Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday November 20

40 degrees and sunny at 9AM game time. Four guests, George who has played with us before, and three other guys, George, Juan and somebody else who all showed up together with a kid. The kid shagged balls for us, but didn't stick around for his tips. Doug in the white net, Steve in the blue, 12 v. 12, a perfect day for soccer! Lots of banging bodies today, Bobby took two in the gut, big smang-up between Jeff and Doug and Jeff left the field for a while, and one of the guests went down hard, hit his head on the turf and had to leave the game..

Guest George for white, looped one in from the 35 yard line 1-0
Shamoo for bloo 1-1
Jimmy to Dave for white 2-1
Dave with a lazer (Lazer Dave?) 3-1
Jeff with a steal feeds Rocco for blue 3-2
Joe Bagel to Jimmy 4-2
Mark Miller to Lazer Dave 5-2

Then we were kicked off by u-12 girls.

Congradulations to the Waldwick boys varsity soccer team. They had a great season and lost in the State Finals later on Sunday.

No game on Thursday, come to USR and run in the 5k. It's fun. Girls in yoga pants and stuff.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday November 14

The Waldwick varsity soccer team continue to win, so they get first dibs on the turf this morning. Our 8 am start is bumped back to 9:30. The weather is nice, cool & sunny. Two guests, Brian and some guy with white hair who left early. Doug & Steve in the nets and Jeff brought his daughter who chased out of bounders for us, and made a few bucks. Joe Deidrichs is sporting his new Blue uniform shirt, so I guess he's a paid up member. John Horuzy showed up for the first time in years. We had as many as 25 guys on the field at one point.

Joe D. starts things off for blue 1-0
Dave blasts one in from the top of the box for blue 2-0
Dave takes one in the face and has to sit out with a bloody nose
Keebs with a tap in that probably would have gone in on its own, for white 2-1
Dan with a beautiful corner kick to Eric, for blue 3-1
Jimmy for white 3-2
Jeff with an immediate answer for blue 4-2
Joe to Jim 4-3
Joe again 4-4
Joe again 4-5
Jim again 4-6

Next week its probably going to be a 9 o'clock start, but check your emails to be sure.

It's just ten days till Thanksgiving, and I would encourage all of you to sign up and come to Upper Saddle River for the annual Dick Meighan Memorial 5K. The race starts at 9 Thanksgiving morning and it's over in about half an hour, followed by bloody marys and oysters in my driveway. It gives you a great excuse for slacking off the rest of the day.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday November 6

Frost on the pumpkin this morning, frost on the turf, too, but it's sunny at 8 o'clock game time. We started 9 v 9 full court, and got up to 12 v 12 as the game wore on. Two guests, Joe and Fernando, Doug in the blue net, Steve in for white.

Joe Bagels for white 1-0
Joe Guest to Joe B for white 2-0
Vince finishing a corner kick, for white 3-0
Joe B to Joe G with a diving header 4-0
Joe G for his hat trick 5-0
Dominick and Fernando showed up for the 9 o'clock game,
Fernando, I forget which one, for white 6-0
Keith left the game, Mark S and I joined the blue,
Keebs, finally, for blue 6-1

We relinquished the field to the Waldwick varsity at 9:30 so they can prepare for the State sem- finals this Tuesday. Go Team!