Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday August 21

Due to the rain the four players who showed up last Sunday decided to abandon the effort. Wednesday evening about half a dozen folks did show up to kick the ball around, but that's it. Maybe this week.

Today its cool at game time, but the August sun quickly heats up the turf. Guests include regulars Jeff, Will, and Joe, and from two weeks ago, Sergio, Fernando and Dennis. Steve in the blue goal and our old friend Doug in the white. Keith and Bobby both in white today, Eddy showed up to play for white and when Tim finally arrived we probably had 12 v 12.

Joe for blue 1-0
and that's where it stood for most of a pretty spirited match. Then Kennington & Jordan left, Will went in for Steve, Keith and then Keebs in for Doug.
Shamoo for blue 2-0
Fernando for blue 3-0
Moo again 4-0
Joe Bagels for white 4-1
Dan for blue 5-1
Dan again 6-1
Frank for white 6-2 to end it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday August 7

Rainy warm morning. We started with 6 v 6 playing across on the red field. We soon had enough to move to a shortened big field, then finally full court 11 v 12. We had nine guest players: the usuals Will, George, Jeff and Jake, our old buddy from Ramsey, Will Lara, Dennis, who's played with us once or twice before, and a bunch of new kids, Aldo, Sergio and Fernando. The game was surprisingly hot and sweaty, the sun even came out. Steve in the blue net had a great game today. The white goalkeepers were George, Snarky Mark and a new kid. The score was Blue 9 White 6. Keith has been switching alliances on a weekly basis and claims his teams have won the last seven games straight.

I didn't think there would be enough players for an official game, so I didn't bring my score book, so no scoring summary today. Keeble wasn't there anyway so it doesn't matter. Next week I will be away, Keebs, Kieth, can you fill in?

And by the way, last week's discussion of a charity event has been cancelled for the time being.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday July 31

Nice hot sunny summer Sunday. Four guests, regulars George, Jeff, Will, and a new guy, Jed. Steve is back in the net for blue, George for white, later Keith, then Enzo. Tim came late, Jay & Mike left early, at the peak we had about 26 guys.


Will for white with a floater over the scrum in front of the goal into the corner 1-0
Joe Bagels for white 2-0
Shamu for white 3-0 off a Joe corner kick bobbled on the goal line, really an own goal
Rosner for blue 3-1
Shamu again on a cross from Joe again 4-1
Keeble? for white. Another beautiful cross from Joe, that might have already been in the net. Keebs did hit it with his head 5-1
Dimos for blue (of course) 5-2
Mario for white (of course) 6-2
Shamu again on a corner by Joe again 7-2
Rosner again 7-3
Dan for blue 8-4 to end it.

Everybody is really dragging by 9:30.