Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunday June 24

First Sunday of the summer and its very summery, as in hot.  We started full court 8 v 8, Doug in the blue net, Steve showed up a little later and tended for white.

Kee to Jeff, for blue, 1-0
Cee cleans up after a corner kick for blue, 2-0
Ted on a 4-0 fast beak pops one in from the 35 for white, 2-1
At 8:39 we moved the goals up to the ten yard lines, 9v9 or 9v10 on the full field in full sun is too much work;
Mario for white, 2-2
Brandon for white, 2-3
Mike the soccer wizard joins the blue team;
Mike,, 3-3
Jeff bounces a corner kick of a white defender for a score, 4-3
Minor for blue, 5-3
Marlin to Jeff, 6-3
Mike to Rocco!, 7-3
Brandon to Shamuster, 7-4
Mike, 8-4
Mark Schwartz for white, 8-5
Jeff takes a corner kick, Marlin pops it right out of the air into the back of the net, 9-5
Kee, 10-5
Cee to Rocco!, 11-5
Brandon to Jay, 11-6
Jay, 11-7
Rosner for white, 11-8
Mike, 12-8
Jeff, 13-8, and that does it.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunday June 16, Father's Day

Beautiful day, cool, partly cloudy, but lots of mother fuckers decided to stay home today.  We started on a shortened field 8 v 8, Mark S in the blue net, nobody in for white.  Steve showed up to keep for white and a few others showed up, but we stayed on the short field with maybe 19 guys.

Robb Mangione for blue on an untended goal, 1-0
Jon Billow to Keeble for white, 1-1
Minor for blue, 2-1
Rosner for white, 2-2
JG (me!) for blue, 3-2
Mario for white, 3-3
Dave for blue, 3-4
Minor, 4-4
Mark Schwartz comes out of the net and scores for blue, 5-4
Brandon DoSantos for white, 5-5
Brandon to Dave, 5-6
Keeble, 5-7
Tomas for blue, 6-7
M Miller for white, 6-8
Mario, 6-9
Keebs, 6-10
Guys are tired and sitting out, we continue 6 v 9
Carlos for blue, 7-10
Dave comes over to blue
Tomas, 8-10
I scored another but didn't write it down, so 9-10.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday June 9

Beautiful sunny morning.  We started with short sides, last man, inside the box rules, but quickly got up to 23 or so guys.  Birthday boy Steve in the white net spotted by Mark S for a while. Tomas, Minor, Vince, even Juan and Rocco in the blue net.  I forgot my score pad but white had like six goals before blue scored one.  Mark Miller had one for white, putting back a miss by Jay.  Keeble floated one over the outstretched arms of Juan, for white.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday, June 2

Beautiful day: not too hot, nice breeze, but nobody showed up. Eight v Eight at its peak, stupid little goals on the 10 yard lines. Better than nothing, but surprisingly poor turn-out means those of you that didn't come are rubbish. No score reports because it was rubbish little goals.