing the fight against cancer.

Please bring a check payable to Waldwick Senior Soccer to one of our Sunday matches, or let me know where I can come pick it up. If you have any questions, please 'reply all' to this email.

Warm Regards,

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday July 18

Sorry about last week, I couldn't play and I have no idea if anyone did. Today started hot, and got hotter as the game went on. We may have to move the game time up to 6AM. Four guests: Jeff, George, Joe & Mike's brother Rick. Doug in the net for blue, George for White, probably 28 players at the peak.


Joe (guest) for blue 1-0
Nando for blue 2-0
Adam for white 2-1
Mario for white 2-2
Jeff for white 2-3 beautiful header off a corner kick by Joe Bagels
Dan for blue 3-3
Mario 3-4
Adam 3-5
Jimmy for white 3-6
Joe Bagels for white 3-7
Dan 4-7
Jimmy 4-8
Doug for blue 5-8

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday July 4th

Thanks to Keith for reporting on Sunday's non-match. When I got up Sunday morning at 7 it was raining with thunder, potentially dangerous conditions, so I went back to bed. Monday promised to be better conditions anyway. Monday I showed up early for a nine o'clock start to find the start time had been changed to 8. 6 v 7, 8 v 9, it got up to 9 v 9 on a shortened field with lacrosse goals. We had a guest, George, and Marilynn showed up to play. Conditions were very hot and the game was called by 9:30. Keith is organizing a Wednesday night indoor series, watch your E mails.

See you all next Sunday, 8AM.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday July 3

(This blog entry was filed by your backup blogger Keith)

Nine intrepid members of the "a-little-drizzle-isn't-keeping-me-away-from-a-little-footie" club showed up to play a little footie in a little drizzle this morning. We played 4 on 5 then switched to 5 on 4 with lacrosse nets on a 50 yard field.

Guest George
Imad (Bagel Joe)

The team with Mike scored a few more goals than the team without Mike, but I don't think anyone kept score. We got in about an hour of play before Mike's wife came and made him go home. That pretty much ended it.

What were the rest of you guys doing this morning?