Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday June 24

Sunny and 70, perfect day for soccer.  Mark Miller is the first one there, he's got the balls!  11 v 11 with Doug in the white net, Steve in the blue, just like the good old days.  No guests.

Shamu for white, 1-0
Jeff for blue 1-1
Mark Schwartz corner kick to Shamu, 2-1
Juan left and Lightspeed Joe left so the blue team recruited a highschool kid from the sidelines,
Schwartz with a fifty yard dash, 3-1
Mario, 4-1
Jamal, 5-1

More guys left, we played a little 8 on 8 but I didn't bother to note the scores, it was kind of a mess.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunday June 17, Fathers' Day, Dimos' Day

We were snowed out for Dimos' 60th in January, and we never had enough players to make a worthwhile tribute, until today.  Friends Jake, Marlen, George & Aikaz joined us and we had a good old fashioned 30 player cluster fuck of a game.  Steve in the blue net, Snarky Mark in the white:

Keebow gets it started for white, 1-0
Mario for white, 2-0
Rocco to Marlen, for blue 2-1
Rocco 2-2
Mario, 3-2
Jay's corner kick to Jeff, 3-3
Ceebow, for blue, 3-4
Birthday Boy Dimos  for blue, as always, 3-5
Dimos again, 3-6
Mario to Keebow, but no, called back for a late offsides call
Mike for blue, 3-7 to end it.
The Ros had a fantastic opportunity when a a big corner kick arrived right at his foot.  It would have been awesome!  Mark had a bunch of great saves but a memorable one was off another corner kick by Jay to the head of Jeff.  Mark wound up with both the ball and Jeff's head in his arms!

click to enlarge:

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday June 10

I guess guys played Mem Day, but I wasn't there and there is no report.

Sunday the 3rd: Perfect day for a soccer game. Yet only 8 on 9. Played with lacrosse goals. The highlight was jay mooning rocco. (as reported by S. Perkins)

Todays report:  8 am start to avoid the forecasted hot and humid weather.  Two guests, Aikaz and George, and a few old friends showed up: Tim, Scott Rosner & Carlos.  We started 9 v 10 full court, last man back, but soon got up to full sides!  First time in a while.  White keepers Keith and Snarky Mark. Blue keepers Bobby, George and me.

Ikaz for blue, 1-0
Vince for white, 1-1
Marlen for blue, 2-1
Jordan to Jeff, for blue, 3-1
Marlen again, 4-1
Ikaz again, 5-1
Vince with a nice header, 5-2
Jordan left with a re-tweaked leg
Jeff for blue, solo, 6-2
Marlen to Jeff, 2-7
Ikaz for the hattie, 2-8
Snarker with a nice shot deflected off Bobby, 3-8
Imad for white, 4-8
Jay's corner kick to Jeff, 3-9

So team Imad/Jamal loses one.  Next weekis a big day, Fathers Day, so be there or be square.