Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday July 20

Coolish and cloudy for a mid summer morning.  23 of us showed up for a pretty spirited match.  Steve in the blue net new Doug in the white, one guest.  It took a while but finally at
8:50 Vince bounced one off Mike for blue, 1-0
Keebs to mike at 9:04, 1-1
Jeff to Rocc for a tap in goal at 9:09, 2-1
Jeff to Rocc at 9:11, 3-1
Jay booms one in from the 20 for blue at 9:15, 4-1
Guest for white at 9:26, 4-2
Keebs to Rosner, 4-3
Teddy left so Joe went to the white side to even the sides at 11 v 11;
Jeff for blue at 9:43, 5-3
Mike with an unopposed solo run to the goal at 9:44, 5-4
Jeff at 9:46, 6-4
Dan to Rosner to Mario at 9:52, 6-5
Jeff to Jay at 9:58, 7-5
Jay corner kick bounces of head of guest for the final goal, 8-6 blue.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sunday July 13

26 or so of us showed up to play on a cloudy hot & humid morning, new Doug in the white net, Steve and later Mark S in the blue.  Brandon Dossantos showed up a little late and joined the whites but Ben and blond Dave also showed up and closed out a potentially hot white offense.

5-4 blue if I recall correctly, Dave had three for blue.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sunday July 6

28 or 29 guys today on a hot & clear beauty of a summer morning.  New Doug in the white net and Steve in the blue.  Before things got underway we had a brief ceremony honoring Jeff's becoming a US citizen.  We presented him with a Team USA jersey and then made him recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Friday July 4

We got about 18 guys to show up and played on a shortened field.  No record of the score is available.