Monday, December 30, 2013

Sunday December 29

30 and overcast at game time. Big rain in the forecast but it held off and it even warmed up a bit. Perfect weather for soccer, but its kind of a thin showing at 8:20 kick-off so we invited a father son group out kicking a ball around to join us.  Eric brought a friend, Barry.  Juan showed up late and brought a friend, Jamal showed up late and brought a friend, so we eventually got up to 25 players.  Keebs is back but his foot hasn't healed completely so he left early. New Doug in the blue net, white players take turns.

Rosner scores on an open net, for white at 8:22, 1-0
Eric comes right back off a corner kick by Jay at 8:23, 1-1
Rosner again, 2-1
Rocco!! 2-2
Shamu for white, 3-2
Jeff gets credit for an own goal, 3-3
Mario, 4-3
Ben for white 5-3
Dominic heads in a corner, 6-3
Rosner bounces one off Eric for an own goal, 7-3
Jeff 7-4
Rosner, 8-4
Juan to Jeff, 8-5
Rosner, 9-5
Jamal off a corner kick for blue at 9:57, 10-5
Miller at10:03 for blue, 11-5
Jeff at 10:07, 11-6

5 for Rosner plus a few more that were dis-allowed but he was guarded by an out of shape & hung over 60 year old.

Supposed to be cold and clear New Year's Day so we'll see you at 8.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thursday December 26, Boxing Day

Cold (29) and grey at game time, and it might have gotten colder as the game went on. Rocc brought Jake, Jay brought Justin, new Doug brought Doug and Will is home from DC.  We also had Brian join us, guest of Miller.  9 v 9 on a shortened field, Doug in the white net, blue took turns.

Miller scored again with a beautiful toe poke, Justin had a hatty, lots of other goals scored, blue wins.

See you Sunday at 8.  There's talk of playing next Wednesday, January 1.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday December 22

Dunno.  Field was still iffy last night, mostly snow covered, but it was a warm night and the field was playable at game time.  But it was raining too, I went to work!

Merry Christmas too all, see you next week.

Apparently the snow melted and the field was clear at game time, 60 plus degrees, overcast.  M Miller reports about 20 or so players showed up, and that he scored a goal.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sunday December 8

I was away, but apparently close to full sides played.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Dec 1

Thanksgiving weekend.  No game on Friday due to continued success of Waldwick's US style Football team.  Today it's cool, 30, but mostly sunny and blessedly not windy.  Warmed up to 40 or so by game's end.  We started kind of late 9 v 9 but soon got up to 12 v 12 with Keith and Steve sharing duties in the blue net, new Doug in for white.  Jake Miller and Will Gilchrist joined us today.  Juan showed up late and joined blue to make it 13 v 12.

Domenic to Mario for white, 1-0
Rocco! for blue, 1-1
Jay corner kick deflected off Domenic who seems to be sitting in as keeper for the play, 1-2
Rosner for white, 2-2
Mario puts back a save by Steve, 3-2
Corner by Blond Dave for a  Rocco! tap in, 3-3
Dom and Rocco! left the game about 9:30
Dave to Jeff for blue, 3-4
Jeff with a solo break away mad dash, 3-5
Jeff to Dave, 3-6
Teddy for white, 4-6
Dave with a shot put in by Jelly, 4-7
Jake with a boomer from the 20, for white, 5-7
Jay to Vince for blue, 5-8
4 guys leave the game, Jerry goes to white,Jake, 6-8
Keith declares it over at 10.

Lots of fouling on the crowded field, but a good time was had by all.  I'm out next week.  If anybody wants to keep score or just send me a few details, I will post.