Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Oct 28

The calm before the Frankenstorm.  It's cloudy & breezy, maybe 50 degrees at our first 9AM game time in a while.  The late start brought out some old friends, Dan, Jamal, Rosner, even Timmy showed up.  We started with short sides last man back shoot in the box but got up to full sides.

Imad to Mario, for white, as usual, 1-0
Jeff to head of ario, 2-0
Jeff to head of Keeblow, 3-0
Jeff to Kaz, 4-0

Doug arrived to fill in the blue net, Mark Schwartz with a pulled calf filled the white net.

Imad to Jeff, 5-0
Mario, 6-0
Timmy to Shamu, 6-1
Mario to Keebs, 7-1
Imad to Keebs, 8-1
Aikaz, 10-1
Jeff, 11-1
Kaz to Keebs, 12-1

Jeff puts on a blue shirt, Scott Rosner leaves the game, Shamu in the blue net, Doug takes to the field,

Rocco to Jay, 12-2
Keebs taps in one that Mu lost hold of, 13-2
Jamal, 14-2

Sunday Oct 21

I dunno, nobody told me.  MM said he scored a goal.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Oct 14

The forecast is for 70 and sunny, but the morning is quite different: cloudy even drizzly and 45 degrees.  We started 9 v 9, and soon got up to full sides Steve in the blue net, Keith and then Mark S pulled a calf and went into the white net. Justin is back, Lightspeed Joe is back, Dominick & Juan are back.

Marlen for blue, 1-0
Jeff off a long throw-in by Joe for blue, 2-0
Jay off a nice long through ball by Cee, 3-0
Vince from Justin for white, 3-1
Rocco off a nice throw in, 4-1
Justin to Vince, 4-2
Justin, 4-3
Mario, 4-4
Rocco, 5-4
Keebs off a throw in by Joe, 6-4
Marlen off a nice Corner Kick by Jeff, 7-4
Jeff from Keebs, 8-4
Keebs, 9-4
Jeff steals a white goal kick and puts it in, 10-4
So Jay goes over to team white to give them a little help, but Mark Miller goes blue to keep the numbers even,
Keebs from Marlen, 11-4
Juan to Carlos to Keebs, 12-4
Vince, 12-5
Carlos corner kick to Marlen, 13-5
Rocco, 14-5
Mario, 14-6

So it seems like a blue route and I guess it was but it was still a spirited match.  11 v 11 is a tough game with lots of touches for everyone, white had plenty of chances but Lightspeed was able to contain Mario.  Sounds like next week we'll be starting later if the field is available, watch your E mails.

I won't be there next week, if anybody cares take a few notes on the game and e mail them to me.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sunday Oct 7

Sorry I'm late, but a lot of stuff came up. I hardly remember what happened but that's why I write stuff down.  Jake and Justin got us up to a 9 v 9, last man back shoot inside the box full field kind of game.  Cloudy and cool, I think, like 40?

Rocc blue, 1-0
Rocc, 2-0
George for blue, 3-0
Keebs, back from whatever, for white, 3-1
Shamu for white, 3-2Rocc, 4-2
Aikaz for white, 4-3
Jake for white, 4-4
Mu, 4-5
Mario for white, 4-6 mmitc
Jake, 4-7
Mario, 4-8
PapaYaya came over to the blue side to even up the sides a little,
Jeff for blue, 5-8
Keebs, 5-9
Jeff, 6-9
Jeff, 7-9
Mario, 7-10
Marlen for blue, 8-10
Minor for white, 8-11
Rocc, 9-11
Mu, 9-12
Keebs off a corner kick by George, 9-13
Keebs, 9-14
Aikaz, 9-15
George, 9-16
Ceebow for white, 9-17
Marlen, 11-17
Minor, 11-18
Jake, 11-19

Saturday members of our group came together as Waldwick Team Old and Slow at the Hackensack Hospital fund raiser for colorectal cancer research.  The event was a soccerthon, a 24 hour continuous pick-up game.  Our time slot was 7-8, but when I got their several teammates were already on the field.  What a field by the way.  Actually two fields side by side, turf and professional size ie: Huge!  They are in the new section of Overpeck Park in Ridgefield Park and it's a really incredible park.  There's a softball field, baseball field, boat launch, amphitheater, several comfort stations, snack bar and new bridges to the horse riding part of the park. Anyway, Me, Mark, Mark, Bobby, Keith, Vince, Danny, Eric and Ceebow with a handful of others to round out a team faced members of the Tenafly O-40 league team, and got our asses kicked.  Notable was the great performance in goal by Eric.