Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday February 24

40 and cloudy, perfect!  So after a month of no soccer 21 guys showed up to play today.  The field is clear but damp.  Steve in the blue net, Keith, Eric & Will took turns for white.

Dom starts it off, for white, 1-0
Mike gets one for white, 2-0
Jeff for blue, 2-1
Jeff bounces a corner kick off Jerry's head, 2-2
Rocc comes right back with a shot on open net, for blue, 2-3
Keeble smashes one in from outside the penalty box! for blue, 2-4
Mike taps in a cluster fucker, 3-4
Imad for white, 4-4
Dom again, 5-4
Jeff ties it up, 5-5
Eric scores for white while Steve is off shagging balls, 6-5
Imad bounces a corner kick off the head of Mario, 7-5
Keebs and Mike leave early
Jeff gets another, 7-6
Imad, 8-6
Minor for blue, 8-7
Mario pokes one into the corner, 9-7

Nice to be back on the full court, see you next week.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday February 17

The last two Sundays we have been snowed out.  Winter storm Nemo left us with a foot, and it has been slowly melting over the last week.  Today it's cold and windy with less than half the field exposed. Not exactly perfect, but we got a full team of guys to show up.  5v6 with hurdles as goals, it was nice to run around again.  Lets hope the thaw continues and we can get back to some full court action next week.

Sunday, February 10, 2013