Monday, September 29, 2014

Sunday September 28

Summery weekend, hot and sunny at game time.  The turf is covered with dew.  Stevie P and Kevin joined us, together with guests from last week, Steve, Bhoot and Martin.  Steve left almost immediately with a pulled quad.  Doug Adams in the white net, Steve and then Doug in for blue.  We started 12 blue vs 14 white.

7:48 Keeble for white, 1-0
7:49 Steve P for white, 2-0
7:55 Marlen for blue, 2-1
8:12 Kevin for blue, 2-2
8:22 Marlen to Chompan, 2-3
8:32 Keeble on an open net, 3-3
8:55 Steve P booms one in, 4-3
8:58 Teddie pops one in from outside the box for white, 5-3
9:18 Jeff to Chompan, 5-4
9:24 Jeff loops one to head of Chompan, 5-5
9:33 George for blue, 5-6

and that was it,  No pressure to get off the field but guys don't seem to want to continue.  Rich had a good game today, Bobby as always and Chompan the chop man with a hat trick!  See you next week at 7:30.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday Sept 21

Not many at 7:30 game time, but we eventually got up to 14 v 14.  It rained a little last night and it's still misty but warm.  Three guests, Bhoot, Steve & Martin.  Steve G in the blue net for a short while, he took himself out after the first play due to injury.  Doug R showed up and took over.  Field players took turns in the white net.

7:59 George for blue, 1-0
8:22 Jay and Mike arrive, Jay goes white, Mike blue
8:30 Jake to Moe for white, 1-1
8:45 Vince after a corner, 1-2
9:16 Jake with his right foot (doesn't count) 1-3
9:18 Rosner for blue, 2-3
9:33 Mike for blue, 3-3
Teddy and George out
9:44 Rosner corner to George to Mike, 4-3
9:53 Mike, 5-3
9:57 Jake pounds one in (righty) 5-4

So we started early but played till ten anyway.  Next week 7:30 start.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday September 7

Friday and Saturday were hazy hot & humid, but it rained last night and this morning it is cool and clear, a perfect September day for soccer.  We started early today to get our game in before the football team takes over the field, just not as early as I had reported. My apologies to Joakim, apparently the only reader of this blog.  Anyway, by 7:30 we had about 23 including one guest, Boot?  Doug A in the white net, Steve in the blue.  St Rocco arrived with six shiny new balls.

7:55 Mark S for white, 1-0
7:58 Mark Schwartz corner kick skyed then popped in by Moe, 2-0
8:12 Jeff with a long through ball to Keeble who loops it in from from way outside, for blue, 2-1
Mark S booms one, 3-1
8:22 Shamu is back for white, 4-1
8:24 Jake for white, 5-1
Keeble left, Mike left, Mark Schwartz goes into the net for blue
8:49 Jeff for blue, 5-2
8:50 head of George to head of Jeff, 5-3
8:59 Jay for blue, 5-4
Jake to Moe, 6-4
9:19 Jake to Marco, 7-4
9:27 Doug's goal kick goes over Jeff's head and Moe chases it down and puts it in, 8-4
9:37 Jeff, 8-5 and done.

Next week, 7:30.  

I propose a new rule:  Only goals Jake scores with his left foot shall count.

Labor Day

12 or 14 guys showed up for an early morning game.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sunday August 31

Hot & overcast, 24 or 25 guys with Doug A in the white net, Steve and later Doug R in for blue.

8:17 Chompan for white on an open net, 1-0
8:23 Joakim for white, 2-0
8:30 Teddy for white, cleaning up after a corner, from way outside the box, 3-0
8:35 Doug R to Minor for blue, 3-1
8:50 Vince booms one in right out of the air for white, 4-1
9:03 Mark S for white, 5-1
Steve comes out of net, Doug goes in;
Blond Dave for white, 6-1
9:06 Ted gets another, 7-1
Water break and readjustment of teams. Joakim and Mark Schwartz switch to blue, Frank & Eric to white;
9:25 Minor to Mark S, 7-2
Marlen to Dimos for blue, 7-3
Jay corner kick to Jeff and Minor, I think Minor put it in, 7-4
9:49 Jay solo due to incorrect hand ball call, 7-5

Game today, Labor Day?  Not for me.  Next week we start earlier, 7AM.