Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunday September 25

Beautiful day started 13 to 10 blue... Red scored first, blue came back 3-1... as attrition took its toll it ended up 10 v 9 red, and 6-3 red, in a field shortened time abbeviated (1030) game...

Once again Keebo had the crack of the game calling Mario Sr "Mary-O" before we even got started. Mario Jr still out hurt...

as reported by Joe M.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunday September 19

Almost forgot! Beautiful cool clear weather at the 9AM start, full sides, maybe 12 v 12. Keith is back, he played keeper for the Red. Dan G., Jay, Chopman and Eric played for Red, Eddy showed up to help the blue, with a guest Jimmy and Doug in the Blue net. Super Mario started off by tripping on the turf trying to score for the Blue, and hurt his ankle. He sat out the rest of the game. Most of the scoring was by Tom, the new Keeble, for the Red Team , although Keeble himself did mange one goal. Carlos had a couple for Blue, Enzo had one. Splendid work by Mak Swatz in the Red net after he spelled Keith kept the Blue score low. Late in the game Kevin went from Red defense to Blue keeper to even up the sides and let Doug get some running in. Final maybe 6 red 3 blue.

I won't be there next week, can someone else make some remarks on the game?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday September 12

Nice cool overcast morning, perfect for soccer. About half the team didn't get the memo about shifting back to our traditional 9AM start time, and about 14 guys showed up at 8. As the nine o'clockers started showing up, we started with short sides on a shortened field. Guest Gustavo filled in at goal for the Red team, and Scott took advantage of his unfamiliarity to score the first goal for Blue. More guys showed up so we got up to full teams on a full field. Some little girls showed up, but for the first time, we stood our ground and they left! No mary-nancies today!

Blue seemed to score more often today, mostly from an offsides position. Rocco, Eric and Scott made a pretty formidable blue right wing. Keeble hurt himself, Mahk Swahtz inexplicably switched fro Red to Blue, and scored for the blue. Tom was the scoring machine for Red, but Mario, Mario and C also scored. C gave us a nice little tomahawk celebration and didn't hurt himself.

Around about 10:30 the mary-nancies left the field, but then it stared to rain. No idea what happened last Monday. Next Sunday, let's call it 9, unless notified otherwise.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sunday September 5, Labor Day Weekend

Another beautiful Sunday, cool & sunny! We started with short sides but eventually got up to 11 v 11. No Marks, no Keith, no Frank, no keepers, just one Joe. Bobby sat in with the red defense, Dimos brought his son John, and C's friend Eric joined us again. Mario scored for Red, Keeble had three, Jay pounded in a beauty for the blue, then took Mario down with a perfect trip from behind. Satisfied, he took himself out of the game. Nice little shoving match between Tom and Fernando. Dom left early, and the empty spaces on the field grew. Super Mario pretty much had the run of the field. Good fun, 7-6 blue?

Maybe there was a game on Monday, I went fishing. Last E mail was to meet on the grass :(. Anybody?