Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Feb 26

Cool, like 30 and sunny, but windy at times. When the wind abated, it was really nice on the turfs.  We started 10 v 10 full court.  Jerry brought his son Alex, I brought Will.  Our old friend Doug in the blue net so as to have the sun at his back, Keith and Snarky Mark shared the net foir white.

Jeff for white  1-0
Will intercepts a shit goal kick by me, passes to George for white  2-0
Alex to Jay for blue  2-1
Joe D steals the ball,  dishes to Jay  2-2
Doug gets caught dicking with the ball, steel by Jeff  3-2
Doug with a mighty kick to Joe D  3-3
Mario lobs one in for his favorite team, white, 4-3
Imad, white  5-3
Mark Miller to Jeff 6-3
Some re-adjustments at this late stage in the game, some guys left, the Marks came over to blue and we continued 8 v 8 full court;
Imad  7-3
MM to Rocculous 7-4
Imad 8-4

As Jelly stated, "We know what we have to do: keep the ball away from Joe."  Maybe next week.
Done and done.  Jay shared some of his home made vino after the match.  Tasty, but I'm a beer guy.  10 v 10 is tough on an old guy like me.  lots of touches, though, great fun.

Apparently, Keebo was found out and has been deported.  God speed son.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday February 19, 2012

Sunny and cool, 30 or so and a little windy, but it warmed up nicely.  Rocc brought his kids Steve & Kevin, I brought Willster.  No Keebs or Mario.  No Steve or Doug either, so we all took turns in the nets.  Probaly 11 v 12 to start and the sides dwindled as the game wore on.

Kevin to Juan, for team white  1-0
Imad for white  2-0
Snarky Mark from the thirty, for white  3-0
Steve P for blue  3-1
Steve to Poppa Rocc to Jay  3-2
Imad to Kevin  4-2, or was he offsides?
Jelly for blue  4-3
Imad to Juan  5-3
Jeff for white  6-3

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday February 12

First, congratulations to Frank and his Giants.  And Eli.
Next, cograts to new grandpa Bobbie!

Saturday we woke to snow on the groud and snow falling from the sky.  But it stopped and the sun came out.  We got the E from Keith: the field is clear, game on!  Sunday, it's cold, 18 at home, maybe 20 at the field, and windy, way windy.  We played with 20 hearty souls, no keepers at first, last-man-back shoot-in-the-area, but full court.  Later in the game we declared shoot at will, and Keith sat in the white goal, Joe M in for blue.  The wind is a definite factor and we switched sides at half time.  White is the dominant team once again.  Dan decided playing for blue is no fun and switched to white.  Jeff & Jerry came to blue, Bobby to white, lots of adjustments, but no answers to the Imbad & Mario white wingers.

Eric for white  1-0
Imbad, all alone 2-0
Lazer Dave, for blue  2-1
C for white  3-1
Joe D for blue  3-2
Imbad  4-2
C again  5-2
Mario to Imbad  6-2
then we switched to shoot from anywhere
Imbad  7-2
Mario with a lobber  8-2
switch sides, wind is with blue, new game
Jay to Rocculous  8-3
Mario to Eric  9-3
JG to Lazer Dave  9-4
Jamal for white  10-4
Imbad  11-4
Jay to Jelly for blue  11-5
Mario to Imbad  12-5

So Bagel Joe had six.  Next week everyone must bring thier blue and a white jerseys.  It's too much trouble to choose up sides but we have to find a way to mix it up a little.  Mario has been white (or red) for every game he has played.  Keith changes sides every week.  I've played for blue for a year and a quarter.  Somewhere in between there should be a way.   Some should change monthly, some bi-weekly, mostly, Imbad & Mario need to occasionally change allegiances.

Juan arrived after the game, he seemed to say he is needs a new job.  If anyone knows of an opening in shipping and recieving, I have his contact info.  Speaking of job openings, if anyone knows of an opening for a new political science graduate, I know one (Will).

See you next week.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday February 5, Superbowl Sunday

Chilly windy and overcast at game time, but we started with full sides.  Doug in the white, Steve in the blue, Jerry's son Alex and my son Will are our guests and the Shrouts are back.  Sides quickly got up to 14 v 15, so we had to impose the 13 players per side rule.

Alex to Keeble, for white 1-0
Imbad to Keebs 2-0
Alex, pretty much by himself 3-0
Keebs, for the h. t.  4-0
Own Goal by white  4-1
Alex for his h.t  5-1
Jelly off a throw in  6-1
Jamal  7-1
JG to Dan for the first legitimate blue goal  7-2
Imbad Joe  8-2
Alex, this time for blue  8-3
Keebs, ruining  the hatty  9-3
Dimos for blue, finally  9-4
Jamal to finish off the blues for good 10-4