Monday, August 25, 2014

Sunday August 24

60 and sunny at game time, it warmed up to 70 but what a beautiful mid summer day for soccer.  30 guys thought so as well, so we had two subs for each team, Steve G in the blue net and Minor in the white.  Marco, Vinny and Justin are our guests today, but I think some of these guys might have become official members.  If you didn't get the email from Rocc, registration is due by this Sunday at the latest.
Teddy left early, not sure why, Jay & Justin left about nine, so sub situation improved.

8:18 guest Vinny for blue, 1-0
8:44 Jake for white, 1-1
8:53 Jeff to Marlen with a no touch by Rocc for blue, 2-1
8:57 Rocco! 3-1
Keebs to Vince for white, 3-2
9:19 Mike the wizard booms one in for white, 3-3
9:22 Jeff 4-3
9:23 Marlen, 5-3
9:25 Keebs, 5-4
9:29 blue corner kick to head of Blond Dave to Eric's foot, 6-4
9:42 Vince to head of Keebs, 6-5
9:45 Mike to Mark Miller! who floats one in, 7-7
10:06 with not many left to play Mario gets one to take it for white, 7-8
Pretty good showing by the blue defense if I say so myself managing to keep the game close in spite of a white offense of Mike, Mario, Jake, Keeble and Vince.  Bobby's games have been stellar!

Next weekend is Labor Day, regular 8AM start, but games after that will be starting earlier.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday August 17

Rainy and cold, 60 degrees, at game time.  Half the team is hiding under the bleachers, but we finally got going with some 31 guys on the field, Doug A in the white net, Steve-O in the blue.  A couple of guests, Vinny & Marco sat out, along with several others and we got things somewhat under control.  10 minutes out isn't too bad a rotation for subs.  Sun came out and it's a beautiful day for soccer.
Lots of goal scoring today. I forgot my score pad, but Keeble, Rocco, Mario among others had goals.

Starting Sept 7, the Sunday after Labor Day, we will start play at 7:30 AM for all of September and into October.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sunday August 10

Sunny and really nice at game time.  Several guests, Julio, Vinny & Marco I think, and later Muhammed.  Doug Adams in the white net, Steve G In the blue.  We started with 11 white vs 12 blues.

8:12 Keeble for white, 1-0
8:18 Tall Dave for blue, 2-0
MMiller switches to blue team
8:47 Jake for blue, 3-0
8:51 Guest Vinny for blue, 3-1
8:58 Guest Marco for white, 4-1
Chompan for white after a corner, 5-1
9:09 Jeff for blue, 5-2
9:11 Jeff for blue, 5-3
MMiller goes back to white
Guest Vinny for blue, 5-4
9:14 George for blue ties it up 5-5
9:18 Guest Vinny, 5-6
9:20 Joakim for blue, 5-7
Jeff, 5-8
Vinny, 5-9
MMiller's friend Mohammed joins the game in civvies and borrowed boots and takes out Jay with a shin to shin.  Niether player is wearing shin guards.
9:36 Guest Marco for white, 6-9
Steve comes out of the goal and Joakim step s in
9:40 Steve Gaw for blue with a serious poke, 6-10
9:43 Jeff 6-11
9:52 Marco, 7-11
9:53 Jake, 8-11
Bobby has to go
9:57 Mario, 9-11, and blue leaves the field to secure the win.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Sunday August 3

Raining when I got up at 7, but just cloudy hot & humid at game time.  25 guys including one guest, new Doug in the white, Doug R in the blue, Steve G in the field.

8:20 Rosner heels it to Mike for white, 1-0
8:24, Rosner to Keeble, 2-0
8:26, Vince for white, 3-0
8:30 Marlen to Rocco for blue, 3-1
8:50 C with a nice long pass to Rocco, to Jay, 3-2
9:00 Eric, who had been the anchor of the blue team, leaves, evening the sides 12 v 12
9:15 Rosner to Mario against no opposition, 4-2
Jake solo for white, 5-2
9:21 Vince puts on a blue jersey giving blue a two man advantage
9:22 Jake to Mario, 6-2
Rosner to Jake, 7-2