Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

Beautiful clear cool morning. 14 guys including Steve Palaia and Brandon Dos Santos, short field lacrosse nets.  We played into exhaustion.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday May 26, Mem Day Weekend

45 at game time, windy and sunny, perfect!  Doug and Vince are back, Jake woke up on time, and we started with 8 v 8 or so but soon got up to 13 v 13, Doug in the blue net, Keith and others in for white.  Lots of the old back and forth till:

ROCCO @ 8:42 for blue, 1-0
Then Mu-mu comes right back at 8:43, 1-1
Jay's miss is tapped in by ROCC!!! 2-1
Lazer Dave for blue, 3-1
Jeff for blue @ 9:08, 4-1
Tomas for blue, 5-1

Keith invoked the 3 goal rule, so Doug goes to tend the white net, and we continue 12 v 14,

ROCCO doesn't mind the odds at all and places a beautiful cross to Jeff @ 9:33, 6-1
Vince gets one for the white, 6-2
Mark Schwartz booms one in from outside the box for white @ 9:40, 6-3
Keebs shows up, finally,  for white, 6-4
Jeff @ 10:10 for blue, 7-4
Minor for blue, 8-4

Blue wins one.  Will announced that today is his last game for a while, he is moving to Washington DC next weekend, new job starts on the 2nd.  Good luck to Will!   He has been playing with us since he was 14!

Game tomorrow.  I'll be in DC next week, so someone else should keep score.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunday May 19

Drizzly, 50, perfect.  We started 6 v 6, shortened field with lacrosse nets for goals.  New kid Ray is second one to show up.  As more folks arrived we moved the goals back.  When it got up to 10 v 10 we put the lacrosse nets in the big goals and played without keepers.  Juan came late and brought his own heckling section.

My pad was a little wet so my notes aren't perfect:

Mario for white, 1-0
Tomas for blue, 1-1
Eric to Jeff for blue, 1-2
Ray for white, 2-2
Ray, 3-2
OG, not sure who or why
Minor for blue, 3-3
Ray, 4-3
Mario, 5-3
Mario, 6-3
Rocco for blue, 6-4
blue, 6-5
Tomas for blue, 6-6
Ray, 7-6

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday May 12

Happy Mothers' Day Bitches.  Rainy morning, but sunny at game time, perfect!  We tried to get going promptly on time, but it took a while to get up to full sides.  We may have had 22 or 23 players at the most.

Imad starts things off with a shot from way outside on an untended net, for white, 1-0
Own goal for blue, not sure who gets it, Jelly was closest but it wasn't his shot, 1-1
Corner kick by Imad to head of Keebs, yikers, 2-1
Jeff for blue, 2-2
Jeff to Gilchrist 60!, 2-3!
New kid, Ray? joins team white
Mario, 3-3
Dom leaves game (white team)
Jeff, 3-4
Chompan for blue, 3-5 contested due to absence of keeper

We left the field at 8:45 to make room for a girls game.  We should try to show up at 7:45 for an 8AM kick off.  The goalie situation without Steve and Doug has been working out OK.  Everyone should be prepared to spend fifteen minutes in goal with both sides switching keepers at the same time.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday May 5

40 and sunny, perfect soccer weather!  We started promptly at 8, but played shorthanded for ten minutes or so.  Brandon Dos Santos played for a while and Vito.  Nets were minded by guys taking turns.

Minor's back, and scores for blue in the 14th minute, 1-0
Cee to Kee for white@ 23rd minute, 1-1
Cee to Kee in the 28th, 1-2
Jay hooks in a corner kick, first in a while for blue :33, 2-2
Mario to Cee, :44, 2-3
Aikaz's shot is blocked but rebound is slammed back by Rosner, for white :52, 2-4
Mike the soccer wizard for white, :54, 2-5
Vito misses and Tomas taps in the rebound for blue, 3-5
Mario :69 3-6
Kaz to Keebs, :70, 3-7
Dominick corner kick to Mike :77, 3-8
Mario, 3-9
Shamu :96, 3-10
Jay to Vito, 4-10
Keeble with a four on one fast break, in the 102st minute, 4-11

We gave up the field at 9:45 for a Waldwick vs. Dos Santos' team game.  I watched for a while, but Waldwick was ahead 3-0 in the first ten minutes so I left.