Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday September 30

50 and cloudy but the sun came out during the game, perfect soccer weather.  We started 7 v 7, full court, white sidelines, shoot in the box, last man back.  Steve arrived to keep for the white team, one guest: Fab!  assorted net tending for blue.  Scoring was fast and furious:

Jeff for blue, 1-0
Jeff for blue, 2-0
Mu from Mario for white, 2-1
Vince for white, 2-2
a few more guys showed up we got up to 9 v 10
Jeff for blue, 3-2
Mario, due to keeper's indifference, 3-3
Mark Miller in as blue keeper
Imad 3-4
Mario, 3-5 mmitc
Jeff, from Rocc, 4-5
Jay with a nice steal crosses to Dimos, then to Carlos, and Jeff scores it, 5-5
Vince, 5-6
Jeff, 6-6
Mario, 6-7
Imad, 6-8
Jeff, 7-8

Early half time and water break.  We shortened the field to 80 yards, Fab & Frank are on the sidelines, M Schwartz comes to the blue side to play keeper, M Miller goes to the whites to even it up at 9v9, new game:

Jay for blue, 1-0
Jeff, 2-0
Rocc!, 3-0
Mario starts the white climb out of the gutter, 3-1
Jeff, 4-1
Jay, 5-1
Carlos for blue, 6-1
Mario, 6-2 mmitc
Vince from Imad, 6-3
Mario, 6-4
Imad, 6-5
Ceebow from Mario, 6-6, and the cry baby whities want to leave the field, but the blue meanies prevail for one more, but it's
Vince, 6-7

So the tighty whitie's win two in a row on the same day.  More importantly a new scoring record has been set.  I count 8 for Jeff! Congratulations!  Ceebow says it wasn't a full sided game so the record should be asterisked.  **** There.  Of course nobody keeps track of Imad Joe's goals, and I'm not interested in going back through the last couple of hundred posts to check.

Next weekend is the Soccerthon 24 hours of soccer to benefit cancer of the asshole.  We have about nine players signed up.  If you're interested go ahead and sign yourself up it would be good to have a complete team.  The team is "Waldwick Team Old and Slow", (not Keith) and our time slot is 7-8 AM Saturday at Overpeck Park.  I do hereby volunteer to drive five others, I can meet you at the Waldwick HS lot, if anybody is interested.

(mmitc = Mitch Miller in the cornhole)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday September 24

I am a season change denier but it is officially autumn and it's a chilly and sunny perfect day for soccer.  We managed to dissuade the boys team from using our field and started a little late, Doug in the white net, Steve in the blue, maybe 24 guys on the field.  George is back, Frank is back from his annual trip to Italy, no Keebow no Marriow.

After at least half an hour of scoreless play,
Chompan slams one in for white (Doug itc), 1-0
Imad for white, 2-0
Imad, 3-0
Mu socres blanc, with the keeper out of the play, 4-0
Aikaz for white, 5-0
Steve comes out of the blue net and Minor steps in.
Ceebow, 6-0
Doug comes out of the white net, Mark S steps in.
Imad, 7-0
Vince, from Jeff for blue, finally, 7-1
George for white, 8-1
Dimos corner kick to the head of Mark Miller for blue, 8-2
George corner kick to George, 9-2
Vince with a turn around, 9-3
Jeff, 9-4
Imad, 10-4
Jeff, 10-5
Socre Mu, 11-5

So team blue, without Keith & Bobby, returns to its miserable losing ways.  See you next week, 8AM until further notice.  There was a girls team coming on the field right behind us.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday September 16

Sunny & chilly, we started with close to full teams, Doug in the blue net, Steve in the white, and may have gotten up to 12 v 13.  Two guests, both named George.

Vince for white, 1-0
Marlen for blue, 1-1 (Joe M itc)
Minor for blue, 1-2
Scott Ros to Keebow with a memorable flying tap in, for white, 2-2
Shamu for blue, 2-3
Dave takes a pass to the chest, turns around and scores, for blue, 2-4
Shamu again, 2-5
George for blue, 2-6

So with the blue scoring getting out of hand, four white players left the game either due to injury or disgust.  Doug and Jeff go to the white team, Joe M takes over the blue net.

Keebs, 3-6
Mu, 3-7

There is going to be a "Soccerthon" a 24 hour soccer game to raise money for cancer of the asshole, at Overpeck Park in Leonia sponsored by Hackensack Hospital.  You sign up for a one hour slot, $25 or $30 per player per hour.  I will look into bringing a team.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunday Sept 9

Thanks to Rocc for the report:

Weather was beautiful 66 degrees.
Bobby M was back as was Mark Schwartz
Jeff scores for BL (Blue)
Super Dave for BL
Rocco for BL - Jay assist
Vince for BL
Rocco for BL - Shamu assist
Shamu for BL - Jay assist
Jeff for BL
Shamu for BL - Rocco assist
Ted for WH (Finally) Aikaz assist
Mario for WH (Lookout 2 goals in a row for WH) Aikaz assist
Shamu for BL - Rocco assist
Mario for WH - Controversial Mano Ball
Jeff for BL
Minor for BL - Jay assist
Minor again for BL - Jay assist again
Ceeeee for BL
Final & Finally Blue kicks ass 13-3

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday September 2, Labor Day Weekend

70 and overcast but very muggy, thanks to Hurricane Isaac somewhere off in the midwest.  We started with somewhat short sides but soon got up to 11 v 11, Doug in the white net, Steve in the blue.

Willy for white, 1-0
Jay to Shamu, 2-0
Mu, 3-0
Jay, 4-0, after a cluster f in front of the goal
Jelly for white, finally, 4-1 real nice turn around right in front of the goal
Vince for white, 5-1
Mu, 6-1
Minor drills one that skims off Keebs, but I give the score to Minor, for blue, 6-2
Mu, 7-2
Mu, 8-2
Mu, 9-2
Minor, 9-3
Jelly from Keebs, 9-4
Aikaz from the top of the key, through a crowd, 10-4
Dave to Vince with a beatiful cross and nice header in, 11-4
Mario, 12-4
Minor to Jeff, 12-5
Jelly, 12-6

But as usual, just as the blues start to get some momentum, white leaves the court.  I count 6 for Shamu and he played defense for most of the second half.  A Keeblesque performance indeed.  There seems to be enough interest in a game tomorrow.  If anybody would like to e mail me the results, I will post them here.  Same goes for next week, I'll be away.

And Bobby, take a break and get better, we'll manage for a couple of weeks without you.