Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday January 28

32 and dark, once again, at game time. 19 players including five high schoolers played a spirited shortened field game under the lights. Notable for the red team: two by Frank, one by me, several by the Mario's, but Team Old and Slow was no match for Joe Bagels, Jimmy and the kids. Coordinated attacks, pin point passing and booming shots took their toll. Final score: Blue wins.

Its snowing as I write this, and the forecast is for cold for the next several days. Keep an eye on your E mail for field updates, and I hope to see you all Sunday. And remember, chase your own misses!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday January 24, 2010

28 degrees and very overcast at game time. We started with full teams, but late comers increased the teams to 14 each. Too many. Keeble finally recovered from his much deserved sabbatical in Disney World, and scored three for the Red. Jerry had two for the Blue, final score about 5 Red, 3 Blue.

Guys, unless the weather is really bad, don't invite guests to Sunday games. If you do, please explain to them before they come that they will have to leave the field if there are more than 22 paid up, shirt wearing members who want to play. Invite guests to the Wednesday evening games instead.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday 1-20-10

32 degrees and dark, but the activity under the lights kept everyone warm. We had 11 v. 11, full court, including 6 or 8 high schoolers, Mario, Super Mario, and Mario's boy Luigi, a cameo appearance by Hollywood Will, the Buckminister, Enzo and Joey Bagel's friend. The high schoolers kept the action going a little faster than us old guys are used to, but the veteran defensive team of Bobby, Keith, Frank and Doug were able to stifle their attacks. At the other end it was all team Dossantos. They ran the score up to the point that when the blue team finally stared scoring, it didn't matter.

Final score: red team, lots, blue team, not as many.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunday January 17, 2010

Happy New Years all. This week we had 11 v. 11 for most of the game, overcast but not too cold conditions. The game was tied at nil till about the half, when blue scored five unanswered goals. Red slowly started back, with three or four goals before the time ran out.

Last week we had 9 v. 10 in much colder conditions. Those who did not show shall forever be referred to as nancies. 9 v. 10 full court is quite a work out, and as I recall the blue team may have prevailed.

There was also a Wednesday game this week, 9 v. 9 on a reduced field. Sounds like it was fun, sorry I missed it. I think we're on for this Wednesday, I think the consensus time is 7-9 PM, but pay attention to your E-maills as game time approaches.