Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday May 28, day before Mem Day

Warm & overcast at game time.  George brought a friend, Steve, and we started on a shortened field 8 v 8 last man back.  There were some words between Keebow, just back from an extended layoff, and Ceebow, after his six goal masterpiece, but they decided to let their actions on the field speak for themselves.

C to Steve, for white,  1-0
Imad for blue, 1-1
Ceebow again, 2-1, but he stumbles on the turf and pulls a quad, and he's out!
A couple of more guys showed up so we moved the goals back to the full court position,
Eric to Imad, 2-2
Vince for blue, 2-3
Keebs to Imad, 2-4
George to Jordan for white, 3-4
Vince (Veebow?) 3-5
Will with a half court poke through pass chased down by Jelly, for white, 4-5
Jordan, 5-5
Light Speed Joe missed a header, tapped in by Vin, 5-6
half time break, it's gotten pretty hot and the tree pollen is having an effect,
George to Jamal, 6-6
Jamal to George, 7-6
Jeff for blue, 7-7
Keebs finally taps one in, from the goal line, 8-7
Jelly, 9-7
Jeff, 9-8
and we're done and done by 10:30.

Supposed to be a game toady, Memorial Day, but not for me.  Anybody else have a report?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday May 20

Sunny & warm at 8:00 start.  We begin w/ 8 on 8, short field big goals, shoot inside the 30, then a few more guys showed up, we had as many as 9 v 10 goals on the 18.  Steve showed up to play goal for blue, so white put guys in their net, Mu, Kevin, Mark Snark and Will.

C for white, 1-0
Imad with a great cross to the head of Rockster, for blue, 1-1
Imad to Rocc, again, 1-2
Imad solo, 1-3
Dave to C, right up the middle, 2-3
C after a defensive FU, almost an own goal but we'll give it to him, 3-3
Jake Miler, solo, 4-3
Dave solo, 5-3
C (Ceebow) on his own, 6-3, and a chop
Keith stubbed his toe, and goes into the net for blue, Steve puts on his blue shirt,  Speed of Light Joe,  Jordan and somebody else left, leaving 8 v 8 on the same sized field
Jake, solo, 7-3
Imad to Jay, 7-4
Dave, 8-4
Jake, 9-4
Ceebow, 10-4
Danny for blue, 10-5
Jay to Imad, 10-6
Dave, 11-6
Imad, 11-7
Ceebow, 12-7
and that's all she wrote, or all I wrote anyway.  Turf rats take over, and we're done anyway.  Still a weak turnout, maybe we should start recruiting some friends.  Six for C!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday May 13, Mothers Day

8:30 start time due to kids game at 11.  Its 60 and sunny, perfect soccer weather, but not many players showed up.  We started with six v six on a shortened field and lacrosse goals:

Mario for white, 1-0
Mario again, 2-0
Joe D for blue, 2-1
Dimos for blue, 2-2

A few more guys showed up, including Doug, so we went to big goals on a shortened field, Doug in the blue net, Steve in the white, new game:

Jeff for white, from Mario, 1-0
Dimos by himself, 1-1
Jeff to Mario to Shamu, 2-1
Mu-mu, 3-1
Willy for white 4-1
Marlen for blue, 4-2,
Shamu 5-2
Jeff, 6-2

Then Jeff came over to the blue side, George left the game, Rocco went white,

Will with a corner kick to the head of Mario, 7-2
Jeff for blue, 7-3
Jeff for blue, 7-4

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday May 6

We're booted off the magic carpet by the annual Waldwick 5k road race, but Rocco secures us time on the "Old Muddy"at Traphagen.  It's 50 and overcast at game time.  There's a kids game on the small field and a bunch of Spanish speaking gentlemen milling around with plans to play on the big field.  WSS member Juan is one of those guys, and he understands that we have precedence, but we don't have many players.  Eventually 8 WSS guys show up, and we negotiate to play with and against the other guys.  So 8 of us, including Juan, and three others face off against the red and blue striped shirt team.  We're a little worried at first, but these kids are much smaller than us and we can manhandle them, and we score two to their none.

Then the blue team takes the court.  These guys are a little bigger, but we hold our own and tie this round 2-2.

More negotiation, it seems the first team wants to play against the second team, but its our field and we want to keep going.  The others want to save themselves for a more important game than this gringo scrimage, but eventually they get up a mixed team to play another quarter.  We tie again, 1-1.

Now these guys are done with us, and they want the field to mix it up between their own teams.  It seems there is some money riding on their game.  There is some slightly heated discussion, but we don't have the numbers to keep the field to ourselves, and they don't want to play with us anymore.  Eventually we yield the field and call it a day.

All in all it was good fun.  The peanut gallery was very impressed by the smooth moves of Mario, and team Old and Slow held their own.  11 v 11 was the best part of the whole thing.  Let's get 22 guys to show up next week, and that means you!  Same bat time, same bat place.