Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunday October 26

Sunny and cool at 7:30 game time, maybe six guys showed up on time.  One new guy and Reuben from last week, no keepers, no Keith.  We finally started at 7:50 with ten v ten, Jay showed up and joined the white team, then Shamoo showed up and he joined the white team as well.  The new kid left, Reuben took himself out of the game and Frank came over to the blue team.  In the words of the great Bob Mangione, "The bar is our friend."  The white team hit the cross bar at least a half dozen times today.

7:59 Marlen for blue, 1-0
8:04 Jeff for blue, 2-0
8:05 George heads one in for blue, 3-0
8:14 Marlen to Chompan, 4-0
Jay and Shamoo give the whites a two man advantage'
8:48 Keebs for white, 4-1
8:48 Teddy to Mario for white, 4-2
8:57 Jay bounces one of Bobby for an OG against blue, 4-3
8:59 Jeff 5-3
Reuben out Frank to blue
9:00 Mario to Jay, 5-4
Jay corner kick to head of George, 5-5
9:12 Keebs, 5-6
9:22 Kevin P for blues, 6-6
9:31 Mario to Vince, 6-7
9:34, George for blue, 7-7

And that's it.  Some kids seemed to be gathering for a practice or something, but no there's no pressure to leave the field. I guess an hour and a half of full field short sides tire out the guys.  Next week daylight savings time ends, whatever that means.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday October 19

Another chilly and windy Sunday.  Three of us ready to go at 7:30, when we finally got going we had 9 v 9 and eventually got up to full sides. Doug Adams in the white net, misc field players in for blue.  One new guy, Reuben.

7:57 Mario, 1-0
8:02 Mario, 2-0
8:09 Marlen to Jeff for blue, 2-1
8:18 Jeff pounds one in from deep in the corner, 2-2
8:30 Mario, 3-2
8:33 Mario, 4-2
9:07 Jake, 5-2
9:10, Jake to Mario, 6-2
Rich left the game
9:13 Marlen to Rosner 6-3
9:15 Ros again, 6-4
9:16 Steal by me to Jeff, 6-5
9:18 Jake, 7-5
9:21 Rocco! 7-6
9:23 Mario to Jake, 8-6
9:32 Ros, 8-7
9:34 Jay for white, 10-7
9:40, Jeff 10-8

and that's it.  Some discussion about early starting time ensued. Rocc got testy about no one showing up on time anyway and why are we quitting early when there is no pressure to relinquish  the field, so watch your e mails.

Sunday October 12

40 and clear at game time, 7:30, no one's there except me and Steve.  Eventually we got up to 11 v 11, Steve in the blue net, Doug in the white, one guest.

8:08 Kevin P for blue, 1-0
8:13 Kevin to George, 2-0
8:26 Kevin, 3-0
Dave goes to white, Martin to blue
8:33 Dave to Mario, 3-1
8:44 Mario to Keeble, 3-2
8:55 Keebs on his own, 3-3
8:56 Chompan to George, 4-3
Mario to Jay, 4-4
Keith left the game with strange tingling in his neck,
9:08 George
, 5-4
9:11 Kevin, 6-4
9:18 Kevin 7-4
9:29 Keebs to Mario, 7-5
9:33 Mario to Keebs, 7-6

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday Oct 5

41 degrees and sunny at 7:30 game time, sunny and clear.  Just Bobby and me.  We finally started 11 v 11 and got up to 13 v 13 at one point.  Doug A in the white net, me, then Doug then Steve G in for blue.  Steve was late, he said his train hit a car on the tracks.

7:49 Shamu from outside for white, 1-0 due to poor keeping by me,
8:09 Mark S for white, 2-0
8:10 Jeff for blue as usual, 2-1
8:14 Jake for white, 3-1
8:22 Jeff header, 3-2
8:23 Jeff, 3-3
8:40 Keebs, 4-3
8:45 Eric for white, 5-3
8:51 Steve with a long pass into the corner to Jeff, 5-4
8:56 Bhoot own goal for blue, 5-5
9:19 Jeff, 5-6
Mark S out, Martin out, Chompan goes to white
9:21 Jake corner to head of Kee-Bo, 6-6
9:29 Jeff 6-7
9:32 Vince for white, 7-7
Last goal, for the win: Jake.

Lots of fun today.  Some grumbling about early start even though no one shows up on time, there is no one behind us today.  Watch your e mails for more info.