Thursday, May 28, 2009


After the glorious spectacle that was last Sunday's unofficial, shortened field clash (which would have seen the Red Team go 0-2 in their new jerseys if it was an official game. And I wasn't there Monday, but that was unofficial too), let's get a full-strength affair for this Sunday at 9am. After scoring 8 in his first two games in a Red jersey (although Sunday's hattrick was unofficial), Keeble wonders what more he can do. Apart from not go in goal and let crappy, dribbly 30 yard daisy-cutters through his hands.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


New shirts on display as a large crowd made for a frantic morning's entertainment in harsh, windy conditions.

The old days of Blues v Whites have now given way to a new era of Red v Blue. Just like the classic match-ups: Inter v AC Milan, Liverpool v Everton, Man United v Manchester City, what followed after kick-off wasn't for the weakhearted.

Keeble opened the scoring but Joe equalized for a far post knock in. The two strikers then repeated their antics to level things at 2-2. With both Red and Blue fielding 14 players-a-side, chances were few and far between and the defenders on both sides had to cope with six or seven forwards on each counter-attack. At 4-4, it was anyone's game.

Things got little bad tempered, with the old enemy - offside decisions - stirring things up. The Red defense was certainly at a disadvantage with a string of outfielders taking turns to play 'keeper while the Blue 'keeper looked the part, although I can't remember him having a save to make.

The Blue team pulled away to lead by 9-5 before arguably the goal of the day - a bullet header from Red striker Scott P that would have landed in the Hudson River had the net not stopped it - made in 9-6, and that's how it finished up.

MAN-OF-THE-MATCH: The new jerseys

FINAL SCORE: Azul Angels 9 Scarlet Fever 6

Reds v Blues 5/17

Monday, May 4, 2009


Both Blue and White really put on a show, despite the threat of being overwhelmed by a pre-teen girls team and the incoming rain storm at any given moment.

The score was 2-2 - of this I am sure, and the realistic, justified scoreline doesn't go close to reflecting some of the controlled, free-flowing play exhibited from both sides at times.

Yes, Mike M was back with his league team on a bye, and saying he changes the dynamic of the game is like saying the Yankees bullpen needs a little attention these days. Given his good nature, he would still rather pass that shoot - which is just as well for everyone involved. Steve and Doug between their respective pipes also played their part in keeping the scoreline realistic and made for that real-game feel, Steve in particular the busiest keeper.

New guys were involved too, with new Blue sweeper/midfield general/long shot specialist Ray scoring his first and second goals of his WSS career while Dominic on the white team cleaned up in defense while still cracking in a long shot or two to test Doug's resolve.

But it was the old guys who made the whole morning the event it was. Even after Moe cut his head (an injury that would need 5 stitches) he made a point of apologizing for his initial reaction to a totally non-malicious challenge from Rich. Jay shot wide, often. Ed self-chastised with venom. Frank got stuck in a clash of the titans on the wing with the benevolent Mark Miller. When the teams eventually yielded to the girls' team, they were saturated, but feeling good about themselves with half-a-thought on the bullshit we will all have to pull to get out to the field on Mother's Day next week. The way I see it, if you come back with flowers, it's all good.