Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunday March 24

Late announcement of 8 o'clock start time, but we still had enough guys to play.  It's cold, but clear, probably would be real nice an hour later.  Big surprise is Doug in the blue net, Steve is back and tending the white net.

Light-speed Joe scores one for blue to get things started, 1-0
A hand ball by me leads to a free kick by Mario finally scored by Will for white, 1-1
Eric's friend Tomaso joined the blue team, LS Joe left complaining of a pulled muscle,
Jeff to Rocco! for blue, 2-1
Keebs gets one past the sun-blinded Doug, for white, 2-2
Keebs follows up with a corner kick to the head of Jonny Billow, 2-3
So around nine o'clock the clueless start to arrive and we went from a tough 10 v 11 game to 14 a side. Jay brought his son Justin and Juan brought his friend again.
Tomas to Jeff, 3-3
Keebs again! 3-4
Minor gets one for blue, 4-4
Jeff, 5-4
Rocco! hits the post and Minor taps it in, but no score, off-sides, or something.  Whatever.  Blue wins again.

It seems the eight o'clock start and crowding will be the new normal for a while.  Please be ready to play at 8, and we'll cap the teams at 13 per side.  In a substitution situation, subs will sit out for ten minutes, then re enter the game.  Everybody will sit, including Jay and Mario, and no one will sit twice until everyone has sat out once.  It is probably not a good time to invite guests, but if you do please make it clear that they will have to leave the game if there are 26 paid members in attendance.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday March 17, St Pat's

It snowed all day Saturday with not much accumulation.  Sunday it's cold, like 28, windy and cloudy, but a bunch of guys trickled in. The field has a light crusting of snow. By the time we reached maximum numbers there was 28 of us.  But it's too cold for subbing, everybody's in.  No professional keepers today, field guys stepped in at both ends.  We had a few guests, Jake Miller, Kevin Palaia, Juan's amigo and a blonde kid I didn't recognize.

We started short sided, last man, shoot in the box;
Rocco! for blue on an open net, 1-0
Minor for white, 1-1 after a bad goal kick by me,
Minor, 1-2
Jeff for blue, 2-2
Rocco!, 3-2
Marlin for blue, 4-2
Jeff hooks one in, into the wind, 5-2
Jeff, 6-2
Jelly taps in a cluster fucker after a corner, for white, 6-3
Mario pounds one in from the top of the key for white, 6-4
Jeff, 7-5
George with a nice one for blue, 8-5
Rocco! for the St Patty hatty, 9-5

The day got warmer and the snow melted off, a grand time was had by all.  Can't wait for next week.  Blue Meanies on a three game streak!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday March 10

Friday it snowed all day leaving us with 4 or 5" of heavy wet snow.  Saturday it is sunny and 50, perfect spring thaw weather.  By noon it's looking grim: the field is still completely covered, but by six  the field is more or less clear, game on!  Sunday it's sunny but a little cold with the clock change early start.  Any clods of snow that were left on the field refroze into solid lumps.  We kicked and crunched at the snow for a while then the game got started.  Doug is back and he took over the white net.  Blue goal was tended by Eric, Minor and then Will.  We had as many as 26 guys today, Juan brought a friend but I didn't catch his name.  No Marks, Frank, Jamal or Imad.

Mario launched a corner kick to the head of Mu for an emphatic beginning to the scoring, for white, 1-0
Jeff for blue, 1-1
Corner kick by Ted tapped in by Jelly, for white, 2-1
George for blue, 2-2 after a long goal kick by Minor to Eric
Rocco! for blue, 2-3
Jeff, 2-4
Keebers, for white, 3-4, what a SHOT!
Minor, 3-5

Nice win for the bluesies, second week in a row.  By the end of the game it was nice and warm, all the snow was gone.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday March 3

Cloudy, cold and windy at the start but it got nicer later.  No professional keepers today, the nets were manned by field players.  Moe is back after six months!  I think we had as many as 26 guys today.

Jeff starts it off, for blue, before the whities had their keeper act together, 1-0
Imad with a nice cross to Dom who pounds it in right out of the air, for white, 1-1
Minor for blue, 2-1
Minor for blue, 3-1
Jelly for blue, 4-1
Joe D, who had been anchoring the blue defense, leaves the game
Mario for white, 4-2
Mike the soccer wizard, for white, 4-3
Mario, on his fourth corner kick attempt in a row finally bounces one off the face of Keeble, 4-4
Shamu for white, 4-5
Eric to Jelly, 5-5
Jeff, 6-5

So blue wins one.  I think a lot of credit goes to Jelly's boys Dave & Ben who really helped on defense.