Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monday December 26, Boxing Day

Sunday was Christmas so no one played. Monday was the official holiday, but only 14 guys showed. Not too cold, but windy. We played half court with hurdles for goals. Mario likes this kind of close in game, and with Mike the soccer wizard helping the white team seemed to get most of the goals.

Next week we play on Sunday the first at 9 am. Be there. Happy New Years!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday Dec 18

Another cold one, 20 degrees and windy, and the late December sun is low and not very warming. But a bunch of us turned out, 23 or 24? Doug in the white net, Steve is here but his finger still hurts from last week so Fast Joe puts on the gloves for blue, Steve on the blue left wing.

Eddy starts off for blue 1-0
Jay rips a beautiful cross and Steve knees in in 2-0
Dan for white, returning a short corner kick with a one toucher 2-1
Rosner for white 2-2
Dan to Mario to Miller 2-3
Ros again 2-4
Jeff for white 2-5
Dimos to Vince, for blue 3-5
Jay to ? 4-5
Eric to Keeble to end the game 4-6

Great job by Joe in the blue net. Laser Dave played as Banana Dave today, he couldn't hit a thing. The sun and wind were enough of a factor that we changed sides at the half. After the game about half the guys remaining moseyed on over to Nellies for some pies and beers and holiday good cheer. We should try to play on Monday the 26th since it is a holiday and we'll miss Sunday.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Dec 11

20 degrees as I left home this morning, but the turf warms up quickly on a nice sunny day like today, so it's a perfect day for soccer. Lots of us thought the same thing and we had extra full sides today, maybe as many as 28 guys! Joe sent out an entreaty for players during the week, maybe it worked. Enzo came with a buddy, didn't catch his name, but no other guests. Frank and Dimos each got 8 pointers and they're back. Bobby wore a white shirt for the first time in eons. No Rocc, no Bagel Joe. Doug in the white net, Steve in the blue, and all is right with the little world of WSS.

Dan starts it off with a beautifull cross to the very accurate head of Shamoo, for blue: 1-0
Rosner answers back with a great pass to Eddy 1-1
Dan right back at ya with a corner kick to the Head of Mu 2-1
Jay to Enzo for blue 3-1
Ros lobs one in from the 30 on an open net 3-2
Big cluster fuck in front of the white net ends with a tap in by Enzo 4-2
Lazer Dave for white 4-3
Mario for white 4-4
Dimos to Mu-Mu 5-4
Lazer Dave whales one in and hurts the keeper Steve, jammed finger 5-5
Snarky Mark, who had come over to the blue side after Enzo and his boyfriend left the game, sits in for Steve for a short spell,
Dimos 6-5
Mario 6-6
Lazer Dave to end it 6-7

Big fun today, nice to see some old buddies again, beautiful day, Keebs shut out.
Next week has been decreed our annual Nellie's holiday get together, so bring some extra cash and head over right after the game.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Dec 4

Sorry about last week. I got a call from Joe M to go fishing, and, well, fishing season is winding down, there's always soccer. Word is that there were somewhat short sides, but a game occured.

The USR 5k was another great success, with several thousand runners. I ran with John Horuzy. Late in the race Vince passed us both. We all finished, no cocktails in the driveway this year.
Today was a beautiful day for soccer, 30 degrees as I left home, and sunny. We started with 8 v 8, full court. No keepers, no Frank, Dimos, Keebs or that little Brazilion prick. Bobby's son Robert played for a while, till the old men ran him ragged. Fernando-2, is he still a guest? and George played.

So with no keepers and last man back shoot inside the 18 rule in effect:

Joe Bagels for white 1-0
Robert Mangione for blue 1-1
Rocculous for blue 1-2
Joe D to Rocculous 1-3
Jeff to Mr hat-trick Rocco 1-4
Dan from the baseline, incredible shot, for white 2-4
Joe D to Jeff for blue 2-5
Vince to Rob M 2-6
Jay left and Joe M joined the blue, for 10 v 10 sides
Dan again 3-6
Vince with a cheepie for blue 3-7
White own goal 3-8
Scott to Dan, Mr hat-trick-2 4-8
Jeff for blue 4-9
Mu for white 5-9
Hat-trick Rocculous to Vince 5-10
Joe Bagel hits the cross bar, finished by Jamal Jimmy 6-10
Joe B to Mu 7-10
Mu back to Joe b 8-10
Jamal Jimmy with a header 9-10
So with sides diminished to 7 v 8 or so, and a full on 15th round punch drunk brawl winding down, we quit at 11.
Snarky Mark took a wicked shot to the head, but was able to rally and play on.

Next week we will need more players to show up. 9 AM, same time same place. See you then.