Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday January 29

Wow, what a difference a week makes.  It's 35 degrees and not a cloud in the sky at game time, the turf is glowing.  We start with 25 people, including Willy G, Kevin & Marylynn Shrout.  Juan shows up late to even the sides.  Doug in the white net, facing into the still low winter sun, and Steve in for blue.

Keebs starts it with a tapped in rebound, for white  1-0
Rosner for blue  1-1
Imbad Joe for white with an immediate answer, lobbed in from the 30,   2-1
Imbad again 3-1
Dan to Mike for blue 3-2
Danny again   3-3
Ros again  4-3
Juan to C  for white 4-4 with a tomahawk chop for emphasis
Juan with a long run, on his own 5-4
Imbad Joe to Mario 6-4

Keith said there were not players signed up to play Saturday.  There is some interest in a Wednesday night get together.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday January 23

Final Score: Mother Nature 1, Waldwick Sr Soccer 0

At least there's lots of football & American Throwball on TV today. Go Giants!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday January 15

Forecast is for cold, and I had sent out an E mail to the group encouraging one and all to show up in spite of the weather. Sunday morning it's like 8 degrees at my house and I'm reconsidering, sorry for my E and checking to see if a saner mind had canceled the game. Damn. So it's cold, no biggie, but it's windy too. Ouch. We started with six v six and hurdles for goals just to keep moving. In a short time we were playing with the big goals on a shortened field, but then it was full sides full court, game on. With all the hats and face masks, it looked like the Burkha Bowl. The cold air made it tough to catch one's breath and we quit a little early.

I forgot my score pad, but Fernando had a quick hat trick for white, Keeble says he had one too, and generally the white team scored more points than the blue. Steve in the blue goal tried not to use his hands cause it's just too cold, Doug was in Las Vegas or someplace warmer.

It's still better than last year. Go Giants. See you next week.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunday January 8

And the blessed good weather continues. 40 and breezy, but no snow, perfect for soccer. 26 guys including Will Gilchrist. Doug in the blue net, so Steve has the sun in his eyes from the white net.

Dimos to Shamu with a backfooter, for blue 1-0
Joe Imad with a long pass into the corner, a nice cross from Dimos to Jelly, called back for offsides. Nice play, too bad;
Jelly for blue 2-0
Eric to Keebs for white 2-1
Lazer Dave got his shot back, for white, 2-2
Vince, for blue, finally after 4 or 5 major misses, 3-2
Dan to J to Mike the Wizard, for white, 3-3
Dave again 3-4
Juan for white 3-5
Joe D with a back-healed in corner kick, for blue 4-5
M Miller, but called back for offsides, or not, for white, to end it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday January 1, 2012 New Years Day

20 degrees as I left home, and frost is on the shady parts of the field, but it is warm and sunny by the time we finally got going. We started with a shortened field, 9 v 9, but soon got up to full sides, full court. Steve in the blue net, Keith for white.

Joe D to Vince, for blue 1-0

Dan to George, for blue 2-0

Mike the Wizard for white 2-1

Jeff, with a hand ball penalty kick from the 20, to Keebs for his first of the new year 2-2

Ed to Vince 3-2

Jeff for white 3-3

Dan for blue 4-3

Jelly to the Wizard 4-4

Dominick to Mike 4-5

Jelly 4-6

Dan, cleaning up after a corner kick 5-6 to end it.

Great game today, 11 v 11 for most of it, sunny and warm, so much better than this time last year. See you all next Sunday, we start at 9AM, sharp.