Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monday December 26, Boxing Day

Sunday was Christmas so no one played. Monday was the official holiday, but only 14 guys showed. Not too cold, but windy. We played half court with hurdles for goals. Mario likes this kind of close in game, and with Mike the soccer wizard helping the white team seemed to get most of the goals.

Next week we play on Sunday the first at 9 am. Be there. Happy New Years!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday Dec 18

Another cold one, 20 degrees and windy, and the late December sun is low and not very warming. But a bunch of us turned out, 23 or 24? Doug in the white net, Steve is here but his finger still hurts from last week so Fast Joe puts on the gloves for blue, Steve on the blue left wing.

Eddy starts off for blue 1-0
Jay rips a beautiful cross and Steve knees in in 2-0
Dan for white, returning a short corner kick with a one toucher 2-1
Rosner for white 2-2
Dan to Mario to Miller 2-3
Ros again 2-4
Jeff for white 2-5
Dimos to Vince, for blue 3-5
Jay to ? 4-5
Eric to Keeble to end the game 4-6

Great job by Joe in the blue net. Laser Dave played as Banana Dave today, he couldn't hit a thing. The sun and wind were enough of a factor that we changed sides at the half. After the game about half the guys remaining moseyed on over to Nellies for some pies and beers and holiday good cheer. We should try to play on Monday the 26th since it is a holiday and we'll miss Sunday.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Dec 11

20 degrees as I left home this morning, but the turf warms up quickly on a nice sunny day like today, so it's a perfect day for soccer. Lots of us thought the same thing and we had extra full sides today, maybe as many as 28 guys! Joe sent out an entreaty for players during the week, maybe it worked. Enzo came with a buddy, didn't catch his name, but no other guests. Frank and Dimos each got 8 pointers and they're back. Bobby wore a white shirt for the first time in eons. No Rocc, no Bagel Joe. Doug in the white net, Steve in the blue, and all is right with the little world of WSS.

Dan starts it off with a beautifull cross to the very accurate head of Shamoo, for blue: 1-0
Rosner answers back with a great pass to Eddy 1-1
Dan right back at ya with a corner kick to the Head of Mu 2-1
Jay to Enzo for blue 3-1
Ros lobs one in from the 30 on an open net 3-2
Big cluster fuck in front of the white net ends with a tap in by Enzo 4-2
Lazer Dave for white 4-3
Mario for white 4-4
Dimos to Mu-Mu 5-4
Lazer Dave whales one in and hurts the keeper Steve, jammed finger 5-5
Snarky Mark, who had come over to the blue side after Enzo and his boyfriend left the game, sits in for Steve for a short spell,
Dimos 6-5
Mario 6-6
Lazer Dave to end it 6-7

Big fun today, nice to see some old buddies again, beautiful day, Keebs shut out.
Next week has been decreed our annual Nellie's holiday get together, so bring some extra cash and head over right after the game.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Dec 4

Sorry about last week. I got a call from Joe M to go fishing, and, well, fishing season is winding down, there's always soccer. Word is that there were somewhat short sides, but a game occured.

The USR 5k was another great success, with several thousand runners. I ran with John Horuzy. Late in the race Vince passed us both. We all finished, no cocktails in the driveway this year.
Today was a beautiful day for soccer, 30 degrees as I left home, and sunny. We started with 8 v 8, full court. No keepers, no Frank, Dimos, Keebs or that little Brazilion prick. Bobby's son Robert played for a while, till the old men ran him ragged. Fernando-2, is he still a guest? and George played.

So with no keepers and last man back shoot inside the 18 rule in effect:

Joe Bagels for white 1-0
Robert Mangione for blue 1-1
Rocculous for blue 1-2
Joe D to Rocculous 1-3
Jeff to Mr hat-trick Rocco 1-4
Dan from the baseline, incredible shot, for white 2-4
Joe D to Jeff for blue 2-5
Vince to Rob M 2-6
Jay left and Joe M joined the blue, for 10 v 10 sides
Dan again 3-6
Vince with a cheepie for blue 3-7
White own goal 3-8
Scott to Dan, Mr hat-trick-2 4-8
Jeff for blue 4-9
Mu for white 5-9
Hat-trick Rocculous to Vince 5-10
Joe Bagel hits the cross bar, finished by Jamal Jimmy 6-10
Joe B to Mu 7-10
Mu back to Joe b 8-10
Jamal Jimmy with a header 9-10
So with sides diminished to 7 v 8 or so, and a full on 15th round punch drunk brawl winding down, we quit at 11.
Snarky Mark took a wicked shot to the head, but was able to rally and play on.

Next week we will need more players to show up. 9 AM, same time same place. See you then.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday November 20

40 degrees and sunny at 9AM game time. Four guests, George who has played with us before, and three other guys, George, Juan and somebody else who all showed up together with a kid. The kid shagged balls for us, but didn't stick around for his tips. Doug in the white net, Steve in the blue, 12 v. 12, a perfect day for soccer! Lots of banging bodies today, Bobby took two in the gut, big smang-up between Jeff and Doug and Jeff left the field for a while, and one of the guests went down hard, hit his head on the turf and had to leave the game..

Guest George for white, looped one in from the 35 yard line 1-0
Shamoo for bloo 1-1
Jimmy to Dave for white 2-1
Dave with a lazer (Lazer Dave?) 3-1
Jeff with a steal feeds Rocco for blue 3-2
Joe Bagel to Jimmy 4-2
Mark Miller to Lazer Dave 5-2

Then we were kicked off by u-12 girls.

Congradulations to the Waldwick boys varsity soccer team. They had a great season and lost in the State Finals later on Sunday.

No game on Thursday, come to USR and run in the 5k. It's fun. Girls in yoga pants and stuff.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday November 14

The Waldwick varsity soccer team continue to win, so they get first dibs on the turf this morning. Our 8 am start is bumped back to 9:30. The weather is nice, cool & sunny. Two guests, Brian and some guy with white hair who left early. Doug & Steve in the nets and Jeff brought his daughter who chased out of bounders for us, and made a few bucks. Joe Deidrichs is sporting his new Blue uniform shirt, so I guess he's a paid up member. John Horuzy showed up for the first time in years. We had as many as 25 guys on the field at one point.

Joe D. starts things off for blue 1-0
Dave blasts one in from the top of the box for blue 2-0
Dave takes one in the face and has to sit out with a bloody nose
Keebs with a tap in that probably would have gone in on its own, for white 2-1
Dan with a beautiful corner kick to Eric, for blue 3-1
Jimmy for white 3-2
Jeff with an immediate answer for blue 4-2
Joe to Jim 4-3
Joe again 4-4
Joe again 4-5
Jim again 4-6

Next week its probably going to be a 9 o'clock start, but check your emails to be sure.

It's just ten days till Thanksgiving, and I would encourage all of you to sign up and come to Upper Saddle River for the annual Dick Meighan Memorial 5K. The race starts at 9 Thanksgiving morning and it's over in about half an hour, followed by bloody marys and oysters in my driveway. It gives you a great excuse for slacking off the rest of the day.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday November 6

Frost on the pumpkin this morning, frost on the turf, too, but it's sunny at 8 o'clock game time. We started 9 v 9 full court, and got up to 12 v 12 as the game wore on. Two guests, Joe and Fernando, Doug in the blue net, Steve in for white.

Joe Bagels for white 1-0
Joe Guest to Joe B for white 2-0
Vince finishing a corner kick, for white 3-0
Joe B to Joe G with a diving header 4-0
Joe G for his hat trick 5-0
Dominick and Fernando showed up for the 9 o'clock game,
Fernando, I forget which one, for white 6-0
Keith left the game, Mark S and I joined the blue,
Keebs, finally, for blue 6-1

We relinquished the field to the Waldwick varsity at 9:30 so they can prepare for the State sem- finals this Tuesday. Go Team!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Oct 16

Cool, like 40 , at game time, but sunny and nice. Perfect soccer weather. Seemed like short sides again, but Eddy, Dan, Eric, Fernando, Enzo showed up, along with guests Joe & Brandon Dos Santos. No Frank, no Dimos, must be deer season. Doug in the blue net, Mark Snark in for white. 12 v. 12 was nice for a change.

Almost a Hat Trick Mark to Jelly, for blue 1-0
Blue corner kick to Rocc to Dominic 2-0
Shamoo! arrives and takes over for the Snark in white net.
Mario, with a perfection cross, to Keebs, 2-1
Gilchrist, with a perfection header on a goal kick return, to Jay for blue 3-1
Rocculous to Joe 4-1
Mario 4-2
Dan for white 4-3

I'll be away for the next two games, going to visit Will in Italy. I left my dirty old ball sac w/ the Keebs, maybe he'll fill in on his blog as well. Ciao!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday Oct 9

Sunny and cool at game time, forecast is for 80 degrees. The turf is wet with dew. We started with short sides and the goals moved up to the 18 yard lines, last man back. 7 white vs 8 blue no guests.

Jeff for white 1-0
Jay for blue 1-1
Eddy for blue 1-2
Vince with a steal and a score for blue 1-3
Jimmy for white 2-3
Jay to Keeble for blue 2-4
Joe for white 3-4
Jeff for white 4-4
Keebs to Rocc to Vince 4-5
Joe to Jim 5-5
Mark S to Joe 6-5
Vince 6-6
Jeff to Mark 7-6
Vince to Dimos to Keeble 7-7
Joe to Jim 8-7
Dimos 8-8
Jeff 9-8
Joe to Jeff with a beautiful header 10-8
Vince to Dimos 10-9
Rocc to Vince 10-10
Then Dominic showed up right on time for the nine o'clock game, and joined the white team to even up the sides at 8 v 8.
Mark hit the post and Mario finished up 11-10
Ed to Vince with another nice header 11-11
Jim 12-11
Joe 13-11
Vince with another steal & score 13-12
Mario to Rosner 14-12
Dom to Mario 15-12
Mario 16-12, at which point the game officially ended, although there may have been some additional goals scored.

See you next week, at eight.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Oct 2

It was rainy and dark at 7, but sunny and nice at 8 o'clock game time. We'll be staying at 8 for the rest of the month, mark your calendars. We started w/ 10 blue v 9 white, full court, no keepers. Guests Fernando and Joe.

Rocco for blue on an open net 1-0
Miller for blue 2-0
Joe to Keebo 2-1
Jay for blue 3-1
Timmy showed up & took over in the blue net, Mark Schwartz put on the gloves for white
Joe for white 3-2
Jay to Jeff 4-2
Another guest arrived, Greg?, in for white, Dimos came just in time for the nine o'clock game.
Ted for white 4-3
Rocco 5-3
Mike to Vince for blue 6-3
Joe lofted a cross from the 25 to Keeble's head 6-4
Miller 7-4
Jimmy to Mario 7-5
Jay 8-5
Keebs takes the ball at half court, turns and starts dribbling, all alone, but Mike is closing fast. Sensing danger, he unleashed the ball from the 30 and it found the net! 8-6
Keebs again, pretty much the same play, but from ther 25 8-7
Mark comes out of goal, Jimmy goes in,
Mark Schwartz from a possibly off sides position, to tie the game 8-8
Mike sinks a header of a keeper deflection 9-8
Miller 10-8
Miller 11-8
Snarky Mark 11-9

So Mark Miller finds his inner Keeble and starts to score for a change, missing a hat trick by just one goal! Fernando is starting to find his way and showed us some stuff today. The blue team came out of the doldrums, thanks to Dave, Mike and Keith, and finally won a game.

See you all next week.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday Sept 25

Another 7:30 start, forecast is for rain, but it's pretty nice, warm and sunny. We got going with 9 white vs 11 blue, Steve in the blue net, Keith in for white. Mario brought his son, Brandon, Frank's back from Italy, and guest Fernando played for white. Lots of scoring today:

Joe Bagels to Keeble for white 1-0
Mario to Brandon for white 2-0
Rocc to Jay for blue, offsides
Keebs 3-0
Rosner to Keebs 4-0
Rosner to Brandon 5-0
Rocculous off a corner kick 5-1
Keebs 6-1
Joe to Rosner 7-1
At this point Jay gave Bobby a little lip, and Bobby don't take no lip. Jay went to the white team and Jeff came over to blue. Steve put on a uniform shirt and Joe M took over in the blue net.
Jay to Brandon 8-1
Jeff for blue 8-2
Mario 12-2
Frank left, Kennington left
Jay 13-2
Dave for blue 13-3
Joe 14-3
Dave again 14-4

So blue continues to suck. Maybe next week when Keith plays for blue things will improve. Whatever. So last week our guest Dennis tripped on the track chasing a ball, hurting himself and ending the game. Joe M took him directly to the hospital where he got general anesthesia and had his dislocated shoulder relocated. Big thumbs up to Joe.

Player of the Week

Will hasn't played with us for while, just a few games this summer, but he used to be more dependable than anyone. Back in the days of Traphagen, the field would turn to concrete in summer and I would go fishing instead. Will would have his mom drive him to the games, he was too young to drive. Will is spending a semester in Florence, Italy and joined the school soccer team. You can follow his exploits at www.WGilchrist.blogspot.com

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Sept 18

Early start today (7:30) due to some interference from the high school team. It's cold, like 50 but sunny, dew is covering the turf. We started full court 7 v 9, Steve in the blue net, nobody in for white. Keith is blue today, so is Keebs. Jordan showed up for the first time in a while, but had to leave early due to a malfunction of his knee. Jeff got his official shirts so he's no longer listed as a guest. Guests were Dennis and the guy from last week, I still didn't get his name. I think we got up to full sides, Keith left early to go to a motorcycle ride.


Mario for white 1-0
Carlos for blue 1-1 then Carlos went white when Jordan left
Vince to Jeff for white 2-1
Keebs on an open net for blue 2-2
Vince 3-2
Joe Bagels for blue 3-3
Jeff 4-3
Jeff 5-3
Vince to Jeff 6-3
Joe again 6-4
Jeff again 7-4

Then Dennis tripped and fell onto the track and hurt himself, game over. Blue did nominally better than last week according to the score, but it sure didn't feel that way on the field. And white had no keeper.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday Sept 11

Ten year anniversary. Nice seventy degree partly cloudy day, we started with 9 v 9, Doug & Steve in the nets, one guest, didn't catch his name. Two moments of silence in recognition of the 9-11 tragedies and also for Rocco's mom. We got up to full sides.


Jay for blue 1-0 off a steal by Jeff
Vince for white 1-1 after a bad goal kick rebounded by Keebs
Rocco for blue 2-1 nice pass from guest
Dave for white 2-2
Joe to Mario to Keebs for white 2-3
Mario for white 2-4
Vince to Joe 2-5
Dimos to Jeff for blue 3-5
Keebs to Joe 3-6
Joe to Dan 3-7
Vince 3-8
at this point Bobby left the game and Dan came over to the blue side
Vince 3-9
Mario to Kee 3-10
Jay to Jeff with a nice header 4-10
Dave, unassisted 4-11
Joe to Mario with a flying tap in 4-12
Keebs and Mario shared goal 4-13
Vince to Dave 4-14

Pretty lopsided score, I blame the white defense played by Keith and Jimmy.

Player of the Week


Meet Wally the Waldwick Wedtail Hawk, enjoying his breakfast last Monday in the school parking lot. Wally says "SKREEEEE" (click on photo)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Sept 5 Labor Day

Still hot and muggy, we started with short sides, maybe 9 v 10. Jelly invited three of his league team members, Dan invited a buddy and Dennis showed up. 8 from yesterday: me, Keebs, Jay, Mario, Teddy, Jeff, Bobby, Rocculous & Joe M. No designated keepers, field players subbed in. Joe M brought his A game for the second day in a row. We got up to 11 v 11 at the most I think, then the ranks started to thin. Dan's buddy suffered an Achilles failure and left. Mike the Wizard had to leave due to whisky poisoning, according to Keebs. Others left due to the arduous conditions, and we finished up with an 8 v 7 open field full court grudge match. Tough going for us old guys. Oh, white dominated the scoring, maybe 6 - 3, but my pad was at home. Keebs scored two, that's really all that matters. Still fun. See you Sunday?

Rocc says pay now or die.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Sept 4 Labor Day Week End

So. Last week we all got blowed by Irene. There was talk of playing Saturday, I
don't know what happened. Today was kind of muggy & overcast, 70 degrees or so, but hot. 10 v 10 to start, Doug in the white net, Steve in for blue. Shamu tweaked a fin early in the match but Tim showed up late & filled in. Jeff & Joe as guests, but I hope they have paid up and are now members.
Scoring starts with Ted (nobody passes to me) for white 1-0
Then Rocc, for his mamma, 1-1
Fernando takes a pass at mid field and carries it all the way in 2-1
Keebs wearing blue today 2-2
Joe bagels in Blue 3-2
Vince for white 3-3
Mark Schwartz with a tapper over Steve's head 4-3
Rosner with a boomer from the penalty kick line, for white 5-3, may have left a mark on the back of the net.
Vincent again 6-3
Jeff for blue 6-4

Tough match with the heat and short sides, but maybe tomorrow? Bring the kiddies.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday August 21

Due to the rain the four players who showed up last Sunday decided to abandon the effort. Wednesday evening about half a dozen folks did show up to kick the ball around, but that's it. Maybe this week.

Today its cool at game time, but the August sun quickly heats up the turf. Guests include regulars Jeff, Will, and Joe, and from two weeks ago, Sergio, Fernando and Dennis. Steve in the blue goal and our old friend Doug in the white. Keith and Bobby both in white today, Eddy showed up to play for white and when Tim finally arrived we probably had 12 v 12.

Joe for blue 1-0
and that's where it stood for most of a pretty spirited match. Then Kennington & Jordan left, Will went in for Steve, Keith and then Keebs in for Doug.
Shamoo for blue 2-0
Fernando for blue 3-0
Moo again 4-0
Joe Bagels for white 4-1
Dan for blue 5-1
Dan again 6-1
Frank for white 6-2 to end it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday August 7

Rainy warm morning. We started with 6 v 6 playing across on the red field. We soon had enough to move to a shortened big field, then finally full court 11 v 12. We had nine guest players: the usuals Will, George, Jeff and Jake, our old buddy from Ramsey, Will Lara, Dennis, who's played with us once or twice before, and a bunch of new kids, Aldo, Sergio and Fernando. The game was surprisingly hot and sweaty, the sun even came out. Steve in the blue net had a great game today. The white goalkeepers were George, Snarky Mark and a new kid. The score was Blue 9 White 6. Keith has been switching alliances on a weekly basis and claims his teams have won the last seven games straight.

I didn't think there would be enough players for an official game, so I didn't bring my score book, so no scoring summary today. Keeble wasn't there anyway so it doesn't matter. Next week I will be away, Keebs, Kieth, can you fill in?

And by the way, last week's discussion of a charity event has been cancelled for the time being.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday July 31

Nice hot sunny summer Sunday. Four guests, regulars George, Jeff, Will, and a new guy, Jed. Steve is back in the net for blue, George for white, later Keith, then Enzo. Tim came late, Jay & Mike left early, at the peak we had about 26 guys.


Will for white with a floater over the scrum in front of the goal into the corner 1-0
Joe Bagels for white 2-0
Shamu for white 3-0 off a Joe corner kick bobbled on the goal line, really an own goal
Rosner for blue 3-1
Shamu again on a cross from Joe again 4-1
Keeble? for white. Another beautiful cross from Joe, that might have already been in the net. Keebs did hit it with his head 5-1
Dimos for blue (of course) 5-2
Mario for white (of course) 6-2
Shamu again on a corner by Joe again 7-2
Rosner again 7-3
Dan for blue 8-4 to end it.

Everybody is really dragging by 9:30.

Monday, July 25, 2011

SundayJuly 25

Another hot one, after a week of record high temperatures. George, Jeff, Will and Jake guests, 12 v. 12. George in the blue net, followed by Keith, me then Will. Marky Snarky in for white followed by others.

Mario for white 1-0
Mario again 2-0
Kennington for blue 2-1
Dino for blue 2-2
ROCCO for blue! 2-3
Jeff for blue 2-4
Rocculous again!!! 2-5

None for Keeblue

A few words from Mark Schwartz:

Hi everyone,

By now many of you are aware that Waldwick High School soccer player Michael Mayer passed last week. Michael was an accomplished student-athlete at Waldwick and his long fight against cancer was equally inspiring and heart-rending. It's sad news to know that he's no longer out there playing with his Waldwick friends.

Last year, in an effort to support his fight, the Waldwick Senior Men's Club played a friendly match against the Waldwick High School Team. We brought in supporters, sponsors, and press coverage from the area and wound up raising close to $2,500 for the Tomorrow's Children Fund through the Hackensack University Medical Center.

This year we'd like to repeat the game in Michael's honor and we're turning to you for help. Your donation is very much appreciated, but I'd also like for you to ask your employers, friends, neighbors and other networks to donate as well. Our goal is an aggressive one - we'd like to raise $10,000 this year, with the funds donated directly to a charity of the Mayer Family's choosing.

We are working hard in an effort to schedule a new game within the month. We are initially offering playing slots to those that bring in donations of at least $100 from their community. After that, we will open the game up to the larger group on a first come first serve basis.

To start things off, I've convinced my firm to pledge $1,000 towards the Michael Mayer fund. I challenge you to join me in achieving our goal and continuing the fight against cancer.

Please bring a check payable to Waldwick Senior Soccer to one of our Sunday matches, or let me know where I can come pick it up. If you have any questions, please 'reply all' to this email.

Warm Regards,

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday July 18

Sorry about last week, I couldn't play and I have no idea if anyone did. Today started hot, and got hotter as the game went on. We may have to move the game time up to 6AM. Four guests: Jeff, George, Joe & Mike's brother Rick. Doug in the net for blue, George for White, probably 28 players at the peak.


Joe (guest) for blue 1-0
Nando for blue 2-0
Adam for white 2-1
Mario for white 2-2
Jeff for white 2-3 beautiful header off a corner kick by Joe Bagels
Dan for blue 3-3
Mario 3-4
Adam 3-5
Jimmy for white 3-6
Joe Bagels for white 3-7
Dan 4-7
Jimmy 4-8
Doug for blue 5-8

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday July 4th

Thanks to Keith for reporting on Sunday's non-match. When I got up Sunday morning at 7 it was raining with thunder, potentially dangerous conditions, so I went back to bed. Monday promised to be better conditions anyway. Monday I showed up early for a nine o'clock start to find the start time had been changed to 8. 6 v 7, 8 v 9, it got up to 9 v 9 on a shortened field with lacrosse goals. We had a guest, George, and Marilynn showed up to play. Conditions were very hot and the game was called by 9:30. Keith is organizing a Wednesday night indoor series, watch your E mails.

See you all next Sunday, 8AM.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday July 3

(This blog entry was filed by your backup blogger Keith)

Nine intrepid members of the "a-little-drizzle-isn't-keeping-me-away-from-a-little-footie" club showed up to play a little footie in a little drizzle this morning. We played 4 on 5 then switched to 5 on 4 with lacrosse nets on a 50 yard field.

Guest George
Imad (Bagel Joe)

The team with Mike scored a few more goals than the team without Mike, but I don't think anyone kept score. We got in about an hour of play before Mike's wife came and made him go home. That pretty much ended it.

What were the rest of you guys doing this morning?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday June 26

Sunny and 70 at game time, a beautiful day for soccer. Willy and Jeff are our guests today, Steve in blue net, Keith in white. Bobby is wearing his white shirt for the third time ever. Maybe 25 guys total.

Will starts it for blue 1-0
Jeff for white 1-1 beautiful header off a corner kick
Jeff again 1-2
Jeff again 1-3 (the new Keeble?)
Keebs for white 1-4 (the old Keeble)
Jay for blue 2-4
Tom for white 2-5 (the old new Keeble)
Scott Shamu with an own goal against blue, nicely headed in. We'll give it to Keeble 2-6
Tom again 2-7
Jordan for blue 3-7
Jeff again 2-8
Mike the wizard for white 3-9 to end it.

The story about Wednesday nights is that we would have to pay for lights, $25 per hour. Which is not a big deal, but we have had trouble getting enough players to make it worthwhile in the past. Last year we had full teams only when the high school kids showed up. Keith is going to look into Wednesday nights at the dome. I like the idea of playing on the turf from 6 till 8 on Wednesdays, but I would need at least 17 others to agree.

Next week is the Fourth of July holiday, and Monday is a day off for most of us. Two days in a row is tough for us old guys, but prepare yourselves for an extra game.

Player of the Week

(I apologize to Vince because I couldn't get his links to copy correctly. You can cut and paste them to your browser.)

A day on the pitch

Vince Jannelli

The details of my life or where I’ve played or what I’ve won & lost are of no consequence. The simple fact is that what matters is that any day on the pitch is a good day.

I will say that I grew up in a household ruled by parents who witnessed depression era poverty and/or world war displacement first hand. Nothing was taken for granted, and nothing was granted; all had to be earned, teamwork was expected, and slackers weren’t tolerated.

I still live by these simple rules and by extension bring them to the pitch. While not the most talented, nor the most fit, nor the hardest worker on the pitch, I do try to give all that I have to give on that day. I would have it no other way.

My dad was a passionate soccer fan, and I caught the bug early on. My two earliest soccer memories are of kicking the ball with him and being heart broken at watching a rerun of Italy ’s ‘70 2nd place finish. I do get some consolation from the famous semi-final vs West Germany though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob44uLGq4-k. It is from that moment that I bleed Azzuro! They will forever be my team, whether Champs or chumps.

Luckily, over the years there have given me much to cheer, with moments of pure magic, like Bettega’s goal in ’78 against Argentina off of a triangle play with Rossi (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9wd7u0Ntes). The same Rossi four years later scored all of Italy’s goals in their 3-2 win over Brazil, springing them on a run that lead to the ’82 title (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTfPOzUc1JI). The magic even graced Giants stadium, where I was fortunate to witness Baggio’s two moments of genius that unexpectedly brought Italy into the ’94 final (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FR1aRqHWb4 nadn). And most recently the 2-0 win over Germany that put them in ’06 final, and a fourth title. All who watched the game in the Azzurri’s native tongue will forever remember the announcer’s call… “Beppe andiamo a Berlino! Andiamo a Berlino! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-nSGO48a8U)

I realize not everyone has the same team, but we all have memories from our teams that we share with those who will listen. I know this from having traveled and moved around for much of my life, first from continent to continent and more recently from state to state, no matter where I’ve lived I have always found fellow soccer players.

The thing about soccer is that it takes another 21 like-minded individuals to get a true game on, so it really doesn’t matter where they come from, as long as they play. I’ve played with (and against) teams and players from across the globe. I might not have always spoken their language, or played their style game…but in the end, we were always able to break through our difference because of our common bond in the game. … To this day, some I still have the honor to call friends. That is why it is the beautiful game.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot on the field, nothing like sport to keep us honest and teach humility, again and again. And this still holds true today, I am reminded of it every time I play. Now that I’ve settled in north jersey, I’ve had the good fortune to be associated with the group of players that form the Waldwick Soccer Seniors for about a decade. I try to play as often as possible, which always seems not often enough. I can’t make every game, and as the year’s progress, it takes me longer and longer to “warm up”. I often wonder if the ankle tape and warm up time is really a signal that its time to move on.

Yet I find myself drawn back to the pitch time and time again, the camaraderie, the exercise…that one pass or shot or block…whatever the reason, for an hour or two I am able to set aside life’s daily stresses and relive some of the simple joys I knew in my youth…as I learned so many years ago, any day on the pitch is a good day!

Here’s to many more good days, for all of us ;-)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday June 19, Fathers' Day

Cool & overcast at game time. Grounds crew had to locate some goals and move them into position:

Keith came ready for action.

(click on the photos for better view) Steve in the blue net, beauty rest Doug eventually in for white. Two guests, Jeff & Jake. 24 or 25 total players.


Rocco for blue on an untended goal 1-0
Keebs for white 1-1
Mario for white 1-2
Dave with a scorcher for blue 2-2
Keebs again 2-3
Vince for blue 3-3
Joe Bagels for blue 4-3
Joe again 5-3
Rocculous again 6-3
Mario on a penalty kick 6-4
Jake for white 6-5

Player of the Week: Mario

Born on January 9, 1967, in a very small town in the Minas Gerais, Brasil, called Resplendor. We are total of 5, I was the 4th, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Back then, the main sport available was soccer, but my father never like it. Was a soccer field in the town, I went there once to see a game. Most the time is playing in the back yard with friends and relatives. No shoes.

1984 I move 4 hours way from home to learn to be a electrician, where I started to play for a local club.

1985 work on CVRD big company in Brasil , on ATC ( Automatic Trem Control), repairing locomotives.

1986 I come to America to save some money , so I can help my father in the farm. Alone, no friends, no english. Only have a pair of cloths, and I was wearing it. I did not get in to America, I did run into, from Mexico. My life in here was like a kipsy, here , there, everywhere, working to save money and sending to my father.

1989 I realized that as much I did send to my father, I didn't have a single penny on my name. So I stopped. Work my way to be legal in this country, learning the english in the street, no school, no time.

Then I met a beautiful girl (Rosmery), just come to America from Dominican Republic. Four months after we get marriage. 1991 after we have a daughter (Melina), 1996 we have a son (Brandon).

1999 I bought a house in Emerson, and open my own business as remanufacturing toner cartridges for laser printers in Hackensack, till today.

As my son growing, I coach recreation in town, then he start to play for Waldwick Club, where I met Mr. Marrone, and he told me about a great group of guys that is playing on Sundays, so I did play for a try out. I loved, was and still a group of remarkable guys, so I make a commitment and start playing soccer again.

If one day I decide to move back home or to DRepublic, keep in mind one thing, you all be part of my life.

Mario Dossantos

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday June 12

After a brutally hot week, its cool and cloudy at game time. Will & Jeff are our guests today, Steve in the blue net, Mark Schwartz in for white until Dr. Zzzs Doug arrived. With no Bobby and Keith wearing his white shirt, the blue defense left a little to be desired. We had about 25 guys at the peak.


C for white 1-0
Vince for blue 1-1
Shamu for white 2-1
Joe Bagels for white 3-1
Shamu for white 4-1
Keebs for blue 4-2
Tom for white 5-2
Joe 6-2
Mario 7-2
C for white 8-2

Player of the Week

"Bucky" Charles Joaquin, referred to as Carlos Joaquin by the old soccer guys or "the Buckster". Born Dec 26, 1960 in good old Valley Hospital, I'm a born and bred Waldwickian...lived my entire 50 years in Walwick except for a short stint in Hawthorne in the early years of marriage. Hunting was my dad's passion and I became an avid bow hunter and fisherman at a young age spending many days together with him and my two brothers, Tommy (RIP) and Todd, in the woods and on the water. Practically born on a motorcycle I spent most of my time racing motocross and still to this day love to ride my Harley. My childhood sweetheart, Clare, whom I married in 1983 shared this same passion and rides her own HD along side of me...we enjoy traveling the countryside, sometimes with other friends, like the Hock or just by ourselves. At one time I owned a special addition firefighter bike because I joined the Waldwick Fire Dept when I got married as a volunteer and kept busy with this wonderful organization.

I was the guy who opted for football, soccer was for sissies...didn't know that I'd become not only one to play it but coach it as well. All three of my kids, Lena 24, Megan 21 and Kyle 19 played rec and my son, club with the Americans...this is where my coaching started thanks to Adam Steiger. My soccer career started by a nudge from Robert Hall, who asked me to join a bunch of guys who were meeting at Trap...thankfully I took him up on his offer and we expanded into playing against, and then with, the Upper Saddle River guys...then we moved into league play and indoor play. We even ventured into ice hockey for a while. Except for a few health issues over the years, like back and ankle injuries, that interrupted some of my playing time I've really enjoyed the past 21 years and look forward to the next 21. I know I've developed the reputation as having a bit of a temper, but soccer inspired a passion in me I didn't know I had. Sometimes it showed up on the field but one of you always helped me leave it there.
January marks my 30 year anniversary working for the Boro of Waldwick, soccer on Sunday's gives me something to look forward to on my weekends. Thanks to you guys who've been my buddies on and off the field and I am proud to be one of the originals, as well as one of the current group of players....Bobby and Frank, you inspire us "younger" guys to keep on playing!

P.S. Go Real Madrid!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday June 5

Cool, like 60, and partly cloudy. Perfect soccer weather. There was some debate about game time being 7:30 or 8 so a bunch of guys were there early. Four guests: Jake is back from Africa, my son Will, Erin, Will's brother's girlfriend, and Jeff. Plenty of players to start at 8, with Steve in the blue net and Mark Schwartz in for white. When Doug and the other late sleepers arrived we had 14 v. 14.

Joe Bagels for white 1-0
Rocco! for blue 1-1
Joe again 2-1
Mark S for white 3-1
Joe again 4-1
Keebs for white 5-1
Shamoo for bloo! 5-2
Keebs again 6-2
Joe again 7-2
Juan for blue 7-3
Joe again 8-3

Then we got kicked off by a bunch of little boys at 9:45. It seems Bucky's "old guy" defense didn't work that well for team blue. Or maybe the fact that all the guest players were on the white team had something to do with it. Whatever. Rocc says he submitted an application to use the field on Wednesday evenings, but school is still in session and the field is still being used. Mario says he plays in Franklin Lakes on Thursday evenings, ETA? I forgot to mention last week that Super Mario moved to Boston, so we won't be seeing much of him for a while.

Player of the Week

Folks have told me that they enjoy this feature, but I need your help. Please e-mail me your bio for consideration by the committee. JGilchristAIA@aol.com Thank you.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monday May 30, Memorial Day

Lots of guys committed but didn't show. It rained until nine, but then the sun came out and the field was perfect. 11 guys showed up including Will, C and Eric. We played on a red field with lacrosse goals and wore ourselves out in an hour. The blue team won in spite of the one player disadvantage.

Sunday May 29

Cloudy and 70 at 8 AM game time. Two guests, Steve Palaia and Jeff. No professional keepers showed up, so its mostly Keith in the white net, Steve, Rocco, Mark S., Mike, Jordan and me in for blue. Just 21 guys on this holiday weekend meant that everyone got a lot of action.


Jeff for white 1-0
Tom taps in a rebound for white 2-0
Joe Bagels for blue 2-1
Steve P for blue 2-2
Keebs for white 3-2
Keebs for white 4-2
Steve again 4-3
Steve again 4-4
Steve again 4-5
Fernando for blue 4-6
Jeff for white 5-6
Keebs for white 6-6
Joe B for blue 6-7 on a pass by Steve p from the blue 30 yard line
Steve again 6-8
Tom again 7-8
Joe B again 7-9
Fernando again 7-10
Joe B again 7-11

If we disallow Steve's 5 goals, it would be 7-6, but to be fair we would also have to disallow Jeff's 2, so it would be 5-6, blue still wins.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday May 22

Completely overcast, slight drizzle and a cool 60 degrees at 7:30 game time, perfect soccer weather. Today we recognize the sixtieth birthday of our buddy Frank. It's tough to make it a surprise when he shows up first. So we donned the ceremonial shirts and took to the field. One guest today, Jeff. Steve in the blue net, Jeff in for white till Doug arrived and took over. We had as many as 13 v 13 at one point and a pretty spirited game. Kevin left due to a problem with his breathing, one of those essential soccer skills we too often take for granted.

Keebs for blue 1-0
Tom for white 1-1
Frank for white 2-1, and this was a legitimate goal, not a birthday freebie
Joe Bagels for blue 2-2
Keebs again 3-2
Tom again 3-3
Keebs, for the hattie 4-3
Tom, for his hattie 4-4
Super Dave for white 4-5
Shamu for white 4-6 on an assist from Doug
Game ended at 9:30 due to player exhaustion and dwindling sides. Frank came over to the blue side to even things up.

After the game we had pictures, and then reconvened at Nellie's for the party. Frank got a white shirt, a blue shirt, an arm band, a signed soccer ball and a glass trophy.

Player of the Week

I was born on May 12, 1951, in a little town in southern Italy, called Grisolia. There started my passion for soccer. Back then in those days my friends and I were lucky to have a ball to play with, never mind having soccer cleats, sometimes we even played barefooted but we always played. In 1967 my parents, really my mother, decided it was time to move to America. Her sister, my “Zia Angelina” was already here living on Grove Street in Waldwick. I was 16 years old so while it was an exciting move it was also a little scary especially not knowing the language, but I managed. With my Uncle Frank’s guidance I ended up going to trade school, learning to be a hair stylist. I own Fifth Avenue Haircutters in Teaneck. Since 1982 I have been married to my wife, Lorraine, and have two girls, Gabriella and Evana. We originally bought a house in Waldwick and then moved to Upper Saddle River stayed there for about 18 years and now live in Warwick, NY. My youngest started playing soccer in Kindergarten and from there played for rec, for the schools, for the Americans and onto college. And throughout the years I was always on the side lines giving my daughter advice for which most of the time she completely ignored! While playing for the Americans a group of the fathers decided we would start playing at Lyons Park, from there we joined the Waldwick group and I've been enjoying it ever since playing with a great group of guys.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday May 15

Pictured at right are the gritty members of the WSSFC Die Hard squad who showed up for a little footie despite early morning t-storms and cancellation emails. Kudos to Steve & the Marios, who toughed it out and hung in there while the other 9 of us waffled a bit before heading over to the WHS pitch.
We had a spirited 6 v 6 going for a little over an hour before having to cede the field to a bunch of real marys, a girl's league match of some kind or another. Scoring on the indoors rule, 50 yard no hands lacrosse-goaled pitch was frequent; however this intrepid backup reporter did not make any notes and can only report that the final score was in the neighborhood of the high single-digits (blue) vs mid-high single digits (white). Or not. Whatever. See you next week.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday May 8 Mothers' Day

Early start today, there's a 10 o'clock game and the consensus is to begin at 7:30 to get the full dose. Beautiful clear day with a light breeze, 50 degrees. Two guests today, Jake Miller is back from college, and a guy named Jeff who said Adam invited him.

Steve in the blue net, Jimmy, Kevin, Shamu and finally me in the white net. It was a big day for the white team, even with ten white vs 12 blue, it was all white:

Jay for white 1-0
Keebs for white 2-0 on a beautiful cross from Jay
Super Mario for white 3-0
Shamu for white 4-0
Mario for white 5-0
Guest Jeff for white 6-0
Ted finally found a way to score for blue 6-1
Jelly for blue 6-2
Super Mario 7-2, and we have to pause here to make a special mention of this goal. It may have been a corner kick or a similar situation, with lots of guys in front of the net and a long cross in from the right corner. SM goes all horizontal and blasts the ball out of the air into the back of the net. Damn.
Super again 8-2
Joe Bagels for blue 8-3
Joe again 8-4
Keebs 9-4
Mark Miller! for blue 9-5, it wasn't an own-goal, but just as ugly
Mario 10-5 to end the game, due to exhaustion.

Player of the Week

Rocco has been instrumental in getting us out of the mud and onto the magic carpet. He is the unofficial president and treasure of our unofficial group, he collects the money and orders the shirts. He even enforces the rules when things get too crowded. And on behalf of the entire team, I say "Thanks". Rocco has his own accounting practice in Waldwick.

I was born in 1961 in Englewood and lived in Cliffside Park. I was the first American born in my family; my only sister was born in Italy and was brought to America when she was only four months old. As I grew older I was always the stubborn one in my family. My parents being from Italy were very strict and were always against me hanging out with my friends. Both my parents worked and I remember as soon as I came home every day from school I would sneak out to go play with my friends and had to be home before my father came home from work or he would get pissed off. I started playing soccer in our Rec program when I was about 10 years old. I remember that our team names where the names of countries, and I was on the USA team and everyone on my team spoke Italian. It was like that Will Farrell movie when he was always drinking espresso on the sidelines as the coach and the two boys had just come over from Italy and they were just dominating. We had the same thing, a bunch of my friends had just come over from Italy and at the age of 11 they were great soccer players, we never lost. We were the champs for three consecutive years from 1972-1974. I played through my sophomore year in High School and then for some stupid reason I thought it was more important that I went to work rather than play soccer.

I got married in 1985 to my beautiful wife of now 25 years Ellen. We lived in Bergenfield for three years, Mahwah for the next three and then moved to Waldwick in 1992. We had our first son TJ in 1990 and when he was in first grade he started playing soccer and my coaching days began. I got very involved in town as a soccer, baseball and basket ball coach. With three sons, at one point I was coaching five soccer teams between Rec and club, games and practices seven days a week. I truly enjoy coaching and truly enjoy the game of soccer. What I love the most about living in a small town like Waldwick, is that I started coaching these kids as Kindergartners and am still able to coach them through High School, and it is a great feeling to watch them all grow up as young men and develop their skills, their friendships and the bond that we have as player and Coach. Whether they are calling me Coach or Mr. P or just yo Rock, it has been a lot of fun. I have been president of the Waldwick Soccer Association for over eight years, and treasurer of the Club.

I was so glad I found out about the group that played down in Lions Park. It wasn’t too long before I started playing with this group that I had my “Bee Sting” episode and caused this commotion with ambulances and EMT’s, and some people say because of that we got kicked off of Lions Park, but we now found a new home here on the Turf. I truly look forward to playing every Sunday morning and we truly have a great group of people and I hope I can continue to do this until a ripe old age, but as I turn 50 this year, I see the reflexes are slowing down as well as the speed of play. But as long as we have fun together it brings a smile and a good feeling at the end of each week.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday May 1

The high school turf field is being used for a 5K race today so at the appointed game time of 9AM a few of us met at Traphagen. Just like the old days. The day was beautiful, sunny and 50 degrees. Joe M decided on the later start and didn't even show up. Next week, and until further notice, it's 8AM. There is a 10AM game next week, but if we start our game promptly at 8 we should be OK.

Anyway, we started 7 v 7 on the smaller field and got up to 9 v 10 and stayed on the small field. The bumpy and slippery grass made fools of us all. Doug then Bobby in the blue net, Keith, then Kevin in the white. The white team was going downhill for the entire game which probably accounts for the score. Errant shots by the whities go over the fence and into the woods.

Scoring as follows:

Mario for white 1-0
" " " 2-0
Super Mario for white 3-0
" " " 4-0
" " " 5-0
Shamu for blue 5-1
Scott Rosner for blue 5-2
Mario 6-2
Jimmi for blue 6-3
Chopman for blue 6-4
Jimmi again 6-5
Super Mario 7-5

Then exhaustion set in. After the game a bunch of guys stayed to hang out in the shade by the Porta-Potty to clean their cleats and reminisce about the good old days.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday April 24, Easter

Nice day for soccer. Rocco brought his two boys, I brought Willy, Dimos brought John and we had a guest, a new guy but I forgot his name. We got the game going pretty close to 8 am with 16 players and soon had as many as 16 per team. There was something different about today, and I finally realized, "It's not cold!!!" In fact when the sun came out it was pretty warm. Anyway, Steve in the blue net, Will in the white, scoring as follows:
Shamu for white 1-0
Rocco's kid for blue 1-1
Mark Schwartz, back from his pulled calf injury, for white 2-1
Scott Rosner for blue 2-2
Joe Bagels for blue 2-3
Super Mario for white 3-3
Super Steve Palaia for blue 3-4
Super Mario 4-4
Rocco!!!! for blue 4-5
Scott R again with a Keeblesque goal line tap in 4-6
Jay for white 5-6
Keeble for white - none
Folks are dropping out in swarms and the game was finally called due to exhaustion. Everyone got a full dose of soccer in spite of the crowding. Next week is a big conflict with a 5K race. We could be on a natural mud field somewhere, so mind your E's.

Player of the Week

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday April 17

50 degrees, partly cloudy and breezy at 7:30 AM game time. We started with 9 v. 10, Steve in the blue net, Keith in for white. Keebs got things started missing at least four easy goal line tap ins. Mike the soccer wizard missed an open netter at the other end, blasting the ball clear over the net. Doug showed up to take over for Keith. Joe Bagles, Kennington and Tim came late to get us up to full sides.

Game summary:
Tom for white 1-0
C for white 2-0
Dom for white 3-0
Mike for blue 3-1 (finally remembered how it's done)
" " " 3-2
" " " 3-3, but then he left the game
Dom again 4-3
Jimmy for blue 4-4
C again 5-4 with a nice chop
Jim again 5-5
Dave for blue 5-6

Keith got the offsides trap going, so a bunch of blue scores were called back. We finished up about 9:45 due to exhaustion, no sign of kids' games. Next week is the annual Easter Sunday Jews vs. pagans game, probably at 8.

Player of the Week:

Here's a guy that probably every member of the team has exchanged harsh words with. He's one of the originals with an orange uniform to prove it.

Are you kidding me “Player of the Week” at age 57??? I can barely get out of bed on Sundays trying to recuperate from the week before! J

I must share that I love this game of soccer/football & I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

I was fortunate to be raised by my grandparents who played an important role in my life. My “nono” introduced me this “beautiful game” as the great Pele would say & of course through his efforts I also developed a passion for bocci & making home made wine. As a young kid I idolized Brazilian soccer genius Pele, Sandro Mazzola of Inter, Bobby Charlton & George Best of Manchester United. Even today after four decades I consider them WORLD’s best ever!

Growing up in Hoboken is where my soccer career began. I played varsity soccer during my freshman year. We had so much talent on my team. We were county champs three (3) years in a row. I remember receiving several all county & all state recognitions. During my sophomore and senior high school year I played on all state teams.

My college soccer career was at ACC. I played league soccer with Hudson Dalmatians in the German/American league.

In l980, my wife & I planned a family so we settled in Washington Township. As most of you, I had spent considerable time volunteering/coaching/officiating our children’s games. In addition, I coached a varsity soccer team in Bergenfield under the leadership of G. Fatovich.

It was a beautiful ride because we all contributed towards the development of soccer across this great country.

I remembered watching the Cosmos games at Giant Stadium in 1977 (year of my marriage). The stadium was filled to capacity to see the Brazilian forward, Pele, the stopper, Franz Beckenbauer, Gordon Bradley, Giorgio Chinaglia, Johan Neeskens, George Best playing for the Los Angeles Aztecs at the time when soccer was largely ignored.

These are the memories of the past but thanks to youth programs, soccer today is the most popular sport for boys and girls. One thing for sure…soccer is here to stay! However, I haven’t decided when to call it quits but I will follow the footsteps of Bobby, Frank & Dimos & the rest is history.