Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday July 29

The heat wave has morphed into a period with constant threat of thunderstorms.  It rained last night and it's cloudy, humid, but not too hot at game time.  We started with 12 v 13, pretty good numbers considering.  Aikaz & Minor are back, Danny, Eric, Billow, Jelly are back, Bobby seems a little more ambulatory, no Frank, no Lightspeed Joe or Joe Bagels.  Minor in the white net, Doug in the blue, the blue team chooses to defend the uphill side of the field for a change.

Rocculous from Dan to get the blue team on the board, 1-0
Little Joe for white, 1-1
Mario to Jelly (own goal) 1-2
Keebs from Mario, with a hit!  1-3

Of all the hundreds of goals scored and hundreds more to come, this will be one the great Keebow will remember.  A perfect feed from Mario on the left across the goal mouth to Keebs on the right, he caught it in full stride and just smashed it from about the 15, right foot, right on target, in spite of the dogged defense by me.  Well done lad.

Mario from Keebow, nicely done, 1-4
Jelly finally gets one for the blue, 2-4
Kaz comes right back for white, 2-5
Mario, 2-6
Shamu for blue, 3-6

Some guys left, Doug and Minor came out of the nets, Kevin went in for white, Keith and Mark Schwartz took turns for blue, and we played on, 9 v 9.  Back and forth, three on two break aways thwarted, time after time.  The legs are weary, but there's no quit in this bunch.  We played on, well past our official 10 AM quitting time, but no one can score, until an unlikely hero, Doug, puts one in the net for blue to end it, at 10:30, 4-6.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday July 22

A beautiful July morning, the heat wave is broken for a day or two, and the guys came out in droves.  We had as many as 32 today: guests included Aikaz, Steve, Minor and Jake.  Tim and John Billow are back, and a late arrival, Mark Forest!  Notably absent: Jamal, Imad, Frank & Dimos.  Frank may be recuperating or vacationing, Jamal is off for two months in Israel.  Doug in the white net, Minor in for blue, Steve played a little left half but switched back into net after a while.

I forgot my scorecard, so I have to get down what I can remember right away.  First and most importantly, Keebow had 4 for blue. In fact he had all the blue goals.  Read it and weep.

Mark Schwartz scored for white, then Bobbie own goaled for white making it 2-2.

Mu headed one in for white, Mario had a few, maybe Jay?  Towards the end Kieth hit a lazer shot from about the 30 that knuckled around a bunch of players and found the net!  Great shot Hock!

I don't really remember the rest, E mail me if I forgot your goal.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday July 15

Rain this morning cools things down a little, but it heats up during the match.  We started 9 v 10 but got up to 11 v 12 for a while.  Guests: Aikaz, Steve, Jake and a new kid, Minor, who came with a full snow mobile suit and played keeper for the whites.  Steve in the net for white.  Bobby's back, but he's lame, same for Ceebow.  Old friend Jonathan Billow actually showed up today.

Shamoo from Kennington, for blue, 1-0
Billow! for white, from outside the box, 1-1
Mario from Imad, for white, 1-2
Jay for white, 1-3
Lightspeed Joe with a header in off a corner kick by Kennington, 2-3
LS Joe hurt himself and left the game, so the sides are even,
Imad, 2-4
Ceebow for blue, 3-4
Little Joe for blue, 4-4
Kennington left
Jake for white, 4-5
Mario for skins, 4-6
Jeff came over to the blue team making the sides 11 blue 10 white
Dave to Jeff, a beautiful cross Jeff caught right out of the air Super Mario like, 5-6
Shamoo left
Mario to Jay, 5-7
Jay left, Billow sat down,
Imad, 5-8
Jake, 5-9
short sides and nobody except for Papa YaYa wants to play any more.  We're done at 9:30

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday July 8

The heat wave continues.  We started, eventually, 10 v 10 last man back, but soon got up to full sides.  Guests were  Aikaz & Steve, and we welcomed the return of  Tim.  Bobby showed up but didn't play, he just watched from the sidelines for a while. So with Keith in the white net, me and then Joe M in for blue, it went like this:

Keebow from Joe Lightspeed, for the blues, 1-0
Keebs again, 2-0
Imad for skins, 2-1
Eric for white, 2-2
Imad, 2-3
Scott Rosner off pass by Imad, 2-4
Lazer Dave for blue, 3-4
Imad, 3-5
Aikaz with an own goal against blue, 3-6
Shamoo for white, 4-7
Imad, 4-8
Mark Miller for white, but called offsides, sorry
Carlos for blue with a looper, 5-9
Lazer Dave, 6-9

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday July 1

Hot and sunny at game time.  We're in the middle of the second big heat wave of the summer, not really perfect soccer weather but eventually 26 guys showed up.  Guests Aikaz, Steve, Adrian and our old buddy Ed showed up.  Doug in the white net, Keith in the blue for most of the game, but Eric sat in towards the end and played some inspired keeper.

Jeff for blue, 1-0
Lightspeed Joe, from Jeff, 2-0
Imad for white, 2-1
Shamu from Imad, 2-2
Keebs taps one in after Adrian hit the post, for white, 2-3
Imad again, but I think he was offsides, 2-4
Aikaz for white, 3-4
Jamal for white, 3-5
Imad, 3-6

Two water breaks and it was still pretty tough going in the heat.  I forgot to mention last week that Jordan has announced his retirement from soccer, something about a torn ACL and meniscus.  It's too bad, he was really at the top of his game.