Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday November 25

Its cold, 30, and windy at 8AM game time.  We stared 10 v 9, full court small goals last man, and even after we got up to 12-11 we stayed with this game.  Johnny and Eddie are here again.
Mu for white, 1-0
Cee for white, 2-0
Will to Jeff to Rocc, called back for offsides
Mu, 3-0
Unknown white player, 4-0
Jeff, 4-1
Mu, 5-2
Mario, 6-2
Vince for blue, 6-3
Jeff, 6-4
then Jeff and Ben had a collision, Jeff down, game over.  The wind was a factor.  Everyone but Will had on their snow suits and it was a little bit of a free-for-all, but fun.  We surrendered the field to the girls highschool team, they are on their way to the state semis.  One way or the other their season will end this week, so we are back to 9AM start for next week.

Friday November 23, Day after T'Giving

10 v 10 shortened field small goals last man back 8AM start lots of fun.  Old friends Ed Mullane and John Horuzy showed up.  Score was back and forth, finally about 10 white 8 blue.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday November 19

The awesome eight arrived at 8 to find the field covered by frost, but the sun is rising and that soon melted away.  We started with ten white vs 9 blue, full court last man shoot in the box.  Steve arrived to fill in at blue keeper, white keeper duty alternated between Will & Ben.  Ben got things started with an end to end scoring drive.  I forgot my note pad so I don't have a score by score tally.  The score was about 4 white to 1 blue when the nine o'clock stragglers showed up and brought the teams up to 12 v 12.  Keebs had a nice one called back because he was outside the box, imagine that.  Rocc had three or four. Imagine that.  For a while it looked like another white route, but the blue meanies rallied and we finished 9 blue 7 white.

Mark your calendars:

Thursday, Thanksgiving: 9am start for the annual Dick Meighan 5K run
Friday, soccer at the usual place, Jerry says he can get some guys, time tbd
Sunday, soccer, time tbd

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday November 11

Two weeks since hurricane Sandy and things are still not right.  It will probably be quite a while.  But its partly sunny, 50 degrees, a perfect day for soccer.  We started 9 v 9, full court, Doug in the blue net, Mark S in the white.

Lightspeed Joe starts it, with a nice feed from Jeff, for blue, 1-0
Jeff, 2-0
Jay, 3-0
Jeff again, 4-0
we discussed trying last man box shoot in the box, but no.  Mark came out of the goal to be replaced by Jamal then Kevin
Mark S to Mario for white, 4-1
Marlen to Jeff, 5-1
Carlos all by himself for white, 5-2
Jamal for white, 5-3 off a bad goal kick by me
Jay with a beautiful pass to the head of Jeff, 5-3
Rocco for blue, 6-3
we had a switch, Lightspeed Joe to white, Mark Forrest to blue,
Mario to Jamal, 6-4
Jeff steals a throw-in, 7-4
Carlos leaves, Mark Forrest leaves
Jay loops one in, 8-4
Jay again, 8-4
Mario, 8-5
water break, then we resumed 8 v 8 shortened field, Doug to the white team, Kevin to Blue,
Jeff, 9-6
Rocc, 10-6
Keith left, bike ride you know,
Jeff, 11-6
Marlen, 12-6
and that was it, we're done at 10:45.  Fair enough, there's a game at 11.  In fact next week we may have to adjust our start time because of the school and league games that were postponed by Sandy.

I want to encourage you all to participate in the annual Dick Meighan 5k run Thanksgiving morning.  It gives you a great excuse for your condition for the rest of the day.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Novemeber 14

I need to get this out of the way so I can commence my recovery.  The storm Sandy was everything they promised and more.  Everyone lost power, trees down everywhere, the shore is decimated, miles long gas lines with odd even rationing.  But many of us are back up, of the 20 who showed up anyway.  So we started at 9AM Eastern Standard Time, a beautiful sunny cool and breezy morning, with 9 white vs 10 blue, Mark S in the blue net, Eric in the white, followed by Kevin and then Jamal.

Jeff to Lightspeed Joe for blue to get off to a good start, 1-0
Imad for white, 1-1
Rocc for blue, 2-1
Dominic shows up and goes to the white side to even up the sides at 10 each,
Rosner for white, 2-2
Mario to Imad, 2-3
Imad puts a corner kick in, helped by the wind a a tap by Mark S, 2-4
Jeff to Jelly with a spectacular leaping twisting header, for blue, 3-4
Dominic pops one in for white, 3-5
Imad all alone, 3-6
Jelly, 4-6
Lots of chippy calls: hands, offsides etc and plenty of collisions but it was a pretty animated match.  We should have traded sides after the break, the wind was a definite factor in favor of the white team.  Jamal's goal kicks were being fielded by Mark S in the penalty box.  10 v 10 on full field means everybody has a lot of opportunity to contribute.  Hope you guys who didn't show up are OK.  See you all next week at 9.