Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday July 28

Completely overcast and forecast is for rain, but by 8:09 we had enough guys to get going, and soon after we had 24.  Steve in the white net, blue team took turns keeping, fifteen minutes each seems to work pretty good.

Mario for white, 1-0
Keebs with a lob over the charging keeper for white, 2-0
Jeff for blue, 2-1
Ted to Chompan, 2-2
Mario from the 30 yard line, 3-2
Shamu to Jeff, 3-3
Jeff, 3-4
Jeff, 4-4
Kevin Shrout OG against white, 4-5
Kevin puts in a Kee Corner Kick to neutralize the damage, 5-5
Blond Dave taps one in for blue, 5-6

Great game today, nobody left early for yoga lessons or anything else.  12 v 12 is a good number, not too crowded.  No injuries, no fights, hot but not too hot, just a lot of good soccer.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday July 22

After a seven day heat wave, it's still hot, maybe a little less so.  Frank's back from Italy, Mark S is back from England, Jerry's kids and Jerry are here so we played with 22 guys, 10 white vs 12 blue it seems.  No professional keepers today.

Shamoo for white @ 8:16, but blue defense wasn't ready, 1-0
Mike for white @ 8:19, blue still isn't ready. 2-0
Eric to Jay for blue @ 8:28, 2-1
Adam with a corner kick to head of Blond Dave @ 8:31, 2-2
Teddy for white, 3-2
Rocco's cross to Jelly goes in by itself!  3-3
Mike, 4-3
Water break.  Joe shows up and joins the blue side, but it's 10 vs 13, so he goes white.
Dave to Rocco! 4-4
Dave with a left, 4-5
Mario for white, 5-5
Yo to Mu, 6-5
Yo to Vince, 7-5

We made it past 10 today.  Registrations are due for the next season, get yer money in by July 31.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday July 14

After a week of hot with constant chance of storms we're about to embark on another heat wave.  But today isn't too bad to start, it got  hot later.  We started late, maybe 9 v 9, new kid Dave Das is back.  Eventually we got  23 players without Mark, Mark, Jay or Keith.  We started with Doug keeping for blue, nobody for white, then Bobby stepped in and Steve finally arrived.

Yo to Mu with a nice little pirouette move for white, 1-0
Jeff on an empty net for blue,  1-1
Keeblue scores on Bobby, 1-2
(Steve shows up @ 8:30)
Keeblue again, 1-3
Mike with a nice steal, to Mike for blue, 1-4
Rocco! for blue, 1-5
Mike, 1-6
Halftime @ 9.  We switched George from blue for Rich and Big Blond Dave arrived and joined the whites.
Scott Rosner for white, 2-6
Mu-mu again, 3-6
Mike, 3-7
Mike, 3-8
Vince for blue, 3-9
Rosner again, 4-9
Tomas to Vince, 4-10
Ros with a one on one lob over Doug's reach, 5-10
Rosner gets a hatty and nobody wants to play any more, but we almost made it to 10.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday July 7

And the hot weather continues.  There was a meeting of some members on the 4th, 12 or 14 guys is about all I know.  Today we started late, but had as many as 23 players at one point.  New kid Dave invited by Mike.  Nets were tended by field players trying to conserve energy.  It's damn hot.

Mario to Jay at 8:32 for white, 1-0
Keeble to Mario who bounces it off the post and then puts in the rebound, at 8:33, 2-0
Minor for blue, 2-1
Jeff for blue, 2-2
Rocco! for blue, 2-3
Half time water break at 9:00
Jeff with a keeblesque tap-in after some confusion between Kevin & Keith, 2-4
Jeff again, 2-5
Mario, 3-5
New Guy Dave, 4-5

And that was about all we could take. We quit early, but it's hot.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunday June 30

Another hazy hot and humid one.  We started late with 9 v 9, Doug in the blue net, no one in the white, Keith wearing his blue shirt, Bobby his white.

Rocc on an open net, for blue, 1-0
Jay to Keeble for white, 1-1
Minor off a long kick from Doug on an open net, 2-1
Minor open net, 3-1
Mike to Chompan for blue, 4-1
Minor to Mike, 5-1
Minor to Mike, 6-1
Mike to Rocc, 7-1
Minor, 8-1

Drink break.  The sides got up to 10 v 10 and white put some players in the net but the sides are obviously unbalanced.  After the break the blue team takes the north side of the field, leaving Doug behind to keep for the white team.  M Schwartz keeping for blue.

Minor to Cee to Rocc, 9-1
Ted for white, 9-2
George for white, 9-3
Rocc to Cee, 10-3
and that's it.  We finished a little early, but its damn hot and short sides means everyone got to run a lot.