Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunday September 29

Not sure what happened last week.  Today is 45 and mostly sunny, perfect!  Domenic is back, first time since an injury on Memorial Day.  We started with 10 white vs 9 blue full court, Steve in the blue net, Bobby and others in the the white.

Jay to Keeble for white at 8:23, 1-0
Teddy for blue, 1-1
Ceebow for white, but I think he was offsides, 2-1
Jeff comes right back for blue, 2-2
Rosner booms one in for white at 8:47, 3-2
Jeff again at 8:57, 3-3
Ros again at 9:00, 4-3
Mario corner kick tapped in by Miller!, 5-3
Ros to Mario, brilliant save by Steve, rebound tapped in by Yo, 6-3
Ros to Yo, 7-3
Miller comes over to the blue side making it 10 v 9
Jeff at 9:15, 7-4
George to Marlen, 7-5
Yo to Keebs, 8-5
Dom to Jeff, 8-6
Dom & Teddy left, we continued 8 v 9, still full court
Ros with another boomer, 9-6
Mario puts upa floater over Steves head, 10-6
Marlen, 10-7
4 on 0 fast break by white, Mario scores!, 11-7
Yo, 12-7

We're all pretty tired and quit before 10.

A couple of weeks ago Keith pulled a Mario on Mario himself, passing the ball between the great one's  legs.  I was able to capture this real time image of the historic event:

See you next week.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sunday September 15

44 and sunny at game time, it's still only 61 as I write this, simply sublime soccer weather.  We started 9 v 10 with Doug in the blue net, Steve arrived and took over the white net to make it 11 v 9, so Danny came over to the blue side.  Dimos showed up today, first time since April.  We're underway about 8:15:

Marlen for blue after a corner kick by Jeff and several valiant saves by Steve, at 8:34, 1-0
Imad showed up and joined the whities;
Rosner to Ceebow at 8:42 for white, 1-1
Marlen with a nice cross to Jeff, 2-1
Shamoo leaves the game with a bum fin, evening up the sides at 10 v 10
Mario at 9:12, 2-2
Jeff at 9:30, 3-2
Rich leaves the game so blues are down a guy
Rosner bangs one through the hands of Doug at 9:34, 3-3
Rosner leaves the game
Mario at 9:38, 3-4
So with 9v9 we institute the white line rule which is kind of a bitch;
Jeff at 9:41, 4-4
Jeff at 9:51, 5-4
Imad with a beauty cross to head of Ceebow at 9:54, 5-5

We played on for a while with lots of offsides plays by the whities and quit about 9:10.

Once again I will urge players to respect one another's health and welfare.  There are certain players amongst us who are bangers and its hard for me, a former but now older, kinder and gentler banger, to criticize anyone's game, but we all have to work tomorrow.  Except me. I'm off to OCMD for a week, then to DC to visit Willy the Kid.  If anyone cares to make a record of next weeek's match, go ahead and post it here, or e mail it to me and I will post it throught the miracle that is the internet (thanks Shamoo)  For the record, Ceebones has the balls.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sunday September 8

Beautiful morning, warmer than it's been.  We started 10 v 10 and got up to 25 guys, George, Marlen, and George are back, and Shamoo is back from France.  No Jelly, Dave or Ben.

Steve showed up to man the net for white, field players did ten minute stints in the blue net.

Tomas for blue, 1-0
Rocco to Chompan for a miss, Jeff taps it in for blue, 2-0
Chompan gets one, 3-0
Vince digs out from the baseline and makes a tough turnaround pass to Jon Billow for white, 3-1
Jeff for blue, 4-1
Lazer Dave to Vince, 4-2
Marlen to Rocco, 5-2
Mark Schwartz left the game due to a pulled muscle ay 9:10
Mario, 5-3
Keebus left the game without having scored, also due to injury at 9:24
Rocco, 6-3
George to Rocco, 7-3
Mark Miller to Jeff, 8-3
George, 9-3
Late water break and we attempted to continue 9 v 9, but no real enthusiasm, Rocc scored and we quit.

Keith asked me to mention the "We all have to work tomorrow" rule, and I have brought it up in the past.  We have banned slide tackles and we might have to consider some restrictions on contested headers.  It's certainly part of the game but one with great risk of real injury.  Discuss.

A word about Shamoo.  He's just back from a week's drinking safari in Europe.  I can just barely get out to AB&G for a few pints with the boys on my birthday.  A week in France with the sole purpose of drinking from morning into the late night, day after day. Damn.  Just damn.  Scott wins.  He's tall and handsome, athletic, drives a Mercedes, discovered the internet, quite a guy.  And all these photos of beautiful women's bottoms?  Yes, I took the photos, but all the women were provided by Scott.  When I grow up, I want to be Scott.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sunday Sept 1, Labor Day Weekend

Overcast and muggy today.  We're joined by Brandon Dossantos and Justin Mihalnec, Tomas is back from Italy, no Marks, no Kieth, no Mu.  We started about 10 v 10, nobody in the white ent and Dave Das in for blue;
Tomas on an empty net for blue, 1-0
(Frank jumps in net)
Cee for blue, 2-0
Jay with a short corner kick to Rosner to Tomas, 3-0

Then Doug and Steve showed up, Doug went white, Steve blue, and we agreed to reset;

Justin to Keeble for a tap-in at 8:40, for white, 1-0
Blonde Dave showed up bringing the sides up to 13 each,
C for blue, but denied due to an alleged foul on Dave,
Teddy for white at 9:00, 2-0
Jeff left the blues so Dave came over for balance;
Brandon gets one for white at 9:27, 3-0
Imad for blue, 3-1
(thunder and light rain, lightning alarms in the distance);
Dave to Jay? (pad is wet and smearing) --no Dave to Jamal for an own goal, 3-2
Jay to Imad to Cee, 3-3
Mario, 4-3 and its raining too hard to continue.

Game tomorrow?