Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday November 30

A storm on Wednesday left us with 2" of heavy wet snow.  No go for Friday but the Waldwick High School Football team is still in the running for state champs and they were good enough to clear about 35 yards of turf for us.  13 showed up, including Joakim & Will Gilchrist, the sun came out and it was a beautiful morning of indoor rules with lacrosse nets.  Forecast seems to indicate we'll be back in action next week.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday November 23

Mid 40's and overcast at game time, perfect!  26 guys including one guest, Jake's coach Sean.  No keepers, nets minded by field players.

8:14 Rocco! for blue 1-0
8:19 Jeff to Chompan for blue, 2-0
8:38 keeble for white, 2-1
8:50 George for blue, 3-1
8:52 Mario for white, 3-2
8:53 Danny to Jerry for white, 3-3
8:57 Vince with a put back of a shot blocked by keeper Bobby, for white, 3-4
8:59 corner by Rocc put in by Marlen, 4-4
9:25 Jake for blue for a change, 5-4
9:29 Mario to Jerry, 5-5
9:30 Rosner puts up a nice feed from the 50, to Mario, 5-6
9:33 Rosner to Vince, 5-7
9:45 Vince, 5-8
Rich and Reuben, both on the blue team, dropped out so Ros came over to help out.
9:52 Adam to Danny 5-9
Final goal not noted.

We are hoping to play Friday.  And come out Thursday morning for the USR 5k.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunday November 16

A little frost on the turf this morning.  Doug A brought a guest, Frank, and we started 11 v 11, Doug in the white net, field players in for blue.  Scott R finally joined the game and it was 12 blue vs 11 white.

8:11 Jeff puts a corner in, 1-0
8:16 Marlen to Rosner for blue, 2-0
8:29 George for blue, 3-0
Juan showed up for the first time in quite a while and joins the white side;
8:41 guest Frank for white, 3-1
8:43 Keebs for white, 3-2
8:52 Juan 3-3
new kid Dave left at 9, white is down a guy again;
9:16 Chompan for blue, 4-3
9:24 Frank again, 4-4
9:26 Rosner all by himself for blue, 5-4
9:31, Rosner miss put back by Rocco, 6-4
Keith out, Jerry goes to white;
9:50 Marlen to Chompan, 7-4

White scored again but guys were already leaving the field.  The Waldwick boys are here for their practice, their season will end this week, win or lose.  Some discussion of moving the start time.  Last season we stayed at 8 through the winter.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Sunday June 1

Sunday November 9

44 and overcast at game time, perfect.  The clouds eventually burned off and it's a beautiful fall day.  23 or so guys, Doug A back in the white net, Steve in the blue, no guests.

8:12 Jeff for blue, 1-0
8:25 Jeff, 2-0 put back after a nice stop by Doug
8:28 Shamu for white, 2-1
8:30 Corner by Bhoot to Keeble, 2-2
8:38 Me to Ros to Jeff to George, 3-2
8:45 Mu, 3-3
8:45 Teddy from deep in the corner with a nice cross to head of Jeff, 4-3
8:52 Keebs, 4-4
9:04 Jake for white, 4-5
9:05 Jake to Mario, 4-6
9:23 Teddy misses George puts one in, 5-6
9:24 George heals one to Marlen, 6-6
9:36 Keebs, 6-7
9:40 Corner kick bounces off Danny for white, 6-8
9:52 Mario to end it, 6-9

Nice match today.

A word about latecomers:  First, don't come late. In fact everyone should arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow sufficient time for stretching, warming up and policing the field. Several of us do just that. One time Steve actually had a legitimate excuse for coming late: the train he was riding hit a car.

Next, if you do show up late, please take the time to stretch and warm up.  Then count the number of players on each team and join the team with fewer players.  If the sides are even, join the team that is behind in scoring.  If field players are manning the goals, go in as keeper.  If there are already 12 players per side, it will be necessary to wait for someone else to leave the game before coming in.  If there are guest players, a guest should immediately leave the field to allow a paid member to come in.  Anyone who invites a guest has to make it abundantly clear that the guest cannot play if 24 paid members show up. That's it.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunday November 2

Windy and 45 at game time, but time change and new start time of 8 encouraged a big turnout.  We started a little after 8 with 12 v 12 and capped it at that.  Doug Adams in the blue net for the first time maybe ever, Doug R in the white net.  Jay showed up late and in spite of the fact that two guys were waiting patiently for their chance to come he waded right in.  We asked him to wait his turn and he went home in a snit.  There were in fact several guests who should have left the game to make room for paid in full members.  Next time.  The two subs joined the game and we played on 13 v 13.

8:07 Mario for white, 1-0
8:17 Mario, 2-0
8:37 Jeff for blue, 2-1
8:42 Mario, 3-1
8:53 Mark S for white, 4-1
8:54, Vince for white, 5-1

At about nine we switched ends due to the powerful breeze, Eric left and Mark S came over to the blue team;

Keebs for white, 6-1
9:24 Minor to Chompan for blue, 6-2
9:52 White corner to Keebs with a goal line tap in, 7-2
9:58 we relinquished the field to the Waldwick boys soccer team.

The scoring shows that the wind was a factor, but without Bobby, Mario had his way with Frank giving the whites lots of opportunities.  See you next week.