Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 25, Mem Day weekend

Beautiful clear blue sky, a little cool to start but it got warm.  10 v 10 makes for a big field, Steve in the white net, Doug R in for blue.

Chompan for blue at 8:25, 1-0
Jeff to Steve P for blue at 8:34, 2-0
Jeff by himself at 8:42, 3-0
Steve to Chompan at 8:47, 4-0
Vince for white at 9, 4-1
Scott r to Vince at 9:11, 4-2
Mike the wizard who had been playing for white left the game and Chompan went to the whites to try to give them a little help;
Steve P, 5-2
Jeff, 6-2
Vince to Dave Das at 9:30, 6-3
Steve throw in to Jeff, 8-3
Jay left, Steve for blue, 9-3 and its over at 9:38

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sunday May 18, 7am

dunno    what happened?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day

Warm and sunny, a beautiful day for soccer.  26 of us thought so too, including Jay's son Justin.  New Doug in the white net, regular Doug in for blue, Steve in the field.

Minor for blue at 8:30, 1-0
Steve's friend Doug showed up and joined the blue team,
Jay corner to Doug to Marlen for blue at 8:47, 2-0
Jay corner to Marlen at 8:52, 3-0
Marlen at 9:00, 4-0
Steve's Friend Doug goes to the white team,
Jeff for blue at 9:08, 5-0
Doug comes back to blue, Joakim goes to the white side, Doug comes out of the net and Minor goes in,
Danny finally gets one for the white, 5-1
Tomasso for blue, but three white defenders were on water break, 9:30, 6-1
Vince to Keebs for white with Joakim ITC, 6-2
Justin to Vince, 6-3
Vince at 9:48, 6-4
Chompan for white at 9:54, 6-5
George for blue at 9:56 to end it at 7-5

Next week we start early, 7AM.  I won't be there but if anybody wants to e mail me comments on the game I will post them here.

Monday, May 5, 2014

May the fourth be with you

So we're kicked off the turf for the annual 5K race.  A dozen of us showed up at Trap and played six v six till we got kicked off by a bunch of little kids.  Next week we need to start early, 7AM again, but that should be the last time for the season.