Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunday December 14

36 and cloudy, a perfect morning for soccer, and 30 or so of us showed up.  Jay's back and he brought his son Justin, and Rich brought his son Ben.  It was hard to keep track with so many players, but we seemed to have 13 v 13 with five subs.  Our clock is unplugged for the season so it was impossible to keep track of the time.

Jeff for blue, 1-0
Jeff to Rosner, 2-0
Jeff to Rosner, 3-0
Chompan for blue, 4-0
Joakim, who had been defending for blue, left the game
Jake for white, 4-1
Blue goal kick goes awry, Mario dishes it back to the head of Keeble, 4-2
Ben for white, 4-3
Justin for white, 4-4
Rosner for blue, 5-4, and in spite of the beautiful conditions, no one wants to play anymore.

Next week we are going to have a little holiday luncheon get together at Nellie's.

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