Monday, December 22, 2014

Sunday December 21

34 and overcast, perfect.  Maybe 26 guys, sorry to say I showed up late along with Doug Adams, who jumped into the blue net so I went white.  Doug R in the white, Justin is back.

Bhoot to Vince for white, 1-0
Justin for white, 2-0
Mario to Dan for white, 3-0
Justin goes to the blue team which may have been out numbered anyway.
Justin for blue, 3-1
New Dave leaves game
Vince for white 4-1
Corner kick put in by Dimos for blue, 4-2
Chompan gets one for blue, 4-3
Dan bounces a corner kick off the face of Mark Miller right into the goal! for white, 5-3
Jay leaves the game due to sore knee, Rocc leaves game to see the final Jets game of the season, Jerry joins the blue team.
George to Keeble for blue, 5-4
Jeff for blue, 6-4
Vince, 7-4
Marlen puts one between the legs of two team mates, 7-5

After the game several of us met at Nellie's for some holiday cheer. Happy Solstice,
Merry Christmas and Jolly Hanukah one and all!  Game Friday the 26th.

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