Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday August 26

A little overcast & 70 degrees at game time, but it got warmer and sunnier.  We got started a little early with 8 v 8, last man back rules, but soon had full sides and as many as 24 guys at one point.  Steve in the blue net, Keith then Kevin in for blue.

Minor for blue, 1-0
Rocco! for blue, 2-0
Dan with a nice cross to Mario, for white, 2-1
Jeff for white, 2-2
Dominic and Bobby left and Imad joined the blue team 90 minutes into the match
Kaz for white, 2-3
Keebow to Ceebow, 2-4
Minor to Jay, 3-4
Keebs, fielding a rebound pounds one in from the top of the key, 3-5
Imad, 4-5
Ceebow again,4-6
Dave for white, 4-7

It's ten o'clock, and no girl's team.  Oh well, see you at 7:30 next Sunday.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday August 19

I always hated hearing my father say "There's a touch of fall in the air." I'm an endless summer kind of guy.  But today, there is.  Even the NY Times says so.  The heat in my house kicked on.  It's like 50 something outside.  And at our beautiful field, the Waldwick High School girls soccer team is assembling for their first practice.  We started quickly with 8 v 10, Doug in the blue net, Ben in for white, then Mark S, and then Bobby, yes that Bobby.  After a while we got up to 27 guys, Steve G played defense with the blue team.

Steve P got it started, for blue, 1-0
Jelly came back for white, 1-1
Steve again, 2-1
Steve again, 3-1
Jeff for the white, 3-2
Own Goal by me.  My pass back to Doug was too wimpy and a white player managed to tap it in, not sure who, Jeff?  3-3
Jeff, 3-4
Minor for blue, 4-4
Dave for white, 5-4, whereupon the whites left the field.  Somewhat unsporting, but the girls had agreed to hold off their practice till 9:30.

Next week, the girls will be back, at ten.  Our game will be from 8 till 10.  Players shall report early enough that they can prepare themselves and be ready to go at 8.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday August 12

A little cloudy & 75 at game time, but the sun came out & it got pretty hot.  Jake & Steve P joined us today, Steve in the blue net, Minor, Mark S & Keith in for white.  Frank's back, Bobby showed up just to watch.  11 v 11 for most of the game.

Jake for white, 1-0
Jake with a corner kick to Jeff, 2-0
Minor with a corner kick to the head of Eric, 3-0
Jeff with a nice cross to the head of Eric, 4-0
Jay with a nice shot tipped by Rocco, for blue, finally, 4-1
Jake, 5-1
Mario, 6-1
Mario, 7-1
Carlos to Kebos, 8-1
Eric, 9-1

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday August 5

Hazy hot n humid at game time, but a pretty good turnout in spite of impending storms.  When Mario finally showed up we had 13 v. 13.  Minor, Dave & Ben are guests, Doug in the white net, Kevin, then Steve, then Kevin in net for blue.

Jisung Dave for white gets it started, 1-0
Dan from Jelly after a whiff by Keebs, for blue, 1-1
George off a corner kick by Dan, 1-2
Mario for white during the aftermath of a corner kick, 2-2
Mario, from Eric, 3-2 (MM ITC)
George, off a corner kick by Jeff, 3-3, nice dummy by Rocc
Mu for white, 4-3
Jay for white, 5-3
Keebs with a clean up in aisle 3, for blue, 5-4
A nice goal kick from me to Rosner to Minor, for blue, 5-5
Jay with a nice corner kick squirts off Kevins bare chest for an own goal, 6-5
Jon Billow to the head of Mu, 7-5
Another nice goal kick by me to Danny, who handled it expertly with a long lead pass to Keebs who lofted it over Doug, 7-6
Jelly for blue, 7-7
After a late water break and some guys dropping out, Jeff goes to white, Keith in the white net,
Vince with a quick one for white, 8-7
Jeff, for Costa Rica, 9-7

Ben & Dave gave Rocc money, so I guess we'll be seeing more of them around.  The official registration period has ended so if your money isn't in your spot is officially in jeopardy.