Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunday Jan 27

Thanks to Mu-Mu for last week's re-cap.  I understand the weather was brutal this week, it was really nice in Florida.  Anyway, Sunday morning it's still cold, like 16, but clear.  Friday's inch of snow miraculously dissolved so it's game on.  13 v 13 despite conditions, Steve takes the white net because the blue end of the field is still a little icy.  Light-speed Joe and later Minor played keeper for white.  Jay's back, limping, Mario's back.

Vince to Jeff, for blue, 1-0
Rocc to Jay tapped in by Vince, 2-0
Jay with a free kick, 3-0
Keebs for white, 3-1
Mike to Keebs, 3-2
a couple of white players left so LS Joe goes to the white side to even up the numbers, if not the competitiveness of the blue team;
Ceebow for white, 3-3
Jamal to Keebs, 3-4
Marlen to Jay, 4-4
Keebs to Bobby for an OG, 4-5
Mario, all alone, 4-6

All-in-all a nice match.  Keebs if apparently off his bacon. When the sun got a little higher and the breeze abated it was actually pretty nice.

I haven't had the opportunity to do a new years review of the rules, and I don't feel like it today either.  The first rule is "No slide tackling, we all have to go to work tomorrow."  In that spirit I think we have to consider a new rule on heading the ball when going against another player.  There is tremendous opportunity for injury there, I think we see it every game.  I took a shot to the head last year and it has effected my vision even now, months later.  I don't know how this can be regulated, especially with corner kicks, but it should be discussed.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1/23, A Day Without a Gilchrist is like a Day Without Sun (As told by Shamu)

At 9:00 a.m. we had close to 16 guys but by the start of the game we had more than 22. That is a good thing because I am not sure we would know what to do with all the extra space. Doug was in the White goal and Steve in the Blue goal. As promised, Keeble did wear shorts “como un hombre.” However, his “let’s get physical” leggings, er… socks, were pulled up over his knee to avert the cold. Well, it couldn’t have been that cold because Scott Rosner showed up. He only plays if the temperature is over 45 degrees. Apparently, he freezes up like the Tin Man in need oil below 45 degrees.

The scoring –

Mark Miller to Shamu – White 1-0
Mike to the cross bar and the rebound…Shamu – White 2-0
Somebody on blue scored
George to Shamu –

Now, here is where is got fuzzy –

Jeff had a least two for blue with one assist coming from Mainer
Bagel Joe had about 3 for White
Maybe Miller to Rosner who fakes it and lets it go through his legs to Shamu for a white goal
Eric F. had a header from Jeff  for blue
George switched teams – header from a corner for blue
It is quite possible that Snarky Mark had a goal.
Vince takes a shot and hits Doug smack in the face. (Doug sits out for a few minutes)
Snarky Mark takes the net.
A blistering shot from vince – blue goal
Doug comes back to the net.
Ben for white
Rosner ends the game with a goal which was momentarily contested before blue surrendered.

Although Keeble promised “a master class in the art of goal scoring,” it appears that eating a pound of bacon each morning while in England slowed the great #6 down sufficiently so that there was no teachable moment. I think the lesson to be learned is bacon in that quantity has a profound effect on goal scoring. Doug did keep his promise to shut down Keeble’s toe.

I apologize for any of the goals that I missed reporting. I look forward to the return of resident scribe, John “the 10:15” Gilchist. So, for complete accuracy, the score was Shamu 4 and Keeble 0.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Jan 13

Foggy, wet, 40, pretty near perfect soccer weather.  Mario brought his son, no Jay, he's apparently still hurt from last week, Kevin showed up with his hand all bandaged up, Keebs is in Europe. Lots of guys showed up on time and we started with full sides, Mark S in the white net, Steve-O in the blue.  More guys came and we decided to cap the teams at twelve each, with four subs.  No problem till it's Mario's turn to sit.  Rather than sit out for five minutes he went home.  So we played on with thirteen v. thirteen.  Doug went from a blue field position to white net to even things up.

Mario to Shamu, for white, 1-0
Jeff for blue, 1-1
Scott R to Imad, for white, 2-1
(Marios go and Doug switches sides)
Scott R, 3-1
Mark S, through the legs of half a dozen defenders, for white, 4-1
Jamal grabs the ball right in front of the white net, declared an own goal, 4-2
Blue corner kick taken by George, muffed by Jeff, tapped in by Rocc, 4-3
Blond Dave with a blast for white, 5-3
Jamal with a nice cross to Ceebow, 6-3

The twenty six players all stayed till after 11 which made the garbage time a lot more fun, but guys finally started to leave until it was just Jeff vs. Doug.  Jeff's shot was stopped, Doug wins.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunday January 6, 2013

Grey, 33, perfect. Snow's gone and lots of guys showed up today.  Keith brought his daughter's boyfriend, Pat.  Will, then Kevin then Dan in the white net, mostly Keith, then Joe D. in for blue.  Had to have been thirty of us at some point, but when it's crowded like that people get hurt and leave.

Jeff for blue, 1-0
Mike for white, 1-1
Mario for white, 1-2
George for white, 1-3
Jelly for blue, 2-3
Jelly again, 3-3

The sun came out and it warmed up nicely.  Jay and Kevin were involved in a collision late in the game, both left the field.  Good fun, see you next week.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"The field is almost completely clear" he said, "Game's on!"  Oh well, it's a grey and not too cold New Years Day, not bad for soccer.  16 of us got together for a rousing cross court small goals indoor rules sort of game.  Keeper Steve dribble the width of the field and scored to start things off.  M Miller scored a goal, Keeble's scores per game ratio for 2013 is off the charts.  See you next Sunday at 9.