Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Oct 27

35 clear and a perfect day for soccer.  By quarter after we had enough guys to get going, 8 blue vs 10 whites, last man back shoot in the box rules.

Rosner at 8:22 for white, 1-0
Steve showed up and took over the white goal and Vince joined team blue, so it's 10 v 11, Keith eventually took over keeper for blue and did a great job.
Jay corner to George at 8:25, 2-0
Jeff to Marlen to Roccus!, 2-1
Jay to Ceelo, 3-1
Jeff to Marlen, 3-2
Jeff at 8:45, 3-3
Jimmy, "Jamal the Wall" joins the blue team at 9:00
Minor for blue, 3-4
Marlen for blue at 9:16, 3-5
Rosner to Cee at 9:21, 4-5
Ceebones for his hatty at 9:25, 5-5
Domenic had to go, so it's 10 v 11, blue advantage;
Rocculous!, 5-6
George left, Minor goes to white keeper;
Rosner, 6-6
Rocculous!!!!!, 6-7
Vince left about 9:43;
Ceebones for a hatty plus one!!!!, 7-7
Jeff at 9:52, 7-8
Dave wails one in after a handball call, do over, he wails in another, 8-8.

Tough finish with 9 on 9 full court but a fun time was had by all.  See you next week.  The time changes next week, but no one is able to figure out what effect that has on our starting time.  My vague memory of years past is that we stay at 8 AM until it is too unbearably cold and dark, but watch your e mails.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday Oct 20, Shirt Day!

The new shirts are in!  Here modeled by the lovely Rocco, Franko, Bobbo and Marko, the shirts are once again blue or white and now featuring black accents, raglan sleeves and v-neck.  The fabric is a little lighter than the last issue which should be nice in the heat of the summer. Looking great boys!

Anyway, as you can see its sunny and clear, you can't see that it is cool, 45 or so.  Even though it's shirt day we started with just 22 on the field, regular Doug in the blue net and Steve-O in the white, no guests.

It took a while but Vince finally got the scoring started for white at 8:30, 1-0
Jeff healed a ball back to Marlen at 8:32 for blue, 1-1
Jeff at 8:34, 1-2
Jay corner kick to Jeff at 8:54, 1-3
At 9 Rich took himself out due to last week's pulled hamstring, and Marlen also had to go, so Frank came over to blue to even up the numbers;
Jay to Jeff to Minor, 1-4
Shamu to the head of Keebles for white at 9:09, 4-2
Keeble corner kick to head of Mu at 9:22, 4-3
9:25 Domenic left so white is a player short;
Minor at 9:26, 5-3
High School kid joins white team to even count, he takes off down the wing and even Chompan can't keep up with him,
HS Kid to Vince, 5-4
Rocc & the HS kid left, we continued 9 v 9
Vince ricochetted one off of Doug, 5-5
Jay on his own at 9:43, 6-5
and that's about it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunday Oct 13

Cloudy and cold, (50?) at game time, perfect!  Giuseppe and Doug are back, we started 11 v 11 more or less, new Doug in the white net old Doug in for blue.  Rich pulled a quad on the opening play and took himself out of game.

Lazer Dave for white at 8:14, 1-0
Ceebow for white at 8:19, 2-0
Domenic for white, 3-0
Dave from the 20, another boomer at 8:32, 4-0
Minor to the head of Rocco finally gets blue on the board, at 8:48, 4-1
Dave booms in another at 9:00, 5-1
C at 9:01, 6-1
Rosner arrives and joins the blue team, Rich takes over score pad so I can concentrate on my defense;
Marlen for blue at 9:09, 6-2
Jeff for blue at 9:10, 6-3
Teddy left foots one into the far corner for blue at 9:16, 6-4
Marlen off a corner kick, low grounder, at 9:25, 6-5
Old Doug with the save of the day vs Lazer Dave at 9:21
Tomas to Vince at 9:27, 6-6
Tomas fields his own rebound & puts it in the top of the net for blue at 9:32, 6-7
New Doug comes out of the box and Jeff beats him to the empty net at 9:38, 6-8
At 9:46 Jelly calls to slow ball down, resulting in white turnovers; a couple of guys left, Eric went to the white side to even the sides at 9;
(cheese, tomato paste, white bread, humus, condoms (magnum), shampoo?, peanut butter, pesto)
Jeff, 6-9, and nobody wants to play anymore, we quit ten minutes early.  Resounding recovery by blue.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday October 6

67 degrees completely overcast with slight drizzle: perfect weather for soccer!  We started a little late with 11 v 11.  No Bobby or Frank, Mark S is still in Africa.  Tomas brought a friend, Giuseppe and a kid, Michael.  Dave brought a friend, Mike and a stranger, Doug, showed up and asked to play.  So with Giuseppi in the white net and Doug in the blue, we got going;

Jordan for white, 1-0
Mario for white, 2-0
Jeff for blue, 2-1
Jay for blue, 2-2
Rosner, who's been on fire lately, for white, 3-2
Dave to Jay to Jeff, 3-3
Jeff, 3-4
Guest Mike for blue with a beauty shot from outside, 3-5
Corner by George put in by Guest Mike, 3-6
Rocco to Jay, 3-7
Jay corner to George, 3-8
Jordan to Eric for white, 4-8
Eric to Rosner, 5-8
George heads the ball to Jeff, 5-9
Jeff, 5-10
Dave finally connects, 5-11
Jordan all alone, 6-11
Miller bounces one off the keeper to Mario, 7-11
Mario to Mike the kid, 8-11

Mario says he'll be away for the next couple of games.  Whatever.  Rocc says new shirts should be here by next Sunday. Shirt Day always attracts a big crowd, so let's show up early and start on time.