Monday, December 30, 2013

Sunday December 29

30 and overcast at game time. Big rain in the forecast but it held off and it even warmed up a bit. Perfect weather for soccer, but its kind of a thin showing at 8:20 kick-off so we invited a father son group out kicking a ball around to join us.  Eric brought a friend, Barry.  Juan showed up late and brought a friend, Jamal showed up late and brought a friend, so we eventually got up to 25 players.  Keebs is back but his foot hasn't healed completely so he left early. New Doug in the blue net, white players take turns.

Rosner scores on an open net, for white at 8:22, 1-0
Eric comes right back off a corner kick by Jay at 8:23, 1-1
Rosner again, 2-1
Rocco!! 2-2
Shamu for white, 3-2
Jeff gets credit for an own goal, 3-3
Mario, 4-3
Ben for white 5-3
Dominic heads in a corner, 6-3
Rosner bounces one off Eric for an own goal, 7-3
Jeff 7-4
Rosner, 8-4
Juan to Jeff, 8-5
Rosner, 9-5
Jamal off a corner kick for blue at 9:57, 10-5
Miller at10:03 for blue, 11-5
Jeff at 10:07, 11-6

5 for Rosner plus a few more that were dis-allowed but he was guarded by an out of shape & hung over 60 year old.

Supposed to be cold and clear New Year's Day so we'll see you at 8.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thursday December 26, Boxing Day

Cold (29) and grey at game time, and it might have gotten colder as the game went on. Rocc brought Jake, Jay brought Justin, new Doug brought Doug and Will is home from DC.  We also had Brian join us, guest of Miller.  9 v 9 on a shortened field, Doug in the white net, blue took turns.

Miller scored again with a beautiful toe poke, Justin had a hatty, lots of other goals scored, blue wins.

See you Sunday at 8.  There's talk of playing next Wednesday, January 1.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday December 22

Dunno.  Field was still iffy last night, mostly snow covered, but it was a warm night and the field was playable at game time.  But it was raining too, I went to work!

Merry Christmas too all, see you next week.

Apparently the snow melted and the field was clear at game time, 60 plus degrees, overcast.  M Miller reports about 20 or so players showed up, and that he scored a goal.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sunday December 8

I was away, but apparently close to full sides played.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Dec 1

Thanksgiving weekend.  No game on Friday due to continued success of Waldwick's US style Football team.  Today it's cool, 30, but mostly sunny and blessedly not windy.  Warmed up to 40 or so by game's end.  We started kind of late 9 v 9 but soon got up to 12 v 12 with Keith and Steve sharing duties in the blue net, new Doug in for white.  Jake Miller and Will Gilchrist joined us today.  Juan showed up late and joined blue to make it 13 v 12.

Domenic to Mario for white, 1-0
Rocco! for blue, 1-1
Jay corner kick deflected off Domenic who seems to be sitting in as keeper for the play, 1-2
Rosner for white, 2-2
Mario puts back a save by Steve, 3-2
Corner by Blond Dave for a  Rocco! tap in, 3-3
Dom and Rocco! left the game about 9:30
Dave to Jeff for blue, 3-4
Jeff with a solo break away mad dash, 3-5
Jeff to Dave, 3-6
Teddy for white, 4-6
Dave with a shot put in by Jelly, 4-7
Jake with a boomer from the 20, for white, 5-7
Jay to Vince for blue, 5-8
4 guys leave the game, Jerry goes to white,Jake, 6-8
Keith declares it over at 10.

Lots of fouling on the crowded field, but a good time was had by all.  I'm out next week.  If anybody wants to keep score or just send me a few details, I will post.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunday Nov 24

Cold and windy.  I pushed the small goals off the field and they blew back on.  30 mph NW, but sunny, it should warm up. NOT.  It's still 20 as I'm driving home.  The miserable conditions didn't deter 28 or so guys from showing up.  Steve in the blue, regular Doug in the white, no Keith, guest Matt is back, he wants to join up, Steve Palaia.  Keebs and Rich left early, Dimos showed up late and Scott Perkin's nephew came late and joined the white team.

Tomas with a miss put back by Cee for blue, 1-0
Jelly off Bobby for white, 1-1
Steve P for white, 1-2
Steve P, but nobody's quite ready, 1-3
Vince for white, 1-4
Jeff for blue, 2-4
Blond Dave for white, 2-5
Jay for blue, 3-5
Dave again, 3-6
Jelly, 3-7
Mario, 3-8

It's abundantly obvious that the wind is a factor, so we switched sides, leaving Steve to face the wind and keep for white and Doug with the wind at his back to keep for blue.

Steve P, 3-9
Rocco with a Keeble cleanup, 4-9
New kid Matt for blue, 5-9
Steve P, 5-10
Shamu, 5-11
Tomas for blue, 6-11
Mario, 6-12
Jeff, 7-12

Game this Friday, and Sunday of course.  Oysters and Bloodys at my house after the Five K in USR Thanksgiving morning.  Peace.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunday November 17

Overcast and mild, like 50, at game time.  It's Jay Day, so we donned the traditional ceremonial shirts.  When we finally got going we had 9 v 9 including a guest, Matthew, new Doug in the blue net, Keith and then Steve in the white making it 10 v 9.

Shamu for white at 8:19, 1-0
Teddy for white, 2-0
Jay with his traditional ceremonial goal for blue, 2-1
Guest Matt for blue, 2-2
Mario for white, 3-2
Rocco for blue, 3-3
Teddy, 4-3
Dominic for white, 5-3
Mario to Ceebow, 6-3
Keith left the game due to injury so it's back to 9 v 9
Jeff finally gets his shot worked out, for blue, 6-4
Jeff again, 6-5
Rich leaves the game due to injury, it's 9 v 8
Jay to Matt, 6-6
Vince for white, 7-6
Rocco after Marlen's shot hits the post, 7-7
Dominic leaves, Jeff goes to the white side.  We shortened the field a little and continued 8 v 8.
George for blue, 7-8
Jeff for white, 8-8
Mario, 9-8
Vince out,
George, 9-9 to end it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday Nov 10

38 and sunny at game time, and still nice when we finally got underway about 8:20.  We started with 8 v 8 on a shortened field, Steve in the white net, new Doug in the blue.  I guess everybody went to Disneyland to celebrate the teachers convention or Veterans Day or something.  I forgot my score pad, but nearly everybody scored.  The score stayed pretty even throughout the game till the end when Mario put a few in and we ended about 17-14 or so.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday November 3, end of DST

For the record, fall back means that starting at 8 is like starting at 9 last week.  It's 40, windy and cloudy, perfect exempt there's a Waldwick kid's team that is advancing in the tournament schedule and they want to use the field for practice.  They offer us half a field but as more and more players arrive we decided to head on down to Hopper's.  We eventually got underway with 12 v 12 or so, new Doug in the white net, the other doug n for blue.  When Steve arrived he took ove for blue and Doug went into the field.  Late in the game new Doug left so the other Doug took over the white net.  Imad showed up but didn't want to join the over crowding and left.

Rosner corner kick bobbled about and put in by Mu, 1-0
Mu, 2-0
Jeff to Adam or Jeff from Adam for blue skis, 2-1
Ros to Jelly, 3-1
Jeff at home in the infield dirt, 3-2
Mu to blond Dave, 4-2
Marlen for blue, 4-3
Jay to Vince for blue, 4-4
Jay corner bounces of defender Eric, 4-5
Ros hits the post, fields his own rebound and smashes it in off Steve, 5-5
Mario, back from Brasil, 6-5
George for blue, but there is some controversy regarding a possible off sides, but everyone is leaving the field so it must have counted, 6-6.

Once again I want to encourage members of the group to participate in the anual Dick Meighan 5k road race on Thanksgiving morning.  It is a fun and very popular activity.  It kicks off at 9 and even I can finish in a half hour.  This year, due to popular demand, there will be oysters and bloody mary's served in my driveway immediately following my glorious finish.  Members who have run in past races include Miller, (every year),  Mr & Mrs Keeble, Steve Gaw, Vince, John Horuzy, Mark Schwartz.  Shamu participates from the sidelines.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Oct 27

35 clear and a perfect day for soccer.  By quarter after we had enough guys to get going, 8 blue vs 10 whites, last man back shoot in the box rules.

Rosner at 8:22 for white, 1-0
Steve showed up and took over the white goal and Vince joined team blue, so it's 10 v 11, Keith eventually took over keeper for blue and did a great job.
Jay corner to George at 8:25, 2-0
Jeff to Marlen to Roccus!, 2-1
Jay to Ceelo, 3-1
Jeff to Marlen, 3-2
Jeff at 8:45, 3-3
Jimmy, "Jamal the Wall" joins the blue team at 9:00
Minor for blue, 3-4
Marlen for blue at 9:16, 3-5
Rosner to Cee at 9:21, 4-5
Ceebones for his hatty at 9:25, 5-5
Domenic had to go, so it's 10 v 11, blue advantage;
Rocculous!, 5-6
George left, Minor goes to white keeper;
Rosner, 6-6
Rocculous!!!!!, 6-7
Vince left about 9:43;
Ceebones for a hatty plus one!!!!, 7-7
Jeff at 9:52, 7-8
Dave wails one in after a handball call, do over, he wails in another, 8-8.

Tough finish with 9 on 9 full court but a fun time was had by all.  See you next week.  The time changes next week, but no one is able to figure out what effect that has on our starting time.  My vague memory of years past is that we stay at 8 AM until it is too unbearably cold and dark, but watch your e mails.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday Oct 20, Shirt Day!

The new shirts are in!  Here modeled by the lovely Rocco, Franko, Bobbo and Marko, the shirts are once again blue or white and now featuring black accents, raglan sleeves and v-neck.  The fabric is a little lighter than the last issue which should be nice in the heat of the summer. Looking great boys!

Anyway, as you can see its sunny and clear, you can't see that it is cool, 45 or so.  Even though it's shirt day we started with just 22 on the field, regular Doug in the blue net and Steve-O in the white, no guests.

It took a while but Vince finally got the scoring started for white at 8:30, 1-0
Jeff healed a ball back to Marlen at 8:32 for blue, 1-1
Jeff at 8:34, 1-2
Jay corner kick to Jeff at 8:54, 1-3
At 9 Rich took himself out due to last week's pulled hamstring, and Marlen also had to go, so Frank came over to blue to even up the numbers;
Jay to Jeff to Minor, 1-4
Shamu to the head of Keebles for white at 9:09, 4-2
Keeble corner kick to head of Mu at 9:22, 4-3
9:25 Domenic left so white is a player short;
Minor at 9:26, 5-3
High School kid joins white team to even count, he takes off down the wing and even Chompan can't keep up with him,
HS Kid to Vince, 5-4
Rocc & the HS kid left, we continued 9 v 9
Vince ricochetted one off of Doug, 5-5
Jay on his own at 9:43, 6-5
and that's about it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunday Oct 13

Cloudy and cold, (50?) at game time, perfect!  Giuseppe and Doug are back, we started 11 v 11 more or less, new Doug in the white net old Doug in for blue.  Rich pulled a quad on the opening play and took himself out of game.

Lazer Dave for white at 8:14, 1-0
Ceebow for white at 8:19, 2-0
Domenic for white, 3-0
Dave from the 20, another boomer at 8:32, 4-0
Minor to the head of Rocco finally gets blue on the board, at 8:48, 4-1
Dave booms in another at 9:00, 5-1
C at 9:01, 6-1
Rosner arrives and joins the blue team, Rich takes over score pad so I can concentrate on my defense;
Marlen for blue at 9:09, 6-2
Jeff for blue at 9:10, 6-3
Teddy left foots one into the far corner for blue at 9:16, 6-4
Marlen off a corner kick, low grounder, at 9:25, 6-5
Old Doug with the save of the day vs Lazer Dave at 9:21
Tomas to Vince at 9:27, 6-6
Tomas fields his own rebound & puts it in the top of the net for blue at 9:32, 6-7
New Doug comes out of the box and Jeff beats him to the empty net at 9:38, 6-8
At 9:46 Jelly calls to slow ball down, resulting in white turnovers; a couple of guys left, Eric went to the white side to even the sides at 9;
(cheese, tomato paste, white bread, humus, condoms (magnum), shampoo?, peanut butter, pesto)
Jeff, 6-9, and nobody wants to play anymore, we quit ten minutes early.  Resounding recovery by blue.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday October 6

67 degrees completely overcast with slight drizzle: perfect weather for soccer!  We started a little late with 11 v 11.  No Bobby or Frank, Mark S is still in Africa.  Tomas brought a friend, Giuseppe and a kid, Michael.  Dave brought a friend, Mike and a stranger, Doug, showed up and asked to play.  So with Giuseppi in the white net and Doug in the blue, we got going;

Jordan for white, 1-0
Mario for white, 2-0
Jeff for blue, 2-1
Jay for blue, 2-2
Rosner, who's been on fire lately, for white, 3-2
Dave to Jay to Jeff, 3-3
Jeff, 3-4
Guest Mike for blue with a beauty shot from outside, 3-5
Corner by George put in by Guest Mike, 3-6
Rocco to Jay, 3-7
Jay corner to George, 3-8
Jordan to Eric for white, 4-8
Eric to Rosner, 5-8
George heads the ball to Jeff, 5-9
Jeff, 5-10
Dave finally connects, 5-11
Jordan all alone, 6-11
Miller bounces one off the keeper to Mario, 7-11
Mario to Mike the kid, 8-11

Mario says he'll be away for the next couple of games.  Whatever.  Rocc says new shirts should be here by next Sunday. Shirt Day always attracts a big crowd, so let's show up early and start on time.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunday September 29

Not sure what happened last week.  Today is 45 and mostly sunny, perfect!  Domenic is back, first time since an injury on Memorial Day.  We started with 10 white vs 9 blue full court, Steve in the blue net, Bobby and others in the the white.

Jay to Keeble for white at 8:23, 1-0
Teddy for blue, 1-1
Ceebow for white, but I think he was offsides, 2-1
Jeff comes right back for blue, 2-2
Rosner booms one in for white at 8:47, 3-2
Jeff again at 8:57, 3-3
Ros again at 9:00, 4-3
Mario corner kick tapped in by Miller!, 5-3
Ros to Mario, brilliant save by Steve, rebound tapped in by Yo, 6-3
Ros to Yo, 7-3
Miller comes over to the blue side making it 10 v 9
Jeff at 9:15, 7-4
George to Marlen, 7-5
Yo to Keebs, 8-5
Dom to Jeff, 8-6
Dom & Teddy left, we continued 8 v 9, still full court
Ros with another boomer, 9-6
Mario puts upa floater over Steves head, 10-6
Marlen, 10-7
4 on 0 fast break by white, Mario scores!, 11-7
Yo, 12-7

We're all pretty tired and quit before 10.

A couple of weeks ago Keith pulled a Mario on Mario himself, passing the ball between the great one's  legs.  I was able to capture this real time image of the historic event:

See you next week.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sunday September 15

44 and sunny at game time, it's still only 61 as I write this, simply sublime soccer weather.  We started 9 v 10 with Doug in the blue net, Steve arrived and took over the white net to make it 11 v 9, so Danny came over to the blue side.  Dimos showed up today, first time since April.  We're underway about 8:15:

Marlen for blue after a corner kick by Jeff and several valiant saves by Steve, at 8:34, 1-0
Imad showed up and joined the whities;
Rosner to Ceebow at 8:42 for white, 1-1
Marlen with a nice cross to Jeff, 2-1
Shamoo leaves the game with a bum fin, evening up the sides at 10 v 10
Mario at 9:12, 2-2
Jeff at 9:30, 3-2
Rich leaves the game so blues are down a guy
Rosner bangs one through the hands of Doug at 9:34, 3-3
Rosner leaves the game
Mario at 9:38, 3-4
So with 9v9 we institute the white line rule which is kind of a bitch;
Jeff at 9:41, 4-4
Jeff at 9:51, 5-4
Imad with a beauty cross to head of Ceebow at 9:54, 5-5

We played on for a while with lots of offsides plays by the whities and quit about 9:10.

Once again I will urge players to respect one another's health and welfare.  There are certain players amongst us who are bangers and its hard for me, a former but now older, kinder and gentler banger, to criticize anyone's game, but we all have to work tomorrow.  Except me. I'm off to OCMD for a week, then to DC to visit Willy the Kid.  If anyone cares to make a record of next weeek's match, go ahead and post it here, or e mail it to me and I will post it throught the miracle that is the internet (thanks Shamoo)  For the record, Ceebones has the balls.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sunday September 8

Beautiful morning, warmer than it's been.  We started 10 v 10 and got up to 25 guys, George, Marlen, and George are back, and Shamoo is back from France.  No Jelly, Dave or Ben.

Steve showed up to man the net for white, field players did ten minute stints in the blue net.

Tomas for blue, 1-0
Rocco to Chompan for a miss, Jeff taps it in for blue, 2-0
Chompan gets one, 3-0
Vince digs out from the baseline and makes a tough turnaround pass to Jon Billow for white, 3-1
Jeff for blue, 4-1
Lazer Dave to Vince, 4-2
Marlen to Rocco, 5-2
Mark Schwartz left the game due to a pulled muscle ay 9:10
Mario, 5-3
Keebus left the game without having scored, also due to injury at 9:24
Rocco, 6-3
George to Rocco, 7-3
Mark Miller to Jeff, 8-3
George, 9-3
Late water break and we attempted to continue 9 v 9, but no real enthusiasm, Rocc scored and we quit.

Keith asked me to mention the "We all have to work tomorrow" rule, and I have brought it up in the past.  We have banned slide tackles and we might have to consider some restrictions on contested headers.  It's certainly part of the game but one with great risk of real injury.  Discuss.

A word about Shamoo.  He's just back from a week's drinking safari in Europe.  I can just barely get out to AB&G for a few pints with the boys on my birthday.  A week in France with the sole purpose of drinking from morning into the late night, day after day. Damn.  Just damn.  Scott wins.  He's tall and handsome, athletic, drives a Mercedes, discovered the internet, quite a guy.  And all these photos of beautiful women's bottoms?  Yes, I took the photos, but all the women were provided by Scott.  When I grow up, I want to be Scott.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sunday Sept 1, Labor Day Weekend

Overcast and muggy today.  We're joined by Brandon Dossantos and Justin Mihalnec, Tomas is back from Italy, no Marks, no Kieth, no Mu.  We started about 10 v 10, nobody in the white ent and Dave Das in for blue;
Tomas on an empty net for blue, 1-0
(Frank jumps in net)
Cee for blue, 2-0
Jay with a short corner kick to Rosner to Tomas, 3-0

Then Doug and Steve showed up, Doug went white, Steve blue, and we agreed to reset;

Justin to Keeble for a tap-in at 8:40, for white, 1-0
Blonde Dave showed up bringing the sides up to 13 each,
C for blue, but denied due to an alleged foul on Dave,
Teddy for white at 9:00, 2-0
Jeff left the blues so Dave came over for balance;
Brandon gets one for white at 9:27, 3-0
Imad for blue, 3-1
(thunder and light rain, lightning alarms in the distance);
Dave to Jay? (pad is wet and smearing) --no Dave to Jamal for an own goal, 3-2
Jay to Imad to Cee, 3-3
Mario, 4-3 and its raining too hard to continue.

Game tomorrow?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday August 25

The delightful weather trend continues.  This morning it's 56 at my house and the field is covered with dew.  I figured we'd have more than enough players, but we started at quarter after eight 10 v 10, Doug in the white net, me in for blue.  Steve showed up to take over and make it 10 v 11.

Dan to Keeble (back from England) tap in at 8:42 for white, 1-0
Jeff comes right back for blue, at 8:43, 1-1
Jay for blue at 8:46, 1-2
Jay free kick to Chompan during a dispute over a possible foul at 9:10, 1-3
followed by a water break.  Shamoo is out with a pulled calf and Teddy has a piggy boo-boo so they both left the game.  M Schwartz came over to the blue side to even up the sides and we shortened the field.
Imad for white at 9:17, 2-3
Imad to Dan at 9:22, 3-3
Vince finally puts one in for blue after hitting the post several times, at 9:23, 3-4
Danny to head of Keeble, 4-4
Vince apparently has his shot calibrated, at 9:32, 4-5
Vince, 4-6
Imad banks one of the feet of Keeble at 9:40, 5-6
Imad corner kick to Keeble, 6-6
Blond Dave for blue, 6-7
After a scrum in front of the blue net, the ball pops out and Miller pops it back over the heads of all, from the 23 yard line, 7-7

Jerry said he got about 20 to show up Thursday night.  Everybody should have their money in to Rocco by now, he will be ordering new shirts shortly.  I came across a different concept in soccer attire: painted on uniforms.  We might consider this an option, but it probably wouldn't work in the colder months.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunday August 18

After a week of mid September weather, its cool and overcast this morning, perfect!  Lots of us felt the same way, we got up to 14 blue vs. 13 white.  Steve in net for white, ten minute stints in the net for blue.  Jamal is back, also Eddie, Bob Hurt, Imad, Joakim.  Laser Dave and Mike the Wizard are both on the white team, seems grim, but...

Imad for blue at 8:33, 1-0
Jeff with a nice cross to head of Eric for blue at 8:35, 2-0
Imad at 8:38, 3-0
Ted from the top of the key with a screamer for white at 8:44, 3-1
Jay for white after a corner kick at 8:53, 3-2
Blond Dave to Rocco at 9:09, 4-2
Ben to Jeff at 9:16, 5-2
Imad at 9:24, 6-2
Eddie left the game so Eric went to the white team to even up the sides
Jay, 6-3
Bob Hurt to Jeff to Rocco, 7-3
Blond Dave to Vince with a beauty, 8-3
Corner kick by Dave to Bob to Vince finally put in by Chompan, 9-3
Jay, 9-4
Jeff, 10-4
Mario at 9:55 due to keepers indifference, 10-5
Imad with a long cross to Vince, at 9:55, 11-5
Jeff to Vince, 12-5

So another really fun day of soccer.  Jerry has secured a field for the next ten Thursday nights and he could use a couple of more players.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday August 11

Clear and cool, 58 at Frank's house, a perfect day for soccer.  We started a little late 11 v 11.  Friends Joakim, Imad and Bobby are back today.  Doug in the blue net and after a while, Steve in for white, eventually we got up to 12 v 12.

Jon Billow to Jelly for white at 8:20, 1-0
Jelly to Mario at 8:24, 2-0
Jeff for blue at 8:28, 2-1
Lazer Dave shows up and joins the whities, Blond Dave goes home;
Jeff at 9:33, 2-2
Ted, who was doing all the work for the blue team, left so Eric comes over to blue
Jeff at 9:42, 2-3
I dished a clear to Jay who took it in for a score.  The whole blue offense was offsides but had no effect on the play, but the whites offered no defense, goal counts, 2-4
Mario, clearly offsides, but the goal counts, 3-4
Imad gets his act together and puts one in for blue to end the game, 3-5

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday August 4

Relatively cool and clear for a midsummer morning, a great day for soccer.  We had 12 v 12 today without regulars Keebs, Jay, Frank & Mark S.  Doug in the white net, Steve in for blue.

Shamoo for white at 8:35, 1-0
Corner kick by Blond Dave to head of Vince for blue at 8:37, 1-1
Rocc with a great cross to Jeff who missed, Cee missed and Dave puts it away, 9:03, 1-2
Water break, Eddie arrives and joins the white team.
Corner by Ted to Laser Dave but scored by Shamoo, 9:24, 2-2
Rocco! at 9:27, 2-3
Mario, 3-3
Mario, 4-3
Jeff to Vince, 4-4
Shamoo, 5-4
Mario, 6-4
Jeff, 6-5

Another nice game, pretty close until the blue defense wore out.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday July 28

Completely overcast and forecast is for rain, but by 8:09 we had enough guys to get going, and soon after we had 24.  Steve in the white net, blue team took turns keeping, fifteen minutes each seems to work pretty good.

Mario for white, 1-0
Keebs with a lob over the charging keeper for white, 2-0
Jeff for blue, 2-1
Ted to Chompan, 2-2
Mario from the 30 yard line, 3-2
Shamu to Jeff, 3-3
Jeff, 3-4
Jeff, 4-4
Kevin Shrout OG against white, 4-5
Kevin puts in a Kee Corner Kick to neutralize the damage, 5-5
Blond Dave taps one in for blue, 5-6

Great game today, nobody left early for yoga lessons or anything else.  12 v 12 is a good number, not too crowded.  No injuries, no fights, hot but not too hot, just a lot of good soccer.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday July 22

After a seven day heat wave, it's still hot, maybe a little less so.  Frank's back from Italy, Mark S is back from England, Jerry's kids and Jerry are here so we played with 22 guys, 10 white vs 12 blue it seems.  No professional keepers today.

Shamoo for white @ 8:16, but blue defense wasn't ready, 1-0
Mike for white @ 8:19, blue still isn't ready. 2-0
Eric to Jay for blue @ 8:28, 2-1
Adam with a corner kick to head of Blond Dave @ 8:31, 2-2
Teddy for white, 3-2
Rocco's cross to Jelly goes in by itself!  3-3
Mike, 4-3
Water break.  Joe shows up and joins the blue side, but it's 10 vs 13, so he goes white.
Dave to Rocco! 4-4
Dave with a left, 4-5
Mario for white, 5-5
Yo to Mu, 6-5
Yo to Vince, 7-5

We made it past 10 today.  Registrations are due for the next season, get yer money in by July 31.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday July 14

After a week of hot with constant chance of storms we're about to embark on another heat wave.  But today isn't too bad to start, it got  hot later.  We started late, maybe 9 v 9, new kid Dave Das is back.  Eventually we got  23 players without Mark, Mark, Jay or Keith.  We started with Doug keeping for blue, nobody for white, then Bobby stepped in and Steve finally arrived.

Yo to Mu with a nice little pirouette move for white, 1-0
Jeff on an empty net for blue,  1-1
Keeblue scores on Bobby, 1-2
(Steve shows up @ 8:30)
Keeblue again, 1-3
Mike with a nice steal, to Mike for blue, 1-4
Rocco! for blue, 1-5
Mike, 1-6
Halftime @ 9.  We switched George from blue for Rich and Big Blond Dave arrived and joined the whites.
Scott Rosner for white, 2-6
Mu-mu again, 3-6
Mike, 3-7
Mike, 3-8
Vince for blue, 3-9
Rosner again, 4-9
Tomas to Vince, 4-10
Ros with a one on one lob over Doug's reach, 5-10
Rosner gets a hatty and nobody wants to play any more, but we almost made it to 10.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday July 7

And the hot weather continues.  There was a meeting of some members on the 4th, 12 or 14 guys is about all I know.  Today we started late, but had as many as 23 players at one point.  New kid Dave invited by Mike.  Nets were tended by field players trying to conserve energy.  It's damn hot.

Mario to Jay at 8:32 for white, 1-0
Keeble to Mario who bounces it off the post and then puts in the rebound, at 8:33, 2-0
Minor for blue, 2-1
Jeff for blue, 2-2
Rocco! for blue, 2-3
Half time water break at 9:00
Jeff with a keeblesque tap-in after some confusion between Kevin & Keith, 2-4
Jeff again, 2-5
Mario, 3-5
New Guy Dave, 4-5

And that was about all we could take. We quit early, but it's hot.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunday June 30

Another hazy hot and humid one.  We started late with 9 v 9, Doug in the blue net, no one in the white, Keith wearing his blue shirt, Bobby his white.

Rocc on an open net, for blue, 1-0
Jay to Keeble for white, 1-1
Minor off a long kick from Doug on an open net, 2-1
Minor open net, 3-1
Mike to Chompan for blue, 4-1
Minor to Mike, 5-1
Minor to Mike, 6-1
Mike to Rocc, 7-1
Minor, 8-1

Drink break.  The sides got up to 10 v 10 and white put some players in the net but the sides are obviously unbalanced.  After the break the blue team takes the north side of the field, leaving Doug behind to keep for the white team.  M Schwartz keeping for blue.

Minor to Cee to Rocc, 9-1
Ted for white, 9-2
George for white, 9-3
Rocc to Cee, 10-3
and that's it.  We finished a little early, but its damn hot and short sides means everyone got to run a lot.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunday June 24

First Sunday of the summer and its very summery, as in hot.  We started full court 8 v 8, Doug in the blue net, Steve showed up a little later and tended for white.

Kee to Jeff, for blue, 1-0
Cee cleans up after a corner kick for blue, 2-0
Ted on a 4-0 fast beak pops one in from the 35 for white, 2-1
At 8:39 we moved the goals up to the ten yard lines, 9v9 or 9v10 on the full field in full sun is too much work;
Mario for white, 2-2
Brandon for white, 2-3
Mike the soccer wizard joins the blue team;
Mike,, 3-3
Jeff bounces a corner kick of a white defender for a score, 4-3
Minor for blue, 5-3
Marlin to Jeff, 6-3
Mike to Rocco!, 7-3
Brandon to Shamuster, 7-4
Mike, 8-4
Mark Schwartz for white, 8-5
Jeff takes a corner kick, Marlin pops it right out of the air into the back of the net, 9-5
Kee, 10-5
Cee to Rocco!, 11-5
Brandon to Jay, 11-6
Jay, 11-7
Rosner for white, 11-8
Mike, 12-8
Jeff, 13-8, and that does it.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunday June 16, Father's Day

Beautiful day, cool, partly cloudy, but lots of mother fuckers decided to stay home today.  We started on a shortened field 8 v 8, Mark S in the blue net, nobody in for white.  Steve showed up to keep for white and a few others showed up, but we stayed on the short field with maybe 19 guys.

Robb Mangione for blue on an untended goal, 1-0
Jon Billow to Keeble for white, 1-1
Minor for blue, 2-1
Rosner for white, 2-2
JG (me!) for blue, 3-2
Mario for white, 3-3
Dave for blue, 3-4
Minor, 4-4
Mark Schwartz comes out of the net and scores for blue, 5-4
Brandon DoSantos for white, 5-5
Brandon to Dave, 5-6
Keeble, 5-7
Tomas for blue, 6-7
M Miller for white, 6-8
Mario, 6-9
Keebs, 6-10
Guys are tired and sitting out, we continue 6 v 9
Carlos for blue, 7-10
Dave comes over to blue
Tomas, 8-10
I scored another but didn't write it down, so 9-10.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday June 9

Beautiful sunny morning.  We started with short sides, last man, inside the box rules, but quickly got up to 23 or so guys.  Birthday boy Steve in the white net spotted by Mark S for a while. Tomas, Minor, Vince, even Juan and Rocco in the blue net.  I forgot my score pad but white had like six goals before blue scored one.  Mark Miller had one for white, putting back a miss by Jay.  Keeble floated one over the outstretched arms of Juan, for white.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday, June 2

Beautiful day: not too hot, nice breeze, but nobody showed up. Eight v Eight at its peak, stupid little goals on the 10 yard lines. Better than nothing, but surprisingly poor turn-out means those of you that didn't come are rubbish. No score reports because it was rubbish little goals.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

Beautiful clear cool morning. 14 guys including Steve Palaia and Brandon Dos Santos, short field lacrosse nets.  We played into exhaustion.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday May 26, Mem Day Weekend

45 at game time, windy and sunny, perfect!  Doug and Vince are back, Jake woke up on time, and we started with 8 v 8 or so but soon got up to 13 v 13, Doug in the blue net, Keith and others in for white.  Lots of the old back and forth till:

ROCCO @ 8:42 for blue, 1-0
Then Mu-mu comes right back at 8:43, 1-1
Jay's miss is tapped in by ROCC!!! 2-1
Lazer Dave for blue, 3-1
Jeff for blue @ 9:08, 4-1
Tomas for blue, 5-1

Keith invoked the 3 goal rule, so Doug goes to tend the white net, and we continue 12 v 14,

ROCCO doesn't mind the odds at all and places a beautiful cross to Jeff @ 9:33, 6-1
Vince gets one for the white, 6-2
Mark Schwartz booms one in from outside the box for white @ 9:40, 6-3
Keebs shows up, finally,  for white, 6-4
Jeff @ 10:10 for blue, 7-4
Minor for blue, 8-4

Blue wins one.  Will announced that today is his last game for a while, he is moving to Washington DC next weekend, new job starts on the 2nd.  Good luck to Will!   He has been playing with us since he was 14!

Game tomorrow.  I'll be in DC next week, so someone else should keep score.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunday May 19

Drizzly, 50, perfect.  We started 6 v 6, shortened field with lacrosse nets for goals.  New kid Ray is second one to show up.  As more folks arrived we moved the goals back.  When it got up to 10 v 10 we put the lacrosse nets in the big goals and played without keepers.  Juan came late and brought his own heckling section.

My pad was a little wet so my notes aren't perfect:

Mario for white, 1-0
Tomas for blue, 1-1
Eric to Jeff for blue, 1-2
Ray for white, 2-2
Ray, 3-2
OG, not sure who or why
Minor for blue, 3-3
Ray, 4-3
Mario, 5-3
Mario, 6-3
Rocco for blue, 6-4
blue, 6-5
Tomas for blue, 6-6
Ray, 7-6

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday May 12

Happy Mothers' Day Bitches.  Rainy morning, but sunny at game time, perfect!  We tried to get going promptly on time, but it took a while to get up to full sides.  We may have had 22 or 23 players at the most.

Imad starts things off with a shot from way outside on an untended net, for white, 1-0
Own goal for blue, not sure who gets it, Jelly was closest but it wasn't his shot, 1-1
Corner kick by Imad to head of Keebs, yikers, 2-1
Jeff for blue, 2-2
Jeff to Gilchrist 60!, 2-3!
New kid, Ray? joins team white
Mario, 3-3
Dom leaves game (white team)
Jeff, 3-4
Chompan for blue, 3-5 contested due to absence of keeper

We left the field at 8:45 to make room for a girls game.  We should try to show up at 7:45 for an 8AM kick off.  The goalie situation without Steve and Doug has been working out OK.  Everyone should be prepared to spend fifteen minutes in goal with both sides switching keepers at the same time.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday May 5

40 and sunny, perfect soccer weather!  We started promptly at 8, but played shorthanded for ten minutes or so.  Brandon Dos Santos played for a while and Vito.  Nets were minded by guys taking turns.

Minor's back, and scores for blue in the 14th minute, 1-0
Cee to Kee for white@ 23rd minute, 1-1
Cee to Kee in the 28th, 1-2
Jay hooks in a corner kick, first in a while for blue :33, 2-2
Mario to Cee, :44, 2-3
Aikaz's shot is blocked but rebound is slammed back by Rosner, for white :52, 2-4
Mike the soccer wizard for white, :54, 2-5
Vito misses and Tomas taps in the rebound for blue, 3-5
Mario :69 3-6
Kaz to Keebs, :70, 3-7
Dominick corner kick to Mike :77, 3-8
Mario, 3-9
Shamu :96, 3-10
Jay to Vito, 4-10
Keeble with a four on one fast break, in the 102st minute, 4-11

We gave up the field at 9:45 for a Waldwick vs. Dos Santos' team game.  I watched for a while, but Waldwick was ahead 3-0 in the first ten minutes so I left.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday April 21

Sunny & chilly, 30' to 40's, perfect!  Next week we get bumped by the annual 5k road race and next week is my 60th birthday, so the boys decided to make today's game in my honor.  By the time the game got going there were over 30 guys.  Steve came with a whistle and did a little reffing which was hilarious.  Speaking of time, our Senior Soccer Memorial digital clock is up!  Thanks Rocc!  So with Gilchrist 60 shirts on we got going, Keith in the white net, Tomaso, Joakim & George took turns in the blue:

Jeff for blue, 1-0
Jay to Steve Palaia for blue, 2-0
Dom for white with a with-the-wind floater at 8:34, 2-1
Mario for white at 8:35, 2-2
Imad at 8:37, 2-3
Dimos to Jeff at 8:45, 3-3
Jeff at 8:46, 4-3
Dimos with a long shot at 8:49, 5-3
Marlin to Geoge for blue at 9:00, 6-3
Steve P at 9:09, 7-3, Keith had his back to the game so the shot was uncontested.  Keith took exception to a comment about his keeping so Steve Gaw went into the white net.
Rocco! at 9:12, for blue, 8-3
Tomas for blue at 9:33, 9-3
Imad for white at 9:39, 9-4

Late in the game Jay & Dimos tried to set me up to score, but I missed badly.  It was enough of a treat to have the whities let the blues win for a change.  After the game a half dozen of us had a nice lunch at the AB&G.

Next Sunday's game is undecided.  Last year we played against the Latino teams at Traphagen.  Mark says we may be able to use a field in Ridgewood, or maybe join the boys in Ramsey, or maybe run the race.  There is another race next Saturday that I can recommend.  It is in Saddle River, starting at the police station, going up the West Road to Upper Cross, than down the East Road.  Last year was the first running of this race and it was very successful.  The course is pretty flat in fact the final mile is down hill.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday April 14

40's and cloudy, perfect morning for soccer.  We started a little short handed, 10 white vs 8 blue, but Dom & Laser Dave showed up to even the sides.  Shamu is back from spring orca training in Hawaii, no Mario.   Doug in the white net, Mark S. then Eric in the blue. A fellow named Diego joined the white team at about half time.

Dave with a corner kick to Domenic, for blue, 1-0
Adam to Shamu, 1-1
Dave bounces one off the upright and then puts it in, 2-1
Jay to Imad, 2-2
Jeff for blue, 3-2
Dom left, Keebs goes blue;
Imad, 3-3
Imad 3-4
Rocco! on an open net for blue, 4-4
Imad 4-5

So Bagel Joe gets it done late in the game. I don't know where he gets his stamina.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sunday April 8

40 and overcast, perfect.  With Tomaso and Robb we started 11v11, Keith in the white net, Steve in for blue.  Dimos is back and so is Rich for the second week.

Dom, all by himself, for white, 1-0
Mario to Jay for white, 2-0
Aikaz showed up and joined the blue team
Robb returns an errant throw by Keith for blue, 2-1
Dom left for a birthday party and the blue team has a two man advantage
Tomaso to Imad, 3-1
Eric to Mark Miller! 4-1
Jeff all by himself for blue, 4-2
Jay & Tomas with a two on none breakaway, 5-2
Imad with a one on none, 6-2
George heads in a corner taken by Robb, 6-3
Jeff for blue as white is switching keepers, 6-4
Jay to Imad on another two on none, 7-4
Imad, 8-4
Steve comes out, Aikaz goes in, Rich goes home, Dimos goes out
Robb to Jeff, 8-5
Imad to Ceebow, 9-5
Eric, 10-5

The sun came out and we continued 8 v 8 full court for a while longer but finally quit a little early.  See you next week.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sunday March 31, Easter Sunday

Just a touch of frost on the turf this morning, a perfect day for soccer.  Tomaso is back, Robb Mangione joined us, and old friend Rich Hymson is back after many moons.  Altogether we had 30 guys show up.  We managed to get the substitution thing working, even Jay and Mario took their turns on the bench.  Steve in the white net, assorted field players in the white.

Keeble from Jay, on an open net for white, 1-0
OG by white  keeper Eric. 2-0
Scott Rosner to Joe D for white, 3-0
Mario corner kick to Keeble while the blue team was making defense substitutions, 4-0
Corner kick by Minor to Jeff for blue, 4-1
Keeble, 5-2
Imad to Rosner while the blue team was changing keepers, 6-2
Jay, 7-2
Jeff to Jelly for blue, 6-3
Corner kick taken by Jay shot in by Imad, 8-3
Jay off corner kick, 9-3
Keeble, 10-3
Jamal, 11-3
Rosner to Keeble, 12-3
Jamal, 13-3
Keeble, 14-3
Dave for blue, 14-4
Jamal, 15-4

Late in the game Mario came off the bench and went in for blue.  The blue team winning streak ends at 4.  I'm not sure why we did so poorly, I think it has to do with the defensive combination of Jamal, Joe D., Keith and Frank.  Whatever.  See you next week.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunday March 24

Late announcement of 8 o'clock start time, but we still had enough guys to play.  It's cold, but clear, probably would be real nice an hour later.  Big surprise is Doug in the blue net, Steve is back and tending the white net.

Light-speed Joe scores one for blue to get things started, 1-0
A hand ball by me leads to a free kick by Mario finally scored by Will for white, 1-1
Eric's friend Tomaso joined the blue team, LS Joe left complaining of a pulled muscle,
Jeff to Rocco! for blue, 2-1
Keebs gets one past the sun-blinded Doug, for white, 2-2
Keebs follows up with a corner kick to the head of Jonny Billow, 2-3
So around nine o'clock the clueless start to arrive and we went from a tough 10 v 11 game to 14 a side. Jay brought his son Justin and Juan brought his friend again.
Tomas to Jeff, 3-3
Keebs again! 3-4
Minor gets one for blue, 4-4
Jeff, 5-4
Rocco! hits the post and Minor taps it in, but no score, off-sides, or something.  Whatever.  Blue wins again.

It seems the eight o'clock start and crowding will be the new normal for a while.  Please be ready to play at 8, and we'll cap the teams at 13 per side.  In a substitution situation, subs will sit out for ten minutes, then re enter the game.  Everybody will sit, including Jay and Mario, and no one will sit twice until everyone has sat out once.  It is probably not a good time to invite guests, but if you do please make it clear that they will have to leave the game if there are 26 paid members in attendance.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday March 17, St Pat's

It snowed all day Saturday with not much accumulation.  Sunday it's cold, like 28, windy and cloudy, but a bunch of guys trickled in. The field has a light crusting of snow. By the time we reached maximum numbers there was 28 of us.  But it's too cold for subbing, everybody's in.  No professional keepers today, field guys stepped in at both ends.  We had a few guests, Jake Miller, Kevin Palaia, Juan's amigo and a blonde kid I didn't recognize.

We started short sided, last man, shoot in the box;
Rocco! for blue on an open net, 1-0
Minor for white, 1-1 after a bad goal kick by me,
Minor, 1-2
Jeff for blue, 2-2
Rocco!, 3-2
Marlin for blue, 4-2
Jeff hooks one in, into the wind, 5-2
Jeff, 6-2
Jelly taps in a cluster fucker after a corner, for white, 6-3
Mario pounds one in from the top of the key for white, 6-4
Jeff, 7-5
George with a nice one for blue, 8-5
Rocco! for the St Patty hatty, 9-5

The day got warmer and the snow melted off, a grand time was had by all.  Can't wait for next week.  Blue Meanies on a three game streak!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday March 10

Friday it snowed all day leaving us with 4 or 5" of heavy wet snow.  Saturday it is sunny and 50, perfect spring thaw weather.  By noon it's looking grim: the field is still completely covered, but by six  the field is more or less clear, game on!  Sunday it's sunny but a little cold with the clock change early start.  Any clods of snow that were left on the field refroze into solid lumps.  We kicked and crunched at the snow for a while then the game got started.  Doug is back and he took over the white net.  Blue goal was tended by Eric, Minor and then Will.  We had as many as 26 guys today, Juan brought a friend but I didn't catch his name.  No Marks, Frank, Jamal or Imad.

Mario launched a corner kick to the head of Mu for an emphatic beginning to the scoring, for white, 1-0
Jeff for blue, 1-1
Corner kick by Ted tapped in by Jelly, for white, 2-1
George for blue, 2-2 after a long goal kick by Minor to Eric
Rocco! for blue, 2-3
Jeff, 2-4
Keebers, for white, 3-4, what a SHOT!
Minor, 3-5

Nice win for the bluesies, second week in a row.  By the end of the game it was nice and warm, all the snow was gone.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday March 3

Cloudy, cold and windy at the start but it got nicer later.  No professional keepers today, the nets were manned by field players.  Moe is back after six months!  I think we had as many as 26 guys today.

Jeff starts it off, for blue, before the whities had their keeper act together, 1-0
Imad with a nice cross to Dom who pounds it in right out of the air, for white, 1-1
Minor for blue, 2-1
Minor for blue, 3-1
Jelly for blue, 4-1
Joe D, who had been anchoring the blue defense, leaves the game
Mario for white, 4-2
Mike the soccer wizard, for white, 4-3
Mario, on his fourth corner kick attempt in a row finally bounces one off the face of Keeble, 4-4
Shamu for white, 4-5
Eric to Jelly, 5-5
Jeff, 6-5

So blue wins one.  I think a lot of credit goes to Jelly's boys Dave & Ben who really helped on defense.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday February 24

40 and cloudy, perfect!  So after a month of no soccer 21 guys showed up to play today.  The field is clear but damp.  Steve in the blue net, Keith, Eric & Will took turns for white.

Dom starts it off, for white, 1-0
Mike gets one for white, 2-0
Jeff for blue, 2-1
Jeff bounces a corner kick off Jerry's head, 2-2
Rocc comes right back with a shot on open net, for blue, 2-3
Keeble smashes one in from outside the penalty box! for blue, 2-4
Mike taps in a cluster fucker, 3-4
Imad for white, 4-4
Dom again, 5-4
Jeff ties it up, 5-5
Eric scores for white while Steve is off shagging balls, 6-5
Imad bounces a corner kick off the head of Mario, 7-5
Keebs and Mike leave early
Jeff gets another, 7-6
Imad, 8-6
Minor for blue, 8-7
Mario pokes one into the corner, 9-7

Nice to be back on the full court, see you next week.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday February 17

The last two Sundays we have been snowed out.  Winter storm Nemo left us with a foot, and it has been slowly melting over the last week.  Today it's cold and windy with less than half the field exposed. Not exactly perfect, but we got a full team of guys to show up.  5v6 with hurdles as goals, it was nice to run around again.  Lets hope the thaw continues and we can get back to some full court action next week.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunday Jan 27

Thanks to Mu-Mu for last week's re-cap.  I understand the weather was brutal this week, it was really nice in Florida.  Anyway, Sunday morning it's still cold, like 16, but clear.  Friday's inch of snow miraculously dissolved so it's game on.  13 v 13 despite conditions, Steve takes the white net because the blue end of the field is still a little icy.  Light-speed Joe and later Minor played keeper for white.  Jay's back, limping, Mario's back.

Vince to Jeff, for blue, 1-0
Rocc to Jay tapped in by Vince, 2-0
Jay with a free kick, 3-0
Keebs for white, 3-1
Mike to Keebs, 3-2
a couple of white players left so LS Joe goes to the white side to even up the numbers, if not the competitiveness of the blue team;
Ceebow for white, 3-3
Jamal to Keebs, 3-4
Marlen to Jay, 4-4
Keebs to Bobby for an OG, 4-5
Mario, all alone, 4-6

All-in-all a nice match.  Keebs if apparently off his bacon. When the sun got a little higher and the breeze abated it was actually pretty nice.

I haven't had the opportunity to do a new years review of the rules, and I don't feel like it today either.  The first rule is "No slide tackling, we all have to go to work tomorrow."  In that spirit I think we have to consider a new rule on heading the ball when going against another player.  There is tremendous opportunity for injury there, I think we see it every game.  I took a shot to the head last year and it has effected my vision even now, months later.  I don't know how this can be regulated, especially with corner kicks, but it should be discussed.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1/23, A Day Without a Gilchrist is like a Day Without Sun (As told by Shamu)

At 9:00 a.m. we had close to 16 guys but by the start of the game we had more than 22. That is a good thing because I am not sure we would know what to do with all the extra space. Doug was in the White goal and Steve in the Blue goal. As promised, Keeble did wear shorts “como un hombre.” However, his “let’s get physical” leggings, er… socks, were pulled up over his knee to avert the cold. Well, it couldn’t have been that cold because Scott Rosner showed up. He only plays if the temperature is over 45 degrees. Apparently, he freezes up like the Tin Man in need oil below 45 degrees.

The scoring –

Mark Miller to Shamu – White 1-0
Mike to the cross bar and the rebound…Shamu – White 2-0
Somebody on blue scored
George to Shamu –

Now, here is where is got fuzzy –

Jeff had a least two for blue with one assist coming from Mainer
Bagel Joe had about 3 for White
Maybe Miller to Rosner who fakes it and lets it go through his legs to Shamu for a white goal
Eric F. had a header from Jeff  for blue
George switched teams – header from a corner for blue
It is quite possible that Snarky Mark had a goal.
Vince takes a shot and hits Doug smack in the face. (Doug sits out for a few minutes)
Snarky Mark takes the net.
A blistering shot from vince – blue goal
Doug comes back to the net.
Ben for white
Rosner ends the game with a goal which was momentarily contested before blue surrendered.

Although Keeble promised “a master class in the art of goal scoring,” it appears that eating a pound of bacon each morning while in England slowed the great #6 down sufficiently so that there was no teachable moment. I think the lesson to be learned is bacon in that quantity has a profound effect on goal scoring. Doug did keep his promise to shut down Keeble’s toe.

I apologize for any of the goals that I missed reporting. I look forward to the return of resident scribe, John “the 10:15” Gilchist. So, for complete accuracy, the score was Shamu 4 and Keeble 0.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Jan 13

Foggy, wet, 40, pretty near perfect soccer weather.  Mario brought his son, no Jay, he's apparently still hurt from last week, Kevin showed up with his hand all bandaged up, Keebs is in Europe. Lots of guys showed up on time and we started with full sides, Mark S in the white net, Steve-O in the blue.  More guys came and we decided to cap the teams at twelve each, with four subs.  No problem till it's Mario's turn to sit.  Rather than sit out for five minutes he went home.  So we played on with thirteen v. thirteen.  Doug went from a blue field position to white net to even things up.

Mario to Shamu, for white, 1-0
Jeff for blue, 1-1
Scott R to Imad, for white, 2-1
(Marios go and Doug switches sides)
Scott R, 3-1
Mark S, through the legs of half a dozen defenders, for white, 4-1
Jamal grabs the ball right in front of the white net, declared an own goal, 4-2
Blue corner kick taken by George, muffed by Jeff, tapped in by Rocc, 4-3
Blond Dave with a blast for white, 5-3
Jamal with a nice cross to Ceebow, 6-3

The twenty six players all stayed till after 11 which made the garbage time a lot more fun, but guys finally started to leave until it was just Jeff vs. Doug.  Jeff's shot was stopped, Doug wins.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunday January 6, 2013

Grey, 33, perfect. Snow's gone and lots of guys showed up today.  Keith brought his daughter's boyfriend, Pat.  Will, then Kevin then Dan in the white net, mostly Keith, then Joe D. in for blue.  Had to have been thirty of us at some point, but when it's crowded like that people get hurt and leave.

Jeff for blue, 1-0
Mike for white, 1-1
Mario for white, 1-2
George for white, 1-3
Jelly for blue, 2-3
Jelly again, 3-3

The sun came out and it warmed up nicely.  Jay and Kevin were involved in a collision late in the game, both left the field.  Good fun, see you next week.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"The field is almost completely clear" he said, "Game's on!"  Oh well, it's a grey and not too cold New Years Day, not bad for soccer.  16 of us got together for a rousing cross court small goals indoor rules sort of game.  Keeper Steve dribble the width of the field and scored to start things off.  M Miller scored a goal, Keeble's scores per game ratio for 2013 is off the charts.  See you next Sunday at 9.